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This guide explains the fastest route to rerolling for the best character in Genshin Impact. Learn the important steps to remember while rerolling and how to save the most time when going through the game.

Fastest Way to Reroll

Fastest Reroll Method 25~30 Minutes
Number of Pulls 10 Pull + Single Pulls

Do a 10 pull from either the Beginner's Wish or Wanderlust Invocation banners then use your remaining Fates on single pulls.

※We are currently looking into the quickest and most efficient way to reroll so the length it takes may change.

Create a New PSN Account on PS4

How to Reroll on PS4
  1. Download Genshin Impact off the PlayStation Store
  2. Begin the game as normal
  3. If you intend to reroll, start the game on a new PSN account (no need to redownload)
How to Add a New PSN Account
  1. Hold down the PS button on your controller
  2. Scroll down to the Power option and select Switch User
  3. Select New User
  4. Create a new PSN account

On PS4 instead of a miHoYo ID like on PC and smartphones you'll actually be connecting your PSN account to the game instead. Due to this, in order to reroll on PS4 you will have to use an entirely different PSN account.

For more on how to create a new PSN account, head on over to the official PlayStation website:

How to Create an Adult Account on PSN

Reroll Order (PC/Smartphones)

Order Scene Explanation
Fastest Reroll 1.png
Create an account
(Register with your username)
Fastest Reroll 2.png
Choose and name your character
Fastest Reroll 3.png
Complete the tutorial
Fastest Reroll 4.png
Defeat Stormterror
Fastest Reroll 5.png
Enter the Knights of Favonius' headquarters
(Unlock Wishes upon ending the scene)
Fastest Reroll 6.png
Receive the 10 Acquaint Fates from the pre-registration campaign in your Mailbox
Fastest Reroll 7.png
Choose a banner and pull
※If you get the character you want you're finished
Fastest Reroll 8.png
To reroll, exit the game from the main menu
Fastest Reroll 9.png
Log out of your account at the title screen and return to ①

These are screenshots taken of the PC version.

▼Select Register With a Username

Fastest Reroll 10.png

Click on the register button and choose an available username and password. You can save time by omitting an email address.

As the game supports multiplayer you should choose the best server for your location or wherever your friends are.

▼Traverse the Map With Sprinting and Climbing

Fastest Reroll 11.png

Sprinting will make you get places quicker. Once you reach Mondstadt, climbing can open up shortcuts that make it quicker to navigate about.

Beware of running out of stamina. You'll drop from whatever you're climbing from or drown in water if you run out in certain situations.

▼Ignore Unnecessary Enemies

Fastest Reroll 12.png

On your way to Mondstadt you should ignore optional enemy camps to save time. The yellow marker on the map is for your quest destination.

Two quests along the way will require you to fight enemies.

▼Take Out Slimes With Elemental Talents

Fastest Reroll 13.png

During the quest Unexpected Power you'll face off against a group of slimes. If you don't use your Elemental Talent you'll be forced to retry.

▼Use Amber Against the Hilichurls

Fastest Reroll 14.png

If you use Amber you can defeat the group of Hilichurls easily. Use Amber's charge shot on the HIlichurl on the cliff.

▼Lynn's Cooking Quest is Skippable

Fastest Reroll 15.png

The quest you receive from Lynn to cook something is not necessary to complete before moving on. Once you're satisfied with your rolls you can come back for this quest.

▼Keep Your Cursor On Stormterror

Fastest Reroll 4.png

Defeating Stormterror is as simple as keeping the aiming reticle on it while holding the attack button.

▼Quit the Game From the Menu

Fastest Reroll 8.png

Open up the menu and select the bottom left button to quit back to the title screen.

▼Logout and Start Over

Fastest Reroll 9.png

Selecting the bottom right button on the title screen will allow you to logout and start the process over.

Should You Reroll?

Not Recommended

We don't recommend you spend time rerolling in Genshin Impact as just one attempt takes 30 minutes on a good run, and high rarity characters have a low chance of appearing. With the PS4 version requiring you to make a whole new PSN account we very highly recommend you don't reroll on PS4.

The characters you receive from advancing the story alone are just fine for going through the game so you can safely continue the game without rerolling.

▼Gacha Rates

Rarity Rate
★5 Character: 0.6%
★4 Character: 5.1%
★3 Weapon: 94.3%

Check Out Our Reroll Tier List

While we don't recommend rerolling, there's no getting past the fact that 5 star characters are incredibly good. If you happen to reroll and pull one of the higher characters on our tier list they'll definitely help you in the game.

The link below will take you to our ranking of characters to reroll for so give it a read if you plan on rerolling!

Reroll Tier List | Best Characters to Reroll For

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