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Pokemon UNITE - Pokemon Day 2023 February 27 Update

This page gives details for Pokemon UNITE's February 27 update for Pokemon Day 2023. Read on to see all the latest additions and changes to Pokemon UNITE, with all the Buffs, Nerfs, Bug Fixes, draft pick update, and all the balance changes for Switch and Mobile!

Version Release Date and Time

Update Announcement

Version Release Date and Time

A server update will be performed on February 27, 2023 at 04:00AM UTC.

Update Timer Update is out!
Pokemon Day 2023 UTC PDT JST
Feb. 27
04:00AM 08:00PM
(prev. day)

How to Update

This patch will not have a schedule maintenance hours before the server update. Simply restart the app on your device on the times indicated to apply the changes.

How to Update: Downloading and Installing Updates

Version Update Summary

Update Summary

  • New Events
  • Bug Fixes
  • Balance Patch
  • Achievements Update
  • Items Updates
  • UNITE Squad Updates
  • Matchmaking Improvements
  • Shop Updates
  • New Pokemon
  • Ranked Season 10

Buffed Pokemon

Espeon ImageEspeon Trevenant ImageTrevenant Wigglytuff ImageWigglytuff
Dragonite ImageDragonite Talonflame ImageTalonflame Zoroark ImageZoroark

Nerfed Pokemon

Delphox ImageDelphox Gardevoir ImageGardevoir Tyranitar ImageTyranitar
Urshifu ImageUrshifu Eldegoss ImageEldegoss -

Tweaks / Bug Fixes

Zeraora ImageZeraora
- -

New Held Items

New Held Items Added in Ver.
Rescue Hood.pngRescue Hood Slick Spoon.pngSlick Spoon Rusted Sword.pngRusted Sword

A total of three new held items are added into the game!

Slick Spoon and Rescue Hood is here to expand UNITE Battle strategies and will be available for purchase in the Shop. Rusted Sword is a held item exclusively used by Zacian to maintain its Fairy King's Sword mode. There is no way to remove this however, so it basically locks Zacian to two (2) Held Item slots.

New Boost Emblems

A total of 50 new Boost Emblems has been added to the game. A new Grey emblem color was also added with defensive effects!

List of All Boost Emblems

New Events

Pokemon UNITE - Permanent Map

Two new events also started for Pokemon Day 2023! Obtain Zacian's UNITE License for free in Adventure in Zacian's Weald, and take on boss after boss after boss in a new installment of Boss Rush!

List of Events

Other Changes

Changes Summary
Boss Rush Boss Rush will now have a fixed roster of bosses per wave, with Regirock, Regice, Registeel, and Zacian joining the pool of bosses.
► Boss Rush Guide
Achievements Achievements related to Boost Emblems and Battle Points has been added!
Items Recommended set has been added in the battle prep screen. You may also add recommended items from the items you currently own.
UNITE Squad Improvements were added when joining a UNITE squad.
Matchmaking Matching at the start of the series will now take your previous rank in the previous series into account.
The starting rank for Master Rank trainers after a Ranked Season will now be adjusted based on the mastery points obtained in the previous season.
Shop A set purchase option for fashion items are now added.
Pokemon Select Screen The Pokemon select screen has been adjusted to optimize Pokemon selection.
Voice Chat Adjusted so that blocking voice chat will also block the quick chat at the same time.

Version Detailed Patch Notes

Pokemon Buffs


Pokemon Changes
Espeon ImageEspeon
• Cooldown decreased from 45s to 35s.

• Attack range increased by 20%.

• Attack range increased by 20%.


Pokemon Changes
Trevenant ImageTrevenant
• Cooldown reduced from 6s to 5s.
• Damage increased by around 15%-25%.
• HP consumption reduced from 7% to 5% of remaining HP.
• Swing time for the hammer has been reduced.

• Damage dealt to opponents increased from 9%-17%20%-30%.


Pokemon Changes
Wigglytuff ImageWigglytuff
• Shield duration increased from 1s to 2.5s.

