Genshin Impact

Kaveh Banner Release Dates in 3.6

Genshin Impact - Kaveh Banner Release Date in 3.6
Kaveh is a 4-star rate up character in Baizhu's and Ganyu's banner for Phase 2 of Genshin Impact Version 3.6. Check Kaveh's banner release date, as well as all the 4-stars featured with him here!

When Does Kaveh Come Out?

In Version 3.6 Phase 2 on May 2, 2023

Genshin - Version 3.5 Phase 2 Kaveh in Baizhu and Ganyu Banners

Banner Start May 2, 2023
Banner End May 23, 2023

Kaveh's banner release runs from May 2, 2023 until May 23, 2023, which is all of Version 3.6. Kaveh is a featured 4-star character in both Baizhu's and Ganyu's banner!

Version 3.6 Release Date and Patch Notes

Which Banner is Kaveh Part of?

Part of Baizhu and Ganyu's Banners

Genshin Impact - Immaculate Pulse GachaImmaculate Pulse Genshin Impact - Adrift in the Harbor GachaAdrift in the Harbor

Kaveh is featured in Baizhu and Ganyu's banners as a 4-star character rate-up. You can switch between the two banners and have an equal chance of getting Kaveh, as the two banners share the same Pity History.

Current & Upcoming Banner Schedule

Part of the Standard Banner in 3.7

Genshin - Permanent Banner - Wanderlust Invocation
After the Version 3.7 update, Kaveh joins the pool of 4-star characters available in all banners. This means from Version 3.7 onwards, you can get Kaveh from the standard banner, any character rate-up banners, and weapon banners!

Wanderlust Invocation Banner

Who are the 4-Stars with Kaveh's Banner?

4-Star Character Rate-Ups with Kaveh

Genshin - Kaveh Kaveh Genshin - Candace Candace Genshin - Fischl Fischl

The 4-Star Characters featured with Kaveh are Candace and Fischl. Candace makes her return after debuting in Version 3.1!

List of All 4-Star Characters

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