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If you're thinking about starting Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH), you should read this walkthrough first! If you don't really know how to play Fire Emblem Heroes, or if you want to know more about the system, then this article is for you!

5 Things that Beginners Need to Know Before Starting Fire Emblem Heroes

1. The Home Screen

Beginners might be overwhelmed when they see the home screen. So first, let's go over what's on the home screen.

スクリーンショット 2018-11-16 11.15.14.png

1) Notifications
Check here for official announcements. There is a lot of information about events, so don't forget to check! Notifications usually come at either 12 PM or 4 PM.

2) Present List
When you recieve a present, it will be put here. Login bonuses are put here, so don't forget to take them!

3) Friend List
You can see friends that you have added, search for friend's IDs, and users that have requested to become your friend here, as well as delete friends from your list.

4) Quests & Missions
You can see missions that are currently ongoing and what prizes you will recieve by completing them here. There is a time limit to completing these missions, so try yoru best to finish before then!

2. Do You Need to Reroll?


Once you get midway through the game, you might find it a bit difficult to progress if you don't have any 5 star heroes.

Because of this, we recommend that you reroll in the early stages of Fire Emblem Heroes. You can clear the early stages with any hero, but from around Chapter 6 you're more likely to lose if you don't have any 5 star heroes.

What is the Best Way to Reroll?

If You're Lucky Rerolling, You'll Have an Easier Road Ahead

We recommend that you aim for a hero with a strong magic skill. If you're able to get a lot of heroes with S or SS rankings, then you'll be able to progress through the game more smoothly.

Heroes to Aim for When Rerolling

3. Make Advance Preparations

スクリーンショット 2018-11-16 11.26.14.png

Unlock the Training Tower

First, make your way through the early stages of the story. Once you clear Chapter 3, the Training Tower will be unlocked. Here, you will be able to level up your heroes and from there be able to unlock most of the game's contents.

Clear the Story and Get More Orbs!

When you finish one of the story chapters, you will get orbs. With these orbs, you can try the gacha and get more heroes (as you don't have many at the start)! We recommend collecting orbs so you can get used to the game and have more fun playing it!

The Best Ways to Get Orbs!

Use the Orbs to Change Your Castle's Design

Collect orbs so that you can change your castle's design!

One of the most imporant things to do in the early stages of Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH) is change your castle's design. When you change your castle's design, you can eventually double the amount of experience that your heroes will receive. Use orbs to change your castle design and make the most of the early stages of the game by maximizing the amount of experience that your heroes get!

How to Change Your Castle Design and the Effects!

4. The Battle System


Remember the Relationship Between the Colors

In Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH), each hero has a set color. If you remember what each color is strong agains and weak against, then you are sure to be victorious in battle!

Red is strong against green and weak against blue
Blue is strong againts red and weak against green
Green is strong against blue and weak against red

Colorless - Not particularly strong or weak against any color.

If you can remember the strengths and weaknesses as listed above, you can do well in battles.


More Information about the 3 Colors

Learn How Heroes Move

Icon Movement Speciality
show-1.pngInfantry 2 Spaces The standard way heroes move
show-2.png Cavalry 3 Spaces Can't go through forests (don't have any speciality)
show-3.png Flying 2 Spaces Can go over any object (except walls)
show-4.png Armored 1 Space Have an overall high status

Heroes have a speciality based on the way they move. If you can remember the ways that the heroes move, then you will have a deeper understanding of how they fight.

Learn About the Heroes' Stats
Stat Explanation
HP Hero's Health. When this stat hits zero, you will lose the battle.
Attack How much damage a hero can do to an enemy. Both physical attacks and magic have the same strength.
Speed The stat determines if your hero can attack multiple times in one turn or perform counter-attacks. If this stat is 5 points higher than the enemy, you will be able to attack twice in one turn. However, if it is 5 points lower than the enemy then you may be the one attacked!
Defense Determines how much your hero can withstand physical attacks.
Resistance Determines how much your hero can withstand magic-based attacks.

Your hero's speed is quite important. In order to inflct as much damage on the enemy as possible, focus on both speed and attack stats.

5. How to Strengthen Your Heroes


Go to the Training Tower

The Training Tower is the place to go to strengthen your character. The most effective way to level up your hero is to keep defeating enemies that are close to their level. See the link below for more detailed information about the Training Tower

Learn More About the Training Tower

Don't Forget About Balance When Leveling Your Hero Up

In Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH), you should level up a variety of heroes so that you can handle any enemy party. If you're not sure which heroes you should start leveling up, try one that has the opposite element of the one you initially got.

Best 4 Star Heroes

Support the Hero You Use Most Often

Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH) has a support system, just like the original incarnations of the game do. If the hero you want to support is within two spaces of the support hero, then you can use the support skill to give the heroes a stat boost. Use a hero that can support the one you use the most so leveling up and quests can be a lot more easier.

Learn More About the Assist System


We hope that the world of Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH) is more clear to you after reading this guide. There are a lot of details in this game, so learn more for yourself while enjoying the game.

If you still feel a bit lost, please see more articles aimed at beginenrs below.

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