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Gengar Hex Bug

This is a guide about the newly discovered Gengar Hex Bug in Pokemon Unite for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to know about Gengar's Hex bug and how it affects Gengar in the current Meta Game!

Gengar Hex Bug Fixed

Fix is Confirmed at August 6, 12 AM PDT

The Gengar Hex Bug has been confirmed to have been fixed as of August 6 12 AM PDT. Players may now resume using the Ghost Speedster in any play mode with ease!

Gengar Hex Bug

A Bug That Makes Hex Deal No Damage

The Gengar Hex Bug is a Bug that makes Hex not deal any damage at all! This either happens if used as is or even if used together with Sludge Bomb.

Does Not Happen Every Time

Gengar Lv 7 Move 2.jpg

Gengar's Hex isn't a permanent bug. The move still works normally and can still deal damage but there will be times when the bug will happen. If it does, you'll be put in a disadvantageous situation in the middle of the enemy ranks without a Hex to help you fight them off. It's a game changing bug that can cause a defeat if it does happen.

How to Fix Gengar Bug

At the time of writing, there are no ways to counterplay this as a player. The only choice is to avoid picking Gengar up in patch (or longer if the bug persists) and wait for Unite's Dev team to make a fix for this bug.

When Did Gengar's Hex Bug Appear

Started After Gengar's Nerf in

Gengar Hex Bug Announcement
Gengar recieved some nerfs to his Hex move as its a super strong move at the current meta. After recieving the nerf, the Hex bug started happening as well which greatly tanked the ghost Pokemon's popularity. Patch Note Updates

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Gengar Icon.pngHex Bug Details

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