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This page contains information on the Ash's Pikachu distribution for the game Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on to learn how to get these special Ash Hat Pikachu!

Ash's Pikachu Distribution

Ash Hat Pikachu - Cap Pikachu Distribution.png

Special Pikachu wearing variants of Ash's cap make a return to celebrate the upcoming release of the Pokemon Sword and Shield's newest DLC, The Crown Tundra. All versions of Ash's Pikachu will be released one after another throughout October via Mystery Gift!

According to the official announcement, the codes for these special Pikachu will be revealed in the Official Website.

Ash's Pikachu are Now Available!

Ash Hat Pikachu will be released throughout October! Enter these Mystery Gift codes to receive each Ash Hat Pikachu!

Ash's Hat Pikachu Mystery Gift Codes
Ash Original Cap
Date Released: September 29th
Ash Partner Cap
Date Released: September 29th
Ash Hoenn Cap
Date Released: October 2nd
AshSinnoh Cap
Date Released: October 9th
Unova Cap.pngUnova Cap
Date Released: October 16th
Kalos Cap.pngKalos Cap
Date Released: October 18th
Alola Cap.png Alola Cap
Date Released: October 23rd
Pikachu World Cap.pngWorld Cap
Date Released: October 30th
Event Period
September 29th - November 30th

To enter the code, follow the steps below:

1 Open Pokemon Sword or Shield
2 Click the X Button to open the Menu
3 Select Mystery Gift
4 Select Get a Msytery Gift
5 Select Get with Code/Password
Note: This needs internet connection.
6 Enter the code

We will make sure to update this section for the latest Ash's Pikachu Mystery Gift codes. So, don't forget to check this every week!

List of All Mystery Gifts and How to Receive

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