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This is Game8's Reroll Guide for Genshin Impact now available on PS4 and Mobile. Here, we explain how to Reroll, what Rerolling is, and the most efficient way to Reroll.

Is Rerolling Possible in Genshin Impact?

Yes! You Can Reroll

How to Reroll 1

Genshin Impact has a gacha system for weapons and characters called Wishes. Like most other gacha games, it is possible to Reroll. Rerolling refers to restarting the game by creating a new account in order to try for a better gacha result.

Alternatives to Rerolling

It's also possible to use an Item called Primogems to gain more Wishes as an alternative to rerolling. Players can find Primogems within the game, or purchase Genesis Crystals for real-world money to trade in for Primogems.

How to Farm Primogems

It takes 30+ minutes to Reroll

You can unlock the game's gacha feature after reaching adventurer rank 5. It doesn't seem like a lot but it actually takes thirty minutes at the fastest, and almost an hour for inexperienced players to reach this rank. This is an extremely long time needed for a single reroll compared to other gacha games.

Must Create a New Account to Reroll

As there is no way to delete game save data on any available platform, the only method for rerolling requires creating a new account.

Use a new e-mail address and re-login to the game in order to start a new reroll.

5 Star Characters are Jackpots

5 Star Characters
Jean Icon RerollJean Venti Icon RerollVenti Diluc Icon RerollDiluc

It's recommended to aim for a 5 star character in Genshin Impact while doing a reroll. However, the probability of getting a 5 star character is extremely low so do prepare for this to take a long amount of time if you wish to gain a 5 star character via rerolling.

Gacha Reroll Tier List

How to Reroll

How to Reroll Image

Reroll Summary

Fastest Reroll Method 25~30 Minutes
Number of Pulls 10 Pull + Single Pulls

Do a 10 pull from either the Beginner's Wish or Wanderlust Invocation banners then use your remaining Fates on single pulls.

Reroll Order (PC/Smartphones)

Order Scene Explanation
Fastest Reroll 1 Create an account
Fastest Reroll 2 Choose and name your character
Fastest Reroll 3 Complete the tutorial
Fastest Reroll 4 Defeat Stormterror
Fastest Reroll 5 Enter the Knights of Favonius' headquarters
(Unlock Wishes upon ending the scene)
Reroll Get Acquaint Fates Receive the 10 Acquaint Fates from the pre-registration campaign in your Mailbox
Fastest Reroll 7 Choose a banner and pull
※If you get the character you want you're finished
Fastest Reroll 8 To reroll, exit the game from the main menu
Fastest Reroll 9 Log out of your account at the title screen and return to ①

These are screenshots taken of the PC version.

Create an Account


Click on the register button and type in your Email, verification code, and password.

As the game supports multiplayer you should choose the best server for your location or wherever your friends are.

Traverse the Map With Sprinting and Climbing

Fastest Reroll 11
Sprinting will make you get places quicker. Once you reach Mondstadt, climbing can open up shortcuts that make it quicker to navigate about.

Beware of running out of stamina. You'll drop from whatever you're climbing from or drown in water if you run out in certain situations.

Ignore Unnecessary Enemies

Fastest Reroll 12
On your way to Mondstadt you should ignore optional enemy camps to save time. The yellow marker on the map is for your quest destination.

Two quests along the way will require you to fight enemies.

Take Out Slimes With Elemental Talents

Fastest Reroll 13
During the quest Unexpected Power you'll face off against a group of slimes. If you don't use your Elemental Talent you'll be forced to retry.

Use Amber Against the Hilichurls

Fastest Reroll 14
If you use Amber you can defeat the group of Hilichurls easily. Use Amber's charge shot on the HIlichurl on the cliff.

Lynn's Cooking Quest is Skippable

Fastest Reroll 15
The quest you receive from Lynn to cook something is not necessary to complete before moving on. Once you're satisfied with your rolls you can come back for this quest.

Keep Your Cursor On Stormterror

Fastest Reroll 4
Defeating Stormterror is as simple as keeping the aiming reticle on it while holding the attack button.

Recieve 1600 Primogems and 10 Acquaint Fates from Your Mail

Upon activating the Wish system, access the Mailbox from the menu. You'll find messages titled Launch Appreciation Rewards and 3M Pre-Registrations Milestone Reward. These will provide you with 1600 Primogems and 10 Acquaint Fates which you can use to activate the Wish system. Then you're ready to give it a roll!

Quit the Game From the Menu

Fastest Reroll 8
Open up the menu and select the bottom left button to quit back to the title screen.

Logout and Start Over

Fastest Reroll 9
Selecting the bottom right button on the title screen will allow you to logout and start the process over.

Tips for Rerolling

Create a New Account to Reroll

If the results of the pull is unsatisfactory, you'll need to create a new account, as there is no way to delete game save data.

Use a new e-mail address and re-login to the game in order to start a new reroll.

As you create a new account with each reroll, you'll be able to claim the Pre-Registration and Launch Rewards for every reroll, allowing you to start over with a fresh reroll chance each time.

Transferring and Erasing Save Data

Pull the Beginner's Wish


You'll be able to access a series of gacha banners from the Wish menu. We recommend choosing the Beginner's Wish, as it has the highest rates of earning 5-star characters and a guaranteed 4-Star Noelle draw when you roll 10 times consecutively.

Draw Rates for Beginner's Wish

Rariity Odds
★5 Character: 0.6%
★4 Character: 5.1%
★3 Weapon: 94.3%

Best Wish to Roll

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