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Eternal Strands Gameplay and Story Info | Everything We Know So Far


Eternal Strands is a third-person fantasy action-adventure game where you’ll be playing as Brynn, who’s on a quest to recover their people’s cultural home. Read on to learn more about the storyline and gameplay.

Everything We Know About Eternal Strands

Eternal Strands Story Plot


Eternal Strands is set in a realm where "The Enclave," which was once a center of magic, has sealed itself from the rest of the world for decades. You’ll be playing as Brynn, a courageous Weaver. These bands of people are able to harness magic and blend it with their fighting abilities. The game’s description on their website and Steam page is a promising one, as the premise of the game is to unveil the secrets of "The Enclave."

Eternal Strands Gameplay


Eternal Strands is a third-person fantasy action-adventure game that promises a gameplay experience where the world itself becomes your most potent weapon. At the core of this adventure lies an innovative system that reacts in real-time to your actions, allowing for interactivity in combat. You will be able to manipulate heat and cold as well as harness telekinetic abilities.

It’s not just combat, but the exploration will have a high degree of freedom where every surface will be climbable! You can also use your magical abilities to create bridges, burn obstacles, or launch yourself across vast distances.

Eternal Strands Trailer

Official Reveal Trailer

The official reveal trailer showcases Eternal Strands' gameplay. It shows striking visuals as we see the main character combine magic and sword fighting in her attacks. It also displays the different ways of world interaction and how the character can use her magical abilities to affect terrain.

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Eternal Strands Product Information

Game X Cover
Release Date TBA
Developer Yellow Brick Games
Publisher Yellow Brick Games
Supported Platforms Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PC
Genre Fantasy, Action-Adventure
Number of Players 1
ESRB Rating RP
Official Website Eternal Strands Website


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