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Pokemon UNITE - Season 02 Recap

Ranked Season 2 in Pokemon UNITE is almost ending! Take a look back on the second Season of Pokemon UNITE with Game8's recap of Season 2. See which Pokemon was the best, the most improved Pokemon, the best New Pokemon, and more!

Most Valuable Pokemon (MVP)

Tsareena Takes the Crown!

Pokemon UNITE - Season 2 MVP

Tsareena takes the crown as Season 2's Most Valuable Pokemon. Tsareena delivered everything it was promised to be from its announcement. When it was finally released, it gave more than what players expected to get from the Pokemon. Tsareena's unique mechanic via its Queenly Majesty passive gave her so much mobility, sustain, and damage, enabling her to take on groups of enemies all at once. Once Tsareena fully evolves, it can easily dominate games or turn things around.

Tsareena Guide: Builds and Best Items

MVP Criteria

Most Valuable Pokemon Criteria
Consistency Rank Usage Tier-List Ranking

Each of these factors determine which Pokemon deserves the Most Valuable Pokemon award for each season.

  • Consistency: Refers to a Pokemon's effectiveness or impact in matches despite buffs and nerfs.
  • Rank Usage: Refers to how frequent the Pokemon is used in Ranked Matches.
  • Tier-List Ranking: Refers to a Pokemon's Tier-List placement throughout the season. If the Pokemon remained in the highest tier throughout the season, it's a contender for MVP.

Tier List: Best Pokemon to Use

Most Improved Pokemon (MIP)

Garchomp Takes the MIP!

Pokemon UNITE - Season 2 MIP

Game8 chose Garchomp as Season 2's Most Improved Pokemon. Garchomp received multiple buffs across the many updates. The first notabale change came in the update where Garchomp's scaling was improved, enabling Garchomp to reach its power spike faster/earlier. Lastly, Garchomp recieved yet another major change in the update where it added effects to all of its basic moves, making them more effective as a result.

These two major changes boosted Garchomp's potential, especially in the late game, and are the reason why Game8 chose Garchomp as MIP for Season 2.

Garchomp Guide: Builds and Best Items

MIP Criteria

Most Improved Pokemon Criteria
Significant Improvement Increased Usage Tier-List Ranking

Each of these factors determine which Pokemon deserves the Most Improved Pokemon award for each season.

  • Significant Improvement: Refers to a Pokemon's sudden significant improvement after a patch.
  • Increased Usage: Refers to the significant increase in a Pokemon's usage in matches.
  • Tier-List Ranking: Refers to the Pokemon's increase in the Tier-List Ranking. If the Pokemon experienced a significant jump in its raking (S or SS tier), it's a contender for MIP.

Tier List: Best Pokemon to Use

Top Picks for the Season

Top 3 Picks for Season 2
Lucario ImageLucario
Pick Rate: 26%
Dragonite ImageDragonite
Pick Rate: 10%
Wigglytuff ImageWigglytuff
Pick Rate: 10%

These are the top three (3) most used Pokemon by the Masters Top 100 in the leaderboards. These Pokemon helped the players achieve such a feat so give them a big round of applause!

Master Rank Top Pick List

Best Pokemon Per Role

Best Attacker: Venusaur

Pokemon UNITE - Season 2 Best Attacker

Game8 choose Venusaur as Season 2's best Attacker. Despite getting nerfed, Venusaur's late-game potential via Giga Drain and Petal Dance still dominates games, endlessly sustaining HP and dealing damage against entire teams. Furthermore, a Sludge Bomb - Solar Beam Venusaur became more viable to use in matches, although not as effective the other moveset.

Venusaur Guide: Builds and Best Items

Best Speedster: Talonflame

Pokemon UNITE - Season 2 Best Talonflame

Game8 chose Talonflame as Season 2's best Speedster. Talonflame's incredible mobility, high-burst damage, and easy objective stealing makes it the most effective Speedster in the game. Talonflame has also moved up in our Tier List, starting off as a humble A-tier Pokemon to a well-deserve S-tier.

Talonflame Guide: Builds and Moves

Best All-Rounder: Tsareena

Pokemon UNITE - Season 2 Best All-Rounder

Game8 chose Tsareena as Season 2's best All-Rounder. Tsareena is one of the most well-received Pokemon when it was released, dominating games and being a contender against the well-established Lucario. Furthermore, Tsareena became much stronger after the Update, receving a stat fix and boosting its scaling.

Tsareena Guide: Builds and Best Items

Best Defender: Slowbro

Pokemon UNITE - Season 2 Best Defender

Game8 chose Slowbro as Season 2's best Defender. Slowbro's effectiveness increased when it received a buff in the Update, making Slowbro tankier and deal more damage. Slowbro's strong disables coupled with its durability propelled it to an S-tier Pokemon in our Tier List and is deserving of the title of Season 2's best Defender.

Slowbro Guide: Builds and Best Items

Best Supporter: Eldegoss

Pokemon UNITE - Season 2 Best Supporter

Game8 chose Eldegoss as Season 2's best Supporter. Eldegoss has always been a must-pick Pokemon for any team composition, buffing its allies and providing endless healing and shielding. Eldegoss remained consistent in its Tier List placement, starting off as only an A-tier Pokemon but was later moved up to a well-deserved S-tier. Since then, it remained at that spot and has never fallen off.

Eldegoss Guide: Builds and Best Items

Best Holowear

Best Holowear for Season 2
Adept Style ImageAdept Style
Sunshine Style ImageSunshine Style
Shrine Style ImageShrine Style

Game8 has yet again decided to have a three-way tie for this season's best Holowear, namely Adept Style: Machamp, Sunshine Style: Venusaur, and Shrine Style: Crustle. All three holowear fit perfectly to its Pokemon's nature and personality.

Holowear List: All Pokemon Skins and Costumes

Best Newcomer

Pokemon UNITE - Season 2 Best Newcomer.