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Pokemon UNITE - October 8 Sylveon Balance Patch Notes

Slyveon gets suddenly nerfed a few days after release! Was Sylveon overpowered or is this an overreaction? Here we list the contents of the October 8 Balance Patch for Pokemon UNITE. Let us know if you think the nerf was justified!

Version Release Date and Release Time

Update Announcement

The server update was performed on 2021-10-8 at 12AM PT.
Planned Date/Time: October 8, 2021 at 12AM Pacific / 7AM UTC.

How to Update

Restart the app on your device to apply the update.

How to Update: Downloading and Installing Updates

Version Note Summary

Summary of Changes

Nerfed Features

Sylveon ImageSylveon - -

Version Breakdown



Pokemon Changes
Sylveon ImageSylveon
• Damage decreased from 3346 to 2126. (-37%)

• Damage is decreased.
Short Range: 3602 to 2890. (-20%)
Long Range: 6006 to 4825. (-20%)
Data is taken from a Level 15 Sylveon with no held items.

New Firefighter Holowear and Trainer Skin Released!

Holowear Firefighter Style Preview.png

As of October 13, 2021 UTC, the new firefighter sets for both Blastoise and the Trainer is out now! You can check them out here:

Holowear Firefighter Style (Blastoise).pngFirefighter Style: Blastoise Firefighter Set How to Get Banner.pngFirefighter Set: Trainer

Do You Think Sylveon's Nerf is Justified?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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