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This is a guide for the intensely difficult Max Raid Zeraora Battle available for a limited time. For those who want to defeat Zeraora and get the rare Item Drops for winning, check this guide designed by our victorious team.

Where and When You Can Find Zeraora Raids

In Isle of Armor Raid Dens


Zeraora Max Raids can be found at any Raid Den on the Isle of Armor. These don't have to be rare dens so any den with a red pillar of light you find while roaming the island will do.

The Event Lasts 10 Days

Event Period 6/18/2020 - 6/28/2020

The time period for this event is 10 days, starting June 18th and ending on June 28th.

Zeraora - Locations and Learnable Moves

Zeraora Max Raid Guide

Prevent Electric Damage with Lightning Rod

Zeraora uses a lot of Electric type moves, especially its signature move Plasma Fists which will make any Normal type moves used after it Electric type as well. That mixed with its Volt Absorb ability will allow it to heal itself. If your Pokemon have the Lightning Rod ability, however, all of Zeraora's Electric type attacks will be directed at that Pokemon and boost their Special Attack rather than deal damage. While single target attacks will be prevented, multi-target attacks like Discharge cannot, so be warned.

Pokemon with Lightning Rod

PincurchinPincurchin Alolan MarowakAlolan Marowak TogedemaruTogedemaru MarowakMarowak
RhyperiorRhyperior ManectricManectric

Max Raid Zeraora Moveset

Shiny Zeraora Can Also Appear

Shiny Zeraora.png
When challenging Zeraora Max Raids, if the raid is 5 stars, there is a chance for a Shiny Zeraora to appear. Compared to a regular Zeraora, Shiny Zeraora is much more powerful so prepare accordingly.

It's recommended to gather a group of people to take it on together.

Zeraora Moveset

Move Type
Plasma Fists Electric Type
Thunder Punch Electric Type
Discharge Electric Type
Blaze Kick Fire Type
Close Combat Fighting Type
Outrage Dragon Type
Work Up Raises Attack and Special Attack by 1 stage each.
Hone Claws Raises Attack and Accuracy by 1 stage each.

Max Raid Zeraora Counters


Type Ground Type Rock Type Ability Lightning Rod

A strong physical fighter with the Lightning Rod ability, Rhyperior is a great choice to take against Zeraora. With moves like Drill Run or High Horsepower, you can avoid accidentally hurting your allies while dealing high amounts of Ground type damage.

Be Aware of Close Combat

While Rhyperior has high defense, it is still very susceptible to Close Combat due to its weakness to Fighting type moves. As Zeraora can attack multiple times per turn, hope that it doesn't target Rhyperior if you plan on taking one into battle.

Alolan Marowak

Alolan Marowak.png
Type Fire Type Ghost Type Ability Lightning Rod

Alolan Marowak's typing and ability keep it fairly safe from Zeraora's attacks. There are only a few ways to actually get your hands on an Alolan Marowak, but if you have one you should bring it along.

Alolan Marowak can also learn Ground type moves so you should have no issues going up against Zeraora.


Type Ground Type Ability Lightning Rod

Compared to the others on this list, Marowak is rather easy to catch and comes with the Lightning Rod ability as well. With high defense that prevents it from getting taken out easily in one hit, it also benefits from STAB when using Ground type moves, making it another good choice for this raid.

Max Raid Zeraora Rewards

Raid Battle Rewards

Exp. Candy L ImageExp. Candy L Exp. Candy XL ImageExp. Candy XL Dynamax Candy ImageDynamax Candy
PP Up ImagePP Up Rare Candy ImageRare Candy Comet Shard ImageComet Shard
Big Nugget ImageBig Nugget Balm Mushroom ImageBalm Mushroom Thunderbolt
Thunder Wild Charge

Prize For 1 Million Players Defeating Max Raid Zeraora

Zeraora Max Raid Event

Available Rewards

ZeraoraZeraora Armorite Ore ImageArmorite Ore

From June 30th a Shiny version of Zeraora and a bonus reward of 8 Armorite Ores were sent to all players. Zeraora is a Mythical Pokemon that cannot be obtained in-game, so be sure to take this opportunity!

How to Get Shiny Zeraora

Get Shiny Zeraora
Event Period
(Year 2020)
3:00 PM UTC on June 30
11:59 PM UTC on July 6
Requirements Move Pokemon between Pokemon HOME and Pokemon Sword or Shield between June 30 and July 6, 2020.
Where to Get On the mobile version of Pokemon Home.

You need to use Switch version Pokemon HOME

To be eligible to get Zeraora and the Armorite Ores in your Sword or Shield game, you need to move Pokemon between your main game and Pokemon HOME at least once in the event period. If you haven't used Pokemon HOME yet, transfer some Pokemon to it first!

Get Zeraora from Pokemon HOME on Mobile

If you haven't already, you first need to install Pokemon HOME on your smartphone, since that is the only way you can get Zeraora and the Armorite Ores.

Follow our instructions below if you're not sure about how to receive the Shiny Zeraora Mystery Gift!

How to Get the Zeraora Mystery Gift

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