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This is the Discussion Board for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Please use this page for asking questions about the game or giving advice.

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List of Message Boards

Discussion Board Friend Request Board
Pokemon Trading Board
Ditto / Pokerus Trading Board
Max Raid Recruitment Board
Pokemon Memes Board

The Friend Request Board is for making new in-game friends, while the Discussion Board is for asking questions about the game or giving advice.

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17 yeet say yeetabout 16 hoursReport

i dunno 10 min?

16 Epic Anonymous dude6 daysReport

how long does it take for an egg to come in the pokemon nursery

15 Anonymous3 monthsReport

There is a board for ditto trading.

14 Anonymous4 monthsReport

I have JPN 5lV Ditto I want no-JPN 5lV Ditto Password 2563

13 Anonymous4 monthsReport

want:4or5or6 iv Ditto(non JPN) offering:4 iv Ditto (JPN) linkcode:0925 :)

12 Anonymous4 monthsReport

want : 4ⅳ Ditto (non JPN) offering : 4ⅳ Ditto (JPN) linkcode : 1857    

11 Anonymous5 monthsReport

want : 6 iv Ditto (non JPN) offering : 6 iv Ditto (JPN) LinkCode : 1152

10 Anonymous5 monthsReport

want : 6 iv Ditto (non JPN) offering : 6 iv Ditto (JPN) LinkCode : 7532

9 Anonymous5 monthsReport


8 Anonymous6 monthsReport

7 Anonymous Link Code 4646

7 Anonymous6 monthsReport

Want: 5IV Ditto (non JPN) Offering:5IV Ditto (JPN)

6 Anonymous6 monthsReport

[What You Want:] 4IV Ditto (ENG) [What You're Offering:]4IV Ditto (JPN) [Link Code:] 1735 [Comments:]

5 Anonymous6 monthsReport

want : 4 iv Ditto (non JPN) offering : 4 iv Ditto (JPN) LinkCode :1357

4 Anonymous6 monthsReport

[What You Want:]4v JPN Ditto [What You're Offering:]4v non JPN Ditto [Link Code:]1907

3 よたろう6 monthsReport

want : 6 iv Ditto (non JPN) offering : 6 iv Ditto (JPN) LinkCode : 6889

2 Anonymous6 monthsReport

[What You Want:] shiny or 6IV non ENG ditto [What You're Offering:]6VDittoJPN [Link Code:]9784

1 Anonymous6 monthsReport

Looking to join Gmax Gengar or Lapras raids or trade for one

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