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Ranked Battle Series 12 Rules and Legal Pokemon
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Series 12 Tier List Contenders

Ranked Battle Series 12 will allow players to use two Legendary Pokemon on their team and Dynamax! Learn which Pokemon are best to use in the new battle season.

Tier List Contenders

Pokemon Sword and Shield (SWSH) - Ranked Battle Series 12.png

Ranked Battle Series 12 will allow the use of two legendaries per team as well as Dynamax and Gigantamax. This rule will surely make for an exciting metagame filled with countless team compositions!

Ranked Battle Series 12 | Rules and Legal Pokemon

All Tier List Contenders Ranked

Legendary Pokemon

S Tier
ZacianZacian YveltalYveltal Calyrex Shadow RiderCalyrex (Shadow Rider) KyogreKyogre
A Tier
GroudonGroudon EternatusEternatus XerneasXerneas Ho-OhHo-Oh
B Tier
Necrozma Dusk ManeNecrozma (Dusk Mane) White KyuremWhite Kyurem ZekromZekrom ReshiramReshiram
LugiaLugia DialgaDialga MewtwoMewtwo PalkiaPalkia

Non-Legendaries and Pseudo Legendaries

S Tier
Urshifu Single Strike StyleUrshifu Single-Strike Style Rillaboom IconRillaboom RegielekiRegieleki IncineroarIncineroar
A Tier
Urshifu Rapid Strike StyleUrshifu Rapid-Strike Style DracovishDracovish Landorus TherianLandorus (Therian Forme) Porygon2Porygon2
Ferrothorn IconFerrothorn GarchompGarchomp Dragapult Icon.pngDragapult Tapu Fini.pngTapu Fini
B Tier
Tyranitar IconTyranitar MimikyuMimikyu QuagsireQuagsire VolcaronaVolcarona
SwampertSwampert Hippowdon IconHippowdon Ditto.pngDitto ChanseyChansey

S-Tier Legendary Pokemon Reviews


Pokemon SWSH - Zacian

Zacian - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Zacian's great dual typing, and 170 Atk and 148 Spd in its Crowned Sword form make it one of the most formidable physical attackers in the game.

With Dynamax and Gigantamax allowed once more, its niche as an anti-Dynamax Pokemon ensures its place in most teams!


Pokemon SWSH - Yveltal

Yveltal - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Yveltal remains one of the more unpredictable Pokemon on this list as it can fill the role of a physical or special attacker, or even go on the defensive as a support Pokemon.

While it can no longer function as a Dynamax Lead, it still has a niche as a revenge killer and check against common Dark and Fighting-types in the upcoming metagame.

Calyrex (Shadow Rider)

Pokemon SWSH - Calyrex (Shadow Rider)

Calyrex (Shadow Rider) - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Calyrex's Shadow Rider form is one of the fastest and arguably one of the most powerful special sweepers in the current game, with its Astral Barrage move capable of one-shotting opposing leads and heavily damaging even the most defensive Pokemon.

The fact that it can set up with Nasty Plot makes it incredibly difficult to switch into if it manages to get a boost!

With its As One Ability combining Unnerve and Spectrier's Grim Neigh Ability, the High King Pokemon is set to make the upcoming Series 12 metagame even more offense and speed focused.


Pokemon SWSH - Kyogre

Kyogre - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Kyogre's ability to set up rain with its Drizzle Ability makes it a powerful lead and an integral part of Rain Dance teams, especially since it retains its signature move Origin Pulse from the previous games.

A-Tier Legendary Pokemon Reviews


Pokemon SWSH - Groudon

Groudon - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Groudon's ability to set up the sun with Drough makes it a powerful lead and one of the core Pokemon in Sun-based teams.

Precipice Blades is one of the strongest STAB-moves in the game and allows Groudon to deal with prevalent threats such as Regieleki and Eternatus. Combined with two coverage moves that get boosted under the sun in Solar Beam and Fire Punch, Groudon is expected to be one of the strongest legendaries in Series 12.


Pokemon SWSH - Eternatus

Eternatus - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Much like Zacian, Eternatus will once again see plenty of usage thanks to its ability to do immense damage against Dynamax and Gingantamax Pokemon.

As one of the best bulky attackers in the metagame, it's looking like one of the top Pokemon in the upcoming battle season!


Pokemon SWSH - Xerneas

Xerneas - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Xerneas is one of the best setup sweepers courtesy of its signature move, Geomancy, which boosts its Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed by 2 stages.

It's looking like one of the most commonly used leads in the upcoming Ranked Battle Series 12 due to its ability to quickly turn the tide of the game as soon as it gets its Geomancy boost.


Pokemon SWSH - Ho-oh

Ho-oh - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Ho-Oh's Fire typing gives it a niche over other physical attackers with its immunity to burns. It also has one of the most powerful signature moves in the game, Sacred Fire, which has a 50% chance to inflict a burn.