• UNITE move gauge reduced by around 20%.


Pokemon Changes
Dragonite ImageDragonite
• Boosted attack damage increased by 10%.

• UNITE move gauge reduced by 20%.


Pokemon Changes
Talonflame ImageTalonflame
• Cooldown decreased from 10s to 8.5s.


Pokemon Changes
Zoroark ImageZoroark
Stat Increase

• Attack stat increased.
Cut Image

• Damage increased by 10%.

• UNITE move gauge reduced by 10%.

Zoroark's stats were adjusted to prioritize late game scaling than early game.

Zoroark Stat Buffs
Level Defense
5 267 → 266
10 401 → 410
15 670 → 700

Pokemon Nerfs


Pokemon Changes
Delphox ImageDelphox
• Second hit damage increased by 35%.

• Damage decreased by 10%.

• Movement speed increase reduced from 75% → 30%.


Pokemon Changes
Gardevoir ImageGardevoir
• Cooldown increased from 6s → 7.5s.

• Cooldown increased from 5s → 6.5s.

• Cooldown increased from 10s → 11s.


Pokemon Changes
Tyranitar ImageTyranitar
• Damage decreased by around 10%.

• Cooldown increased from 10s to 11s.

• Damage increased by 10%.


Pokemon Changes
Urshifu ImageUrshifu
• Recovery effect after using the move is decreased from 25% to 15%.

• Fixed a bug where the effect of shortening cooldowns for normal effects are lower than expected.


Pokemon Changes
Eldegoss ImageEldegoss
• Cooldown increased from 9s to 10.5s.

Tweaks / Bug Fixes


Pokemon Changes
Zeraora ImageZeraora
• Fixed an issue where standard attack charges would sometimes not trigger after using this move.

Zacian Joins the Roster for Pokemon Day

Pokemon UNITE - Zacian Banner

The Legendary Pokemon Zacian joins the Pokemon UNITE Roster as an All-Rounder! Its License can be obtained for free by participating in a special Adventure-themed event!

Zacian Guide: Best Builds and Moveset

Ranked Season 10 Start

Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Game Mode

Coincidentally, Ranked Season 09 will end 30 minutes before the update so we expect Ranked Season 10 to start once the update drops! Expect new and exclusive rewards when climbing the ranked ladder again!

Ranked Rewards and Season Reset

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Updates and Patch Notes

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Latest Maintenances and End Times

Server Maintenance End Time and Date
September 1 Maintenance September 2, 2022
7:00AM UTC
July 20 Maintenance June 21, 2022
7:00AM UTC
June 19 Maintenance June 20, 2022
7:00AM UTC
April 27 Maintenance April 28, 2022
7:00AM UTC
January 19 Maintenance January 20, 2022
7:00AM UTC
December 8 Maintenance December 9, 2021
7:00AM UTC
Mobile Release Maintenance September 21, 2021
12:00AM PT

Maintenance Schedules and End Times

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Pokemon Release Information

Pokemon Release Info
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Pokemon UNITE - Sylveon IconSylveon Pokemon UNITE - Greedent IconGreedent Pokemon UNITE - Decidueye IconDecidueye Pokemon UNITE - Tsareena IconTsareena
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Pokemon UNITE - Azumarill Icon Azumarill Pokemon UNITE - Espeon IconEspeon Pokemon UNITE - Delphox Icon Delphox Pokemon UNITE - Glaceon IconGlaceon
Pokemon UNITE - Buzzwole IconBuzzwole Pokemon UNITE - Tyranitar IconTyranitar Pokemon UNITE - Mew IconMew Pokemon UNITE - Dodrio Speedster IconDodrio
Pokemon UNITE - Scizor IconScizor Pokemon UNITE - Clefable IconClefable Pokemon UNITE - Zoroark IconZoroark Pokemon UNITE - Sableye IconSableye
Pokemon UNITE -Urshifu IconUrshifu Pokemon UNITE - Dragapult IconDragapult Pokemon UNITE - Comfey IconComfey Pokemon UNITE - Goodra IconGoodra
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