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This is a page on the move Imprison, and the Pokemon who can learn this move in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on to see the Power and Accuracy of Imprison, as well as its PP.

Imprison - Effect

Type Category
Pokemon Psychic Image Status
Power -
Accuracy -
PP 10
Effect If opposing Pokemon know any move also known by the user, they are prevented from using it.
Max Move Max Guard
Power: -
TM / TR TM44
Battle Tower - Purchase from woman in Battle Tower
List of TMs and Location

Pokemon That Learn Imprison

By Default

NinetalesNinetales Alolan NinetalesAlolan Ninetales GalladeGallade
MusharnaMusharna BeheeyemBeheeyem ChandelureChandelure
Type: NullType: Null SilvallySilvally

By Level Up

Black KyuremBlack Kyurem White KyuremWhite Kyurem VulpixVulpix
Alolan VulpixAlolan Vulpix MewMew BaltoyBaltoy
ClaydolClaydol BronzorBronzor BronzongBronzong
UxieUxie MespritMesprit AzelfAzelf
MunnaMunna WoobatWoobat SwoobatSwoobat
ZoruaZorua ZoroarkZoroark ElgyemElgyem
LitwickLitwick LampentLampent ReshiramReshiram
ZekromZekrom LandorusLandorus Landorus (Therian Forme)Landorus (Therian Forme)
KyuremKyurem MeowsticMeowstic KlefkiKlefki

By TM / TR

ClefairyClefairy ClefableClefable Alolan VulpixAlolan Vulpix
Alolan VulpixAlolan Vulpix NinetalesNinetales Alolan NinetalesAlolan Ninetales
AlakazamAlakazam Galarian PonytaGalarian Ponyta Galarian RapidashGalarian Rapidash
Galarian SlowpokeGalarian Slowpoke SlowpokeSlowpoke Galarian SlowbroGalarian Slowbro
SlowbroSlowbro GengarGengar Alolan MarowakAlolan Marowak
Galarian MoltresGalarian Moltres MewMew HoothootHoothoot
NoctowlNoctowl TogeticTogetic NatuNatu
XatuXatu Galarian SlowkingGalarian Slowking SlowkingSlowking
LugiaLugia Ho-ohHo-oh CelebiCelebi
RaltsRalts KirliaKirlia GardevoirGardevoir
SableyeSableye BaltoyBaltoy ClaydolClaydol
MiloticMilotic DuskullDuskull DusclopsDusclops
JirachiJirachi DrifblimDrifblim BronzorBronzor
BronzongBronzong SpiritombSpiritomb TogekissTogekiss
GalladeGallade DusknoirDusknoir FroslassFroslass
UxieUxie MespritMesprit AzelfAzelf
MunnaMunna MusharnaMusharna WoobatWoobat
SwoobatSwoobat SigilyphSigilyph YamaskYamask
Galarian YamaskGalarian Yamask CofagrigusCofagrigus ZoruaZorua
ZoroarkZoroark GothitelleGothitelle SolosisSolosis
DuosionDuosion ReuniclusReuniclus VanilliteVanillite
VanillishVanillish VanilluxeVanilluxe FrillishFrillish
JellicentJellicent ElgyemElgyem BeheeyemBeheeyem
LitwickLitwick LampentLampent ChandelureChandelure
GolettGolett GolurkGolurk ReshiramReshiram
ZekromZekrom LandorusLandorus Landorus (Therian Forme)Landorus (Therian Forme)
KyuremKyurem MeowsticMeowstic KlefkiKlefki
PhantumpPhantump TrevenantTrevenant PumpkabooPumpkaboo
GourgeistGourgeist DecidueyeDecidueye CutieflyCutiefly
RibombeeRibombee OranguruOranguru Type: NullType: Null
SilvallySilvally NecrozmaNecrozma MagearnaMagearna
DottlerDottler OrbeetleOrbeetle SinisteaSinistea
PolteageistPolteageist HatennaHatenna HattremHattrem
HattereneHatterene RunerigusRunerigus AlcremieAlcremie
FrosmothFrosmoth StonjournerStonjourner IndeedeeIndeedee
ZacianZacian ZamazentaZamazenta CalyrexCalyrex
Calyrex (Ice Rider)Calyrex (Ice Rider) Calyrex (Shadow Rider)Calyrex (Shadow Rider)

By Egg Move

Toxtricity (Low Key Form)Toxtricity (Low Key Form)

By Move Tutor

There are no Pokemon who learn this move by this method.

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