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This page has information about the Genshin Impact co-op event, Elemental Crucible. Keep reading to find out how to unlock and participate in this event as well as possible rewards!

Elemental Crucible Guides
Elemental Energy Overflowing Elemental Crucible Rewards and How to Play
Alchemy Handbook Guide Best Characters for the Elemental Crucible Event

Elemental Crucible Basic Information

Event Period

Event Period 2020/10/12 11:00 〜 2020/10/19 04:59

Unlock Requirements

Adventure Rank 20 and up
Quests Prologue: Act II - For a Tomorrow Without Tears
One Giant Step for Alchemy?


  • Adventure EXP
  • Character Upgrade Materials
  • Primogems

▲These are rewards that were confirmed through in-game information.

Elemental Crucible Rewards and How to Play

Preperation for Elemental Crucible

Reach Adventure Rank 20

AR 20.jpg

In order to take part in Elemental Crucible, you will first need to be at Adventure Rank 20 or higher. Check out the link below for different ways to more efficiently raise your Adventure Rank if you don't yet meet the requirements. Having a higher AR will also allow you to continue the story so it's recommended to keep leveling up!

How to Raise Your Adventure Rank

Complete One Giant Step for Alchemy?

Elemental Crucible.png

Before you can do the event itself you will have to speak with Timaeus in Mondstadt to get his quest, One Giant Step for Alchemy?. Check out or guide for the quest for more information!

One Giant Step For Alchemy? Story Quest Walkthrough and Rewards

Get Your Friends Together

Elemental Crucible 1.png

Once you're at AR 20 you'll want to get a group of people together as this event is co-op only. To more easily take on this event, organizing a group of people who also want to take part is recommended. Check out our Friend Request Board if you're having trouble finding people to play with!

Friend Request Board

What is Elemental Crucible?

Defeat Enemies and Collect Elemental Clots

Elemental Crucible 2.png

Your goal in Elemental Crucible is to defeat the enemies that appear and pick up the cube like items called Elemental Clots.

Deposit the Elemental Clots into the Crucible

Elemental Crucible 3.png

Once you've collected some Elemental Clots you then need to put them into the Elemental Crucible. Once a certain threshold has been reached, Bounties can be received through alchemy!

Increase Transportation Efficiency

Elemental Crucible 4.png

While you're participating in the event and put Clots into the Crucible, you may from time to time get a boost to your transportation efficiency for a specific element. If a player gets this boost you should probably let them take certain Elemental Clots!

Elemental Crucible Guides

Elemental Energy Overflowing

elemental energy overflowing

Having trouble clearing Elemental Crucible within 3 minutes for that sweet BattlePass EXP? Check out our guide!
How to Clear Elemental Crucible in 3 Minutes

Elemental Crucible Rewards

BP EXP Elemental Crucible.png

Take a look at all the different goodies you can receive from participating in this event and which you should prioritize!
Elemental Crucible Rewards and How to Play

Alchemy Handbook Guide

Alchemy Handbook.jpg

Our Alchemy Handbook guide will give you a rundown on each challenge there is to complete and how to do them!
Alchemy Handbook Guide

Best Characters for the Elemental Crucible


We've got a tier list for this event so you know who to use to get everything it has to offer!

Best Characters for the Elemental Crucible Event

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