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3.8 Livestream Codes and How to Claim

3.8 Livestream Codes and How to Claim | Genshin Impact

The 3.8 livestream codes are limited-time rewards from the Genshin Impact Special Program. Claim these codes to get free Primogems, Hero's Wit, and Mora. See the list of promo codes in 3.8 before they expire here!

All 3.8 Livestream Codes

3.8 Livestream Codes for All Servers

Code Reward
QBQ2NH6DB4Z9 (EXPIRED) • 100 Primogems
• 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore
2SR3PY7CA52V (EXPIRED) • 100 Primogems
• 5 Hero's Wit
6A836GNUA52Z (EXPIRED) • 100 Primogems
• 50,000 Mora

3.8 Livestream Date and Summary

3.8 Livestream Codes for the CN Server

If you're playing on Chinese Servers, you can only claim these server-exclusives from the CN Livestream. However, these codes have already expired.

Code Reward
SDFW49BXAVDW (EXPIRED) • 100 Primogems
• 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore
• 5 Hero's Wit
2CXWMRTESDD6 (EXPIRED) • 100 Primogems
• 50,000 Mora

How to Claim the 3.8 Livestream Codes

Go to the Official Genshin Impact site and input your code to claim your rewards on your mailbox. You can also do the same procedure via the in-game function in the Settings Menu.

Check out our full guide for more information!

Go to the Official Redeem Center here!

When will the 3.8 Livestream Codes Expire?

Expiration Date and Time
June 23, 2023 at 11:00PM (UTC-5)

Expiry date is expected to be around 16 hours after the airing of the 3.8 Special Program. Once the date reaches this point, the rewards can no longer be claimed.

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22 Anonymous12 months

And missed them again. Aren't even valid for 10 goddamn hours pisses me so off honestly

21 Anonymous12 months

Wassup ? Codes have already expired , 300 Primogems plus some went on a nine hour heist. Yesterday

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