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Inherit Skill

This is a guide on how to use Inherit Skill, as well as how Skill Inheritance works in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Read on to learn how to use this feature and find out what conditions must be met in order to inherit skills!

How to Use Inherit Skill

Access it from the Ally Growth Menu

The Inherit Skill button can be found by going to the Allies screen and then clicking on Ally Growth.

Three skills can be inherited from one unit

When using Inherit Skill, you can transfer up to 3 skills from a single hero. Afterward, the hero who has inherited a new skill can use their SP to learn this skill.

Inherit Skill Limits

Inherit Skill

The source hero will be lost

The hero used as a source for inheriting skills will be sent home. Powerful heroes will be unusable after their skills are transferred, so think carefully about what their skills will be used for before doing away with them.

Skills can be transferred regardless of a unit's rarity!

Inherit Skill can be used between any two units, regardless of their respective rarities. However, the source hero must have reached the correct rarity in order for certatin skills to be unlocked.

Inherited skills must be learned before they can be used

Skills inherited from another hero will be marked as Unlearned in the beginning, and actually learning them will require 1.5x the normal amount of SP.

Skills That Cannot Be Inherited

Weapon type limitations

There are certain skills which cannot be tranferred through Inherit Skill. In addition, some skills will not be available to some units depending on their weapon and move type.

The following exclusive skills are only learnable by the original unit

Weapon SkillExclusive Weapons Signature weapons which are exclusive to a specific unit cannot be transferred through Inherit Skill.
Ex: Falchion, Deathly Dagger, etc.
Assist SkillRefreshers Like exclusive weapons, assist skills that grant additional movement such as Dance and Sing cannot be tranferred through Inherit Skill
Passive BBlessing-Type Blessing-type skills such as Sacae’s Blessing and Beorc's Blessing cannot be inherited.

See All Exclusive Skills

Weapon-Type Limitations

Weapon SkillAll Weapons Every weapon skill can only be inherited by users of the same weapon type.
Ex: Rauðrblade+ can only be inherited by another red tome user.
Special SkilAssist Skill
Recovery Skills
Assist and special skills that recover HP can only be inherited by staff users.
Conversely, staff users cannot inherit assist and special skills other than those that recover HP.
Passive B(X)breaker Skills A unit cannot learn a "Breaker"-type skill of the class that they are weak against.
Ex: A red unit cannot inherit Lancebreaker.
Passive BSkills That Reposition a Foe Skills that reposition a foe when attacking them cannot be inherited by a ranged attacker.
Ex: A bow, dagger, or tome user cannot inherit Lunge or Knock Back.

Move-Type Limitations

Passive AShields that Neutralize Effective Attacks Shield skills that neutralize effective attacks can only be inherited by heroes of the same movement type.
Ex 1: Svalinn Shield ⇨ Armored units only
Ex 2: Iote’s Shield ⇨ Flying units only
Passive BWary Fighter Wary Fighter, which prevents a foe's follow-up attack, can only be inherited by armored units.
Passive CHone, Fortify, Goad, Ward, etc. Skills of this type, which only effect a certain move type, can only be inherited by that move type.
Ex: Hone Fliers can only be inherited by flying type units.

All Skills with Weapon or Movement Restrictions


Weapon SkillBreath-Weapons A weapon skill with "Breath" in the name which is used by a Manakete can be learned by ANY type of dragonstone user.
Ex: Dark Breath+, Light Breath+, etc.

3 Points For Using Skill Inheritance

1. Know the strengths of the unit who you will be transferring a new skill to.

Using Inherit Skill to try and compensate for a unit's weaknesses is generally tough to do, and even if you are able to successfully do so, it usually only leads to a jack-of-all-trades type unit who doesn't particularly excel in anything. Therefore, it is recommended that you first know what a unit's strengths are and use Inherit Skill to increase those strengths even more.

2. Consider the needs of your party as well.

Skills such as Gronnblade+ should be used in parties where units have skills that grant bonuses to the user of this weapon. Using Inherit Skill in this way allows you to strengthen all of your units in a party so that these skills do not go to waste.

3. Transfer skills efficiently.

Inherit Confirm.png
When the amount of source heroes that you have for a particular skill is limited, it is extremely important that you use Inherit Skill efficiently. When you are trying to transfer over the final skill in a skill chain that is only unlocked by a 5★ unit, you should first inherit the prerequisite skills from another 3★ or 4★ unit and then use a 5★ unit only to inherit the final skill from those skill chains. This will allow you to get the most out of the 5★ unit that you use as a source hero.

Best Skills to Inherit

Skill Tier List

There is a large degree of freedom with Inherit Skill, so it is easy to get hung up over which skills you should transfer to which units. Use the following tier list to find out which skills are the most useful!

Skill Tier List

Who Can Learn That Skill?

After you know which skills you want, you must decide who to use as a source hero. Use the following link to find out which heroes learn each skill.

List of All Source Heroes


In the current meta, Inherit Skill is an absolutely essential aspect of FEH. Build your own unique heroes and put them to the test in both Quests and Arena Battles!

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