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Genshin Impact - PlayStation Cross Save Function
The PlayStation-miHoYo Account Link will let PlayStation users cross-save on different devices in Version 2.0. Learn how to cross-save on the PlayStation, and other information in this guide!

What is Account Linking?

PSN-MiHoYo Cross-Saves

Linking your PSN account to a miHoYo account will let you play Genshin Impact on different devices! Once your PSN account has been confirmed with a valid email address, you'll be able to log in on iOS, Android, or PC to play.

Take note however, that once you've linked an account you currently can't unlink that account.

No Linking for TW, HK, and MO Servers!

There is no corresponding server for TW, HK, and MO in the PlayStation network. So only the Asia, America, and Europe can be linked as of now.
All Genshin Impact Platforms

Cross-Save Release Date

Genshin Impact Version 2.0
Genshin - 2.0 Announcement Livestream
Release Date July 21, 2021

The cross-save function is now available! This function was added in Version 2.0.
Update 2.0 Release Date & Patch Notes

How to Cross-Save

Link PSN to miHoYo Accounts

To successfully link your PSN and miHoYo accounts, you must use a valid email address that hasn't been linked to any miHoYo accounts before.

How to Cross-Save from the PlayStation

These are instructions for PlayStation players who want to play on different devices, like iOS, Android, or PC.

How to Link Accounts
1 Log into Genshin Impact on the PlayStation.
2 Go to Settings > Account > User Center > Link Account.
3 You can link an email address not associated with a miHoYo account there!
4 Once you're done, you can play Genshin Impact on Mobile or PC.

How to Cross-Save from iOS, Android, and PC

These are instructions for iOS, Android, and PC players who want to play on the PlayStation.

How to Link Accounts
1 Open Genshin Impact on the PlayStation and log in with a PSN account that hasn't been used to play yet.
2 A pop-up window will appear to guide you with account linking. This pop-up window will only appear once, so be careful!
3 You can link an email address not associated with a miHoYo account there!

One chance to Link Accounts

The pop-up window that will prompt you to link your accounts will appear after you agree to the Terms of Service. You can't link an existing miHoYo Account other than through this window, so be careful not to skip it or your linking process will be lost!

How Does the Account Link Work?

Account Linking Rules

The general rule for Account Linking is that one account should have game progress, while the other account should be new and un-linked. If you have game progress with your PSN account, then you need to link a third-party email that hasn't been used to play Genshin Impact yet.

No Cross-Save Between Servers

As of now, shared progress between servers is not supported. This means that once you've made progress on a certain server, you can't switch servers even if you link accounts.

Top-Up Rules for Linked Accounts

The Genesis Crystals that are purchased on different devices cannot be shared. For example, if you purchased Genesis Crystals on your PC, it will not show up (and therefore can't be used) on the PlayStation and vice versa!

All Rules and FAQs

For a list of all rules and FAQs on PSN-miHoYo account links, take a look at the official miHoYo guide!
Official Account-Linking Guide

Exclusive Rewards for Linked Accounts

Why should I link my account?

There are PlayStation-exclusive rewards that you can get after linking accounts and logging into the PlayStation. Note however that some item effects only activate when using the PlayStation, like the Sword of Descension!

As a PlayStation user, you may also be experiencing difficulties with Genshin Impact features or web events. Linking your PSN and miHoYo account would be a great help to your gaming experience!

Rules on Exclusive Rewards

There are a few PlayStation-exclusive rewards like the Sword of Descension and the Wings of Descension that you will be able to get once your miHoYo account gets linked with your PlayStation Network Account!

Exclusive rewards only work on the PlayStation!

Some PlayStation-exclusive features can only be triggered when playing Genshin Impact on the PlayStation:

Reward Conditions
Wings of Descension • Can only be equipped when playing on the PlayStation.
• Will be replaced by Wings of First Flight when switching devices.
Sword of Descension Image Sword of Descension • Can be equipped when playing on devices other than the PlayStation.
• Bonus effect only activates when on the PlayStation.

How Co-Op Works on the PlayStation

Future Co-Op Mode Control

The Co-Op Mode Control Function will be added soon, and PlayStation players will be able use it to control their Co-Op Mode preferences. When it's disabled, Travelers on the PlayStation and other platforms can still play Co-Op together!

PlayStation Co-Op Mode Control Functions
1 Only Players who play on PlayStation can play with each other.
2 Players on PlayStation and on other platforms won't be able to see each other's Co-Op Team information on the Co-Op Mode Screen.
3 Only PlayStation users can join the team if the host is a PlayStation player. If the host is using another platform, a PlayStation player won't be able to join their team.
4 For PlayStation players, friends from other platforms will be hidden in the Friends List but will still be counted in the list.

Different Friends List Format

There will be two Friends Lists for the PlayStation and other platforms: ''Genshin Impact Friends'' and ''Genshin Impact Friends on 'PlayStation Network.'''

Friend Lists have separate customizations!

Separate Customizations
Friends The friends here are the people who play on platforms other than PlayStation. This can also be viewed on any platform!
Here, you can chat, request to enter a friend's world, and view their avatar.
Friends on ''PlayStation Network'' Here are friends that play on the PlayStation! This list one can only be viewed on the PlayStation, and you can only view your friend's information.
Your friend's ID can't be displayed if only one of you are logged on the PlayStation Network. Both you and your friend need to be logged in on PlayStation in order to see each other's ID.

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