Genshin Impact

2023 Third Anniversary Date and Rewards

Genshin Impact - Third Anniversary Date for 2023

Here is the guide to Genshin Impact's 2023 anniversary date, rewards, and events to celebrate the mark of the game's third year run!

Genshin Impact 2023 Anniversary Date

When is Genshin Impact's Third Anniversary?

Genshin - Anniversary Date on September 20
Genshin Impact will celebrate its thrilling third year anniversary on September 28, 2023! Since it's initial release in 2020, the game has been celebrating its anniversary with various events, both in-game and community wide.

When Did Genshin Impact Come Out?

2023 Anniversary Countdown

Time left until the 2023 Anniversary in CN Servers
Happy 2023 Anniversary!

What Happens During the 2023 Anniversary?

2023 Anniversary Events

2023 In-Game Anniversary Events
Daily Login Rewards In-Game Mail Rewards Top-Up Refresh
4.1 Flagship Event Memories Web Event Carnival Web Event

We can expect plenty of events during the 2023 Anniversary for Genshin Impact, which falls right after the start of Version 4.1. Similar to previous Anniversary celebrations, there will likely be both community and in-game events during this patch.

List of Events and Schedule

Daily Login Event - Bathing in Flowing Moonlight Rewards

Genshin - Daily Login Event

Event Start September 29, 2023
Event End October 16, 2023

Similar to past anniversary events, the 2023 Anniversary is going to have a daily login event where you can obtain up to 10 Intertwined Fates, as well as Mora and EXP Materials! The event will start on September 29, 2023 and end on October 16, 2023

Bathing in Flowing Moonlight Event in 4.1

All 3rd Anniversary Login Rewards per Day

Day Rewards
Mora Mora x80,000

Treasures Along the Road - In-Game Mail Rewards

Genshin - Along the Road A Thank You Gift Daily Mail Anniversary Rewards 2023

Date Rewards
September 28, 2023
September 29, 2023
September 30, 2023
October 1, 2023

There will also be in-game mail rewards to celebrate Genshin Impact's Third Anniversary. Players must log in and claim the rewards within September 28, 2023 until the end of Version 4.1 on November 7, 2023.

Treasures Along the Road Guide

Initial Top-Up Bonus Renewal

Genshin Impact - 4.1 Top-up Bonus Reset Genesis Crystal Store
Like in previous Anniversary Top-Up Refresh events, the Initial Top-Up Bonus in the Genesis Crystal Store will be refreshed! This means that players who have bought Genesis Crystals before Version 4.1 can get a bonus again if they buy the same top-up after the update.

How to Get Genesis Crystals and Top-Up Guide

Resounding Melodies Music Bundle

Genshin Impact - Resounding Melodies Music Bundle Preview
The Resounding Melodies Music Bundle is available for purchase for 1280 Genesis Crystals on October 30, 2023 to December 19, 2023 in the Shop! The bundle's design is centered to celebrate both the 2023 Concert Tour and the Third Anniversary of Genshin Impact.

Genshin Concert 2023 and Bundle Rewards

Waterborne Poetry Flagship Event

Genshin - 4.1 Waterborne Poetry
The flagship event for Version 4.1 and the Third Anniversary is the Waterborne Poetry event! A joint celebration between Liyue and Mondstadt, this event's rewards include the event-exclusive weapon Ballad of the Boundless Blue and its refinement materials.

Waterborne Poetry Event Guide

Dream of Roving Stars Web Event

Genshin - Dream of Roving Stars
Reminisce about your journey since the day you started up until today in this Web Event! Get various rewards from viewing all memories and sharing your blessings to other players!

Dream of Roving Stars Web Event Guide

Gratifying Gathering Web Event

Genshin Impact - Gratifying Gathering Web Event

Decorate with Klee, answer questions with Tighnari, and cook with Xiangling in this carnival web event! Collecting all Anniversary Stamps in the minigame lets you have a chance to get a random character figure!

Gratifying Gathering Web Event Guide

Genshin Impact Related Guides

Genshin Impact - List of Events

List of Events

Current Events

Event Guide Date and Rewards
Genshin Impact - Summertide Scales and Tales Event GuideSummertide Scales and Tales 07/17/2024 - 08/27/2024
Genshin - Primogem Image Genshin - Hero Genshin - Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Genshin - Mora Image
+ Free Kirara Copy
+ Free Phantom in Boots Outfit

Upcoming Events

Event Guide Date and Rewards
Genshin Impact - Energy Amplifier: Lemma Event GuideEnergy Amplifier: Lemma Sometime in 4.8
Genshin - Primogem Image Genshin - Hero Genshin - Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Genshin - Mora Image
Genshin Impact - Bing-Bang Finchball Event GuideBing-Bang Finchball Sometime in 4.8
Genshin - Primogem Image Genshin - Hero Genshin - Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Genshin - Mora Image
Genshin Impact - Outside the Canvas, Inside the Lens: Dew-Kissed Chapter Event GuideOutside the Canvas, Inside the Lens: Dew-Kissed Chapter 07/29/2024 - 08/08/2024
Genshin - Primogem Image Genshin - Hero Genshin - Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Genshin - Mora Image
Genshin Impact - Overflowing Mastery 4.8 Rerun Event GuideOverflowing Mastery 4.8 Rerun Sometime in 4.8
Talent Ascension Materials

Permanent/Recurring Events

Event Name Event Period / Rewards
Genshin Impact - HoYoLab Daily Check-In Event GuideDaily Check-In 2021/03/01 - Permanently Available
Genshin - Primogem Genshin - Hero Genshin - Adventurer Genshin - Fine Enhancement Ore
Genshin Impact - List of Hangout Events Hangout Events Permanently Available after Version 1.4
Genshin - Primogem Genshin - Adventure EXP
+ Talent Materials
+ Specialty Dishes
Genshin Impact - Test Run Event GuideTest Run Event Permanently Available
Genshin - Primogem Genshin - Adventurer Genshin - Mystic Enhancement Ore
+ Ascension Materials
Genshin Impact - Baptism of Song Event Guide Baptism of Song Permanently Available
+ Free Barbara
Genshin Impact - Stellar Reunion Returnee Event Guide Stellar Reunion Returnee Event Permanently Available
Genshin - Primogem Genshin - Hero Genshin - Mystic Enhancement Ore Genshin - Mora
+ Prototype Rancour

Past Events

List of Past Events


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