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The Pure Anemo Hypostasis is an event boss during Hypostatic Symphony Event in Genshin Impact. Find out its attack patterns and the strategy to beat it here!

Hypostatic Symphony Event Guide
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Hypostatic Symphony Event Details

Event Basic Info

Hypostatic Symphony .png

Event Start 2021/01/16 10:00:00 (Server Time)
Event End 2020/01/31 03:59:59 (Server Time)
How to
・AR 20 and above

Can be done solo or in co-op

Similar to other boss enemies, you can play the event domains solo or with friends.

Hypostatic Symphony Event Guide

Pure Anemo Hypostasis Level by Difficulty

Difficulty Level
Easy Lvl. 20
Normal Lvl. 40
Hard Lvl. 60
Expert Lvl. 80

Pure Electro Hypostasis Strategy

Apply Elements to Tornadoes

Elemental Tornado

During the Tornado Phase you can imbue the tornadoes with Pyro, Hydro, Electro or Cryo energy. Doing so will change the element of the floating orbs that appear after the Tornado Phase.

The Pure Anemo Hypostasis will absorb floating elemental orbs during its Vacuum Pulse AoE attack, but if the orb has been changed from Anemo to any other element the attack will be interrupted creating an opportunity to strike.

Absorb Anemo Orbs to Prevent HP Recovery

Pure Anemo Orbs

Just like the regular Anemo Hypostasis, once the Pure Anemo Hypostasis is at critical health several Anemo element orbs will appear. You will need to collect all 5 Anemo orbs otherwise it will recover HP and extend the fight.

One Moving Orb

During this phase there will always be one orb that will move clockwise around the field. You'll need to time your gliding just right to catch it.

Finish the Fight

Once all the orbs have been collected you can deal the last bit of damage to the Pure Anemo Hypostasis and end the fight!

Pure Electro Hypostasis Attack Patterns

Tornado Phase

Tornado Phase
During this phase tornadoes will spawn and move throughout the arena. You can avoid the tornadoes rather easily by moving to the edges of the area, or destroying one of the Anemo crystals to generate a air current and hover over the tornadoes. Also, imbuing the tornadoes with other elements can help interrupt the Vacuum Pulse attack.

Anemo Blasts

Anemo Blast

After a moment of charging 3 Anemo blasts will be fired from the Pure Hypostasis Core. You'll need to dash at least 3 times to successfully dodge the blasts.

Aerial AoE Burst

AoE Burst
The Pure Anemo Hypostasis launches its defensive cubes into the air and beings to slowly rain down Anemo Bursts in telegraphed spaces. Since this attack leaves the core open to attack and the AoE bursts are fairly easy to dodge, you can consider this as another attack window.

Butterfly Attack

Butterfly Attack
When the Anemo core transforms into a butterfly it will execute a 2 hit combo attack. The first attack is a large AoE swoop that will launch the player before firing an Anemo cross slash. If you dodge through the AoE towards where the core transformed, the second attack will miss.

Clap Attack

Clap Attack
A more powerful version of the Hypostasis clap attack. This version will fire 3 Anemo slashes immediately after the clap. Quickly dodging left or right will avoid the clap and slashes.

Vacuum Crush

Vacuum Crush
The defensive cubes will be pushed out and the core will be exposed for a few moments before all of the cubes are sucked back in to the core for a crush attack. The crush attack is very powerful and can one shot some characters. We recommend using a ranged unit to damage the core safely from afar.

Vacuum Pulse

Vacuum Pulse
Similar to the normal Anemo Hypostasis, the core will absorb the floating elemental orbs and cause arena wide Anemo pulses that will knock down the player. The number of pulses can be reduced by creating a wind current from the Anemo crystals and picking up as many Anemo orbs as possible. It is also possible to dodge pulses by using currents as well.

We recommend interrupting this attack completely by changing the elemental orbs to during the Tornado Phase.

The Storm Butterfly

The Storm Butterfly
This is a new ultimate attack unique to the Pure Anemo Hypostasis. After the core transforms into a butterfly the entire arena will be engulfed in a hurricane dealing heavy damage over time. This attack can be interrupted by executing a Plunge Attack on the floating core. Creating a wind current from the Anemo crystals, or using characters like Keqing or Albedo is recommended in order to easily execute a Plunge Attack.

Pure Anemo Hypstasis Recommended Characters

Recommended Characters

Character Merits
Genshin Impact - Keqing ImageKeqing ・High DMG from Charge Attacks.
・Easy to use Plunge Attacks with Elemental Skill.
・Low skill energy cost.
・Event Bonus: 20% DMG boost.
Genshin Impact - Albedo ImageAlbedo ・High DMG from Elemental Skill and Burst Combo.
・Provides high supplemental DMG.
・Easy to use Plunge Attacks with Elemental SKill.
・Event Bonus: 20% DMG boost.
Genshin Impact - Fischl ImageFischl ・High sustained DPS and even higher at C6
・Choosing the Increased Electro Resistance Variation will of course lower her effectiveness.
・Event Bonus: 20% DMG boost.
Genshin Impact - Xingqiu ImageXingqiu ・Elemental Burst brings high reaction DMG
・Elemental Burst works great on Fischl or Keqing due to their Event Bonus DMG boost.
Event Bonus: 20% DMG boost.
Genshin Impact - Diluc ImageDiluc ・High burst DMG from Elemental Skill and burst.
・Not recommended if you chose the Increase Pyro Resistance Variation.
Genshin Impact - Klee ImageKlee ・High Charge Attack DMG.
・Not recommended if you chose the Increase Pyro Resistance Variation.
Genshin Impact - Tartaglia ImageTartaglia ・High burst DMG from Elemental Skill and burst.
・DMG further boosted by Riptide Effect.

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