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Genshin Impact - Pure Geo Hypostasis Boss Guide

The Pure Geo Hypostasis is an event boss during Hypostatic Symphony Event in Genshin Impact. Find out its attack patterns and the strategy to beat it here!

Hypostatic Symphony Event Guide
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Hypostatic Symphony Event Details

Event Basic Info

Hypostatic Symphony

Event Start 2021/01/16 10:00:00 (Server Time)
Event End 2020/01/31 03:59:59 (Server Time)
How to
・AR 20 and above

Can be done solo or in co-op

Similar to other boss enemies, you can play the event domains solo or with friends.

Hypostatic Symphony Event Guide

Pure Geo Hypostasis Level by Difficulty

Difficulty Level
Easy Lvl. 20
Normal Lvl. 40
Hard Lvl. 60
Expert Lvl. 80

Pure Geo Hypostasis Strategy

Bring at least one Claymore User

Claymore User

The Geo Hypostasis will start the fight by putting up 4 pillars, preventing you from using close-ranged attacks. Make sure you have at least one claymore user in your party to destroy the pillars quickly.

This will leave the Hypostasis vulnerable to your attacks, and prevent it from using its other abilities.

Break the 4 Pillars

4 Pillars

Similar to the regular Geo Hypostasis fight, it's important to break the pillars to leave it vulnerable to attack. Destroying the 4 pillars quickly will help make the fight much easier.

Focus on the Pillar with the Hypostasis

Pillar with Hypostasis

The Geo Hypostasis will move around across the 4 pillars, setting up different attack patterns. Focus on damaging the pillars where the Hypostasis, as it will be left vulnerable after the pillar has been destroyed.

Use the Pillars to Take Cover

The pillars during the fight will launch Geo projectiles, dealing high amounts of damage. You can avoid this by taking cover in one of the pillars, and using those projectiles to help deal more damage to the pillars themselves.

Destroying Pillars Gives you Shields

Shield Crystals

Break each pillar will cause it to drop a few shield crystals, which protects you can getting damaged during the fight.

Destroy the 3 Revival Pillars

Revival Pillar

After greatly reducing its HP, the Geo Hypostasis will create 3 Rock Pillars to revive itself. Destroy all pillars to win the fight!

Pure Geo Hypostasis Attack Patterns

Rock Pillar Attack

Rock Pillar Attack 2

Early in the fight, each Rock Pillar (except for the one with the Hypostasis) will shoot Geo projectiles at you. Make sure you dodge and use the free pillar to take cover.

Shockwave Attack

Shockwave Attack

The pillars where the Hypostasis is located will emit a strong shockwave attack. Make sure you have shields up to absorb damage while breaking the pillar.

Homing AoE Attack

Homing Shockwave

This is a homing variation of the Shockwave attack. Once the ground flashes, get ready to dodge the attack. This will be done 3 consecutive times, which means timing is crucial to avoid getting hit.

Hammer Attack

Geo Hypostasis Hammer Attack 1

This is one of the attacks the Hypostasis will perform when all Rock Pillars have been destroyed. Dodge the highlighted area, and attack the Hypostasis while it's vulnerable!

Shockwave Attack 2

Shockwave Attack 2

After destroying one pillar, it will leave a crystal that will deal high AoE damage. Run away from this as soon as you break the pillar.

Field Attack

Field Attack

A new attack unique to this fight, the crystals left behind after destroying the pillars will link up with the Hypostasis and deal massive AoE damage. Break these crystals to keep yourself safe.

Clap Attack

Clap Attack

Like the Hammer Attack, this attack will leave the Hypostasis vulnerable. Dodge this, and deal more damage to the Hypostasis!

Pure Geo Hypostasis Recommended Characters

Recommended Characters

Character Merits
Genshin Impact - Noelle ImageNoelle ・Elemental Burst can quickly destroy pillars.
・Can create additional shields for protection.
・Event Bonus: 20% DMG boost.
Genshin Impact - Razor ImageRazor ・Charged Elemental Skill deals high damage to pillars.
・Claymore user.
・Event Bonus: 20% DMG boost.
Genshin Impact - Klee ImageKlee ・Charged attacks deal high damage to pillars.
・Pyro Resonance can help increase overall ATK for the whole party.
・Event Bonus: 20% DMG boost.
Genshin Impact - Bennett ImageBennett ・Elemental Burst boosts ATK and heals party members.
・Elemental Skill provides quick damage and elemental reactions.
Event Bonus: 20% DMG boost.
Genshin Impact - Diluc ImageDiluc ・High burst DMG from Elemental Skill and burst.
・Claymore user.
・Not recommended if you chose the Increase Pyro Resistance Variation.
Genshin Impact - Chongyun ImageChongyun ・ATK speed increase from his Passive Talent.
・Claymore user.
Genshin Impact - Ganyu ImageGanyu ・Level 2 Charged Attack deals high AoE DMG
・Can be used as a main damage dealer.
Genshin Impact - Zhongli ImageZhongli Elemental skill can quickly destory pillars.
・Provides additional shields.
・Not recommended for co-op.

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