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Genshin Impact - How to Move-In Characters - Housing Guide

The Companion Move-In Feature in Genshin Impact allows you to place Characters in your Teapot Realm. This is a guide on how to invite characters to your Housing Realm, how to interact with them, and what rewards you can get!

How to Move In Characters

Unlock After Idle Teapot Talk Quest

Genshin Impact - Idle Teapot Talk Banner

The companion move-in feature is available after Version 1.6 becomes available and is unlocked after completing the world quest Idle Teapot Talk.

Idle Teapot Talk Quest Guide

Place Characters from the Firnishing Menu

Genshin - How to Add Characters in the Serenitea Pot

You can move in characters by going to the furniture placement screen and finding the “Companion” category. Like for animals, this category will most likely be available both indoor and outdoor.

You can only add characters you currently have, and you can add them to the Realm by selecting them from the list.

Characters Gain Companion EXP

Genshin - Companionship EXP Gain

Once added to an area, the characters you invited to your Serenitea Pot will continuously gain Companionship EXP. The amount of EXP you get is based on your Adeptal Energy and you will have to claim it manually like Realm Currency!

How to Increase Friendship Levels

Increase Trust Rank to Invite More Characters

Genshin - Trust Rank - Increase Characters

The higher your Trust Rank is, the more characters you can invite in your realm! The maximum is up to 8. The characters you invite will also add to the Serenitea Pot's load.

How to Increase Trust Rank

Trust Rank Character Limits

Rank 5 Up to 5 Characters
Rank ? Up to 8 Characters

Interact with Characters Inside the Serenitea Pot

Talk to Your Characters

Genshin - Talk to Invited Characters

From the 1.6 Special Program and recent news, it has been confirmed that your characters will have unique Serenitea Pot dialogue. What's more, the higher your Friendship Level, the more conversations you will unlock.

Visible on the Mini-Map

Genshin - Characters on the Serenitea Pot Map

All the characters you place in your Teapot Realm will be marked on the map, making it easy to find them. Remember that placing characters will increase the Load of your Realm!

Character Gifts from Favored Furnishing Sets

Genshin - Favored Furniture Sets

Each character has a Furnishing Set that they like. From the revelead information so far, it looks like you buy these new Furnishing Sets through the Realm Depot.

If you place their favored set, these characters will prepare gifts for you. The Companion Gifts include Primogems, Ascension materials, and more!

List of All Furnishing Sets

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