With its Regenarator Ability and the new Heavy-Duty Boots, Ho-Oh can now switch in and out without fear of getting worn down by Stealth Rock.

B-Tier Legendary Pokemon Reviews

Necrozma (Dusk Mane)

Pokemon SWSH - Necrozma (Dusk Mane)

Necrozma (Dusk Mane) - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Dusk Mane Necrozma's great Psychic/Steel typing makes it a great answer to the very common Fairy-types in the metagame, and will undoubtedly become a common Pokemon in Series 12 with the return of Xerneas.

Access to Dragon Dance as well as Solgaleo's powerful signature move Sunsteel Strike make it a force to be reckoned with and is a Pokemon that all players should take into account when building a team.

White Kyurem

Pokemon SWSH - White Kyurem

White Kyurem - Best Build for Ranked Battle

White Kyurem may not have the same setup potential as Black Kyurem, but it's a more viable attacker in hyper offense teams when given either a Choice Specs or Choice Scarf as a held item.


Pokemon SWSH - Zekrom

Zekrom - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Access to Dragon Dance and an incredible physical movepool makes Zekrom a powerful physical attacker that can easily overpower the many physically defensive Water-types.


Pokemon SWSH - Reshiram

Reshiram - Best Build for Ranked Battle

As one of the few Dragon-type Pokemon with a secondary Fire-typing, Reshiram has little to fear from the many Fairy-types that plague the current metagame. With a great special movepool and access to a powerful signature move in Blue Flare, the Vast White Pokemon is a threatening Pokemon that all teams need an answer to.


Pokemon SWSH - Lugia

Lugia - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Lugia remains one of the best defensive Pokemon in the game, and can run either its flagship Pressure set or it's even bulkier Multiscale defensive set.

Although it lacks the same offensive presence as the other Pokemon on this list, Lugia is an important Pokemon that will definately find its way in more balanced and defensive teams as a check and answer to the new tier's powerful offensive-oriented Pokemon.


Pokemon SWSH - Dialga

Dialga - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Dialga's great balanced stats and access to utility moves such as Thunder Wave, Stealth Rock, and Metal Burst make the Temporal Pokemon one of the best offensive pivots in the upcoming metagame.


Pokemon SWSH - Mewtwo

Mewtwo - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Even with the introduction of faster and more powerful legendaries, the original Legendary Pokemon is no slouch! Mewtwo's well-rounded stats and access to a plethora of special coverage moves make it a force to be reckoned with.

It's signature move, Psystrike, separates it from other special sweepers since it can actually overpower special walls - with its signature move targeting the Special Wall's weaker Defense stat.


Pokemon SWSH - Palkia

Palkia - Evolution and Moveset

Palkia's well-balanced stats makes it one of the more versatile legendary Pokemon. A menacaing Special Attacker, Palkia is one of the top Pokemon to consider as your second legendary when crafting a team.

Additionally, it's Water/Dragon-typing makes it a good coverage for arguably the strongest legendary Pokemon in Zacian.

S-Tier Pokemon Reviews

Urshifu Single-Strike Style

Pokemon SWSH - Urshifu Single-Strike Style

Urshifu Single-Strike Style - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Urshifu's Single-Strike Style is a strong contender for the best check against Necrozma's Dusk Mane forme, easily knocking it out with a Choice Band boosted Wicked Blow.


Pokemon SWSH - Rillaboom

Rillaboom - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Rillaboom remains a great revenge killer with its Grassy Surge boosted Grassy Glide, and although it now has to contend with strong Legendaries that can take a hit, it still have a niche as an offensive pivot - especially in the Doubles metagame.


Pokemon SWSH - Regieleki

Regieleki - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Regieleki will remain a top Pokemon in the upcoming metagame. As the fastest Pokemon in the entire game, it has a niche as a powerful Electric-type that can hit hard and as fast as possible with its Transistor-boosted moves.


Pokemon SWSH - Incineroar

Incineroar - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Incineroar remains one of the most versatile support Pokemon in the metagame and we expect it to be the same case in Series 12. The Heel Pokemon provides great utility with its Intimidate ability combined with moves like Snarl and Fake Out. His Fire-typing also helps when it comes to checking prevalent metagame juggernauts such as Rillaboom and Ferrothorn.

A-Tier Pokemon Reviews

Urshifu Rapid-Strike Style

Pokemon SWSH - Urshifu Rapid-Strike Style

Urshifu Rapid-Strike Style - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Urshifu's Rapid-Strike Style is a powerful contender with a great dual STAB and respectable coverage.

Lack of Max Airstream means it's now easier to switch in against opposing setup sweepers or defensive Pokemon.


