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40 Anonymous4 daysReport

yo is it bad that my rock ruff is level 60 and not elvoved. or what do i do

39 Anonymous13 daysReport

>>16 It takes about 1 or 2 minutes I think

38 Anonymous13 daysReport

>>37 I got grookey lol.

37 NEED Grookey 18 daysReport

I need a Grookey. Lmkcwhat ya want

36 Jake Hubschman22 daysReport

>>28 it is for the isle of armor

35 Anonymous28 daysReport

If I change the form of my shiny rotom will it continue to be shiny?

34 SniffyCanDiffyabout 1 monthReport

I got a shiny Meltan trading and it says that it was from Pokemon Go, but when I go into HOME to check my boxes, my other Meltan has a G on it, but the shiny one does not. It is probably hacked.

33 SniffyCanDiffyabout 1 monthReport

I have a suspicious Guzzlord that was caught in US/UM that is Italian and was caught in a Poke Ball and not a Beast Ball like they are supposed to be. Is it hacked or can you do that?

32 SniffyCanDiffyabout 1 monthReport

>>29 It is, you can also shiny hunt it by breeding it or in the Max Lair.

31 SniffyCanDiffyabout 1 monthReport

>>30 could not trade for the rest of the day because of that Dratini.

30 SniffyCanDiffyabout 1 monthReport

Watch out for link trades where they offer up Ultra Beasts or Legendaries for normal Pokemon, last night someone tried to trade me an MG.discord.co shiny Tapu Koko for an Eevee name drampa plz. Some people will crash their game because they want to disable trades for you. I was trying to evolve my Swirlix into a Slurpuff and they showed me a Pokemon named volcanon plz and I didn't have one named don't have, so I tried to send them Swirlix and they crashed their game with a glitched Dratini and I

29 Anonymous2 monthsReport

I made a great discovery today. I found out that you can catch a wild porygon in the max lair. Cool right?

28 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Is there a new Style Card for the Crown Tundra, like there was is IoA? One where you can unlock new hair, clothes, etc?

27 (:)3 monthsReport

the crown tundra is so cool

26 Annoyed person3 monthsReport

So, I've done the pattern for regidrago, but it isn't working, I can't battle them.

25 Anonymous4 monthsReport

weird question, but someone just sent me a perfect shiny munchlax and I have wanted to have a gigamax snorlax, but if I do use this pokemon in raid battles online, will anything happen? (which idk but I do think it's hacked. it's too suspicious to get such a good pokemon in surprise trade) I'm just not sure how these things work. >.<

24 Anonymous7 monthsReport

>>22 Gen 3 starts are coming so that's good for you but no others sorry

23 GUY7 monthsReport

in the crown tundra there adding like every legendary and mythical so yeah

22 GUY7 monthsReport

>>21 i mean i don't think they ruined it but i would like to see greninja, sceptile or/and blaziken :) also in the crown tundra there anding torterra i'm pretty sure :)

21 IGN Harleigh 7 monthsReport

Hi does everyone on here think they ruined the isle of armor by not adding all starters to it? I mostly want fenniken snivy and piplup!

20 Anonymous7 monthsReport

TR39 - Superpower - armorite ore x3 + wishing piece

19 Anonymous7 monthsReport

TR99 Body Press - armorite ore x3 + galarica twig

18 Anonymous7 monthsReport

TR50 leaf blade - galarica twig x2 + armorite ore + wishing piece

17 yeet say yeet8 monthsReport

i dunno 10 min?

16 Epic Anonymous dude8 monthsReport

how long does it take for an egg to come in the pokemon nursery

15 Anonymous11 monthsReport

There is a board for ditto trading.

14 Anonymous11 monthsReport

I have JPN 5lV Ditto I want no-JPN 5lV Ditto Password 2563

13 Anonymous12 monthsReport

want:4or5or6 iv Ditto(non JPN) offering:4 iv Ditto (JPN) linkcode:0925 :)

12 Anonymous12 monthsReport

want : 4ⅳ Ditto (non JPN) offering : 4ⅳ Ditto (JPN) linkcode : 1857    

11 Anonymousabout 1 yearReport

want : 6 iv Ditto (non JPN) offering : 6 iv Ditto (JPN) LinkCode : 1152

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