Pokemon SWSH - Dracovish

Dracovish - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Dracovish once again makes the waves as one of the best wallbreakers in the metagame, and it won't be different in Ranked Battle Season 10!

With Choice Scarf, it's Fishious Rend easily breaks or even outright knocks out slower defensive Pokemon!

Landorus (Therian Forme)

Pokemon SWSH - Landorus (Therian Forme)

Landorus (Therian Forme) - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Landorus' Therian Forme will remain an offensive presence in the upcoming metagame, especially in the Doubles Battle Format where it shines.

It's ability to provide support to its team while still keeping the opposing Pokemon in check with its powerful moves make it a popular Pokemon to build a team around with!


Pokemon SWSH - Porygon2

Porygon2 - Best Build for Ranked Battle

As one of the most popular Eviolite users in the current metagame, Porygon2 will remain a good defensive Pokemon for balanced teams looking to turn the opposing Pokemon's Abilities against them with its Trace Ability.


Pokemon SWSH - Ferrothorn

Ferrothorn - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Ferrothorn will remain an omnipresent Pokemon in many teams simply due to being the best Stealth Rock setter in the metagame. Thanks to its great stats and typing, it can directly contend with powerhouses such as Kyogre, Zekrom, and Eternatus.


Pokemon SWSH - Garchomp

Garchomp - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Though overshadowed by newer setup sweepers, Garchomp is still a force to be recokened with in the upcoming metagame.

Letting it get one Swords Dance is often enough for it to start sweeping teams, and is particularly good against Legendary Pokemon like Dialga and Eternatus.


Pokemon SWSH - Dragapult

Dragapult - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Dragapult is one of the most versatile Pokemon in the metagame. Though commonly used as a fast physical and special sweeper, it's also a good utility Pokemon that can provide great support in both the Singles and Doubles Battle Format.

Tapu Fini

Pokemon SWSH - Tapu Fini

Tapu Fini - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Tapu Fini is an excellent choice in more balanced and defensive Pokemon due to its Misty Surge Ability setting up Misty Terrain, which prevents status conditions while also weaking Dragon-type moves.

With so many Legendary Dragon-types being reintroduced in Season 10, Tapu Fini will no doubt become an integral part in many teams.

B-Tier Pokemon Reviews


Pokemon SWSH - Tyranitar

Tyranitar - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Tyranitar's low speed and Sand Stream Ability gives it a niche in the upcoming metagame as a counter weather setter to the likes of Groudon and Kyogre. Although it can't directly switch into these titans, it's still a versatile Pokemon that can put a stop to opposing weather simply by switchin in.


Pokemon SWSH - Mimikyu

Mimikyu - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Lack of Dynamax doesn't deter Mimikyu who once again fills the role of a lead setup sweeper.

With its Disguise Ability active, it can get as many Swords Dance boosts it can get and retaliate with its powerful physical moves!


Pokemon SWSH - Quagsire

Quagsire - Best Build for Ranked Battle

With so many setup sweepers relying on boosting moves in the upcoming Series 12 metagame, Quagsire has a niche as an Unaware wall that completely ignores stat boosts. It can then wear them down with Scald or surprise its usual checks with Counter.


Pokemon SWSH - Volcarona

Volcarona - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Volcarona is a great answer to the metagame's common Steel and Fairy-types, and has a niche as a check against Zacian.

It's also a powerful setup sweeper in its own right and has the distinction of becoming extra bulky on its special side as it accumulates more Quiver Dance boosts.


Pokemon SWSH - Swampert

Swampert - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Swampert has a niche in the upcoming metagame as a phaser with Stealth Rock and Yawn being its core support moves.

Although the strategy forces players to go on the defensive, it takes advantage of the upcoming metagame's reliance on boosting moves. As a result, Swampert has the ability to stop setup sweepers in place simply by using Yawn!


Pokemon SWSH - Hippowdon

Hippowdon - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Much like Swampert, Hippowdon has a niche in the upcoming metagame as a phaser - specifically checking physical attackers.

It has the added utility of setting up Sandstorm with its Sand Stream Ability, allowing it to take on the likes of Groudon and Kyogre.


Pokemon SWSH - Ditto

Ditto - Best Build for Ranked Battle

Ditto's ability to imitate an opposing Pokemon with Imposter, make it a great clutch Pokemon that can turn the tables of the battle.

With Series 12 once again letting people use powerful legendary Pokemon, Ditto has the potential to provide a significant boost to a team's offenses if it manages to copy the right Pokemon!


Pokemon SWSH - Chansey

Chansey - Best Build for Ranked Battle

With so many Legendary Pokemon that are powerful special attackers, Chansey will see an incrase in usage in the upcoming metagame. Although it needs to be wary of Pokemon such as Mewtwo, the Egg Pokemon still remains the best answer to special sweepers thanks to its Eviolite-boosted defenses.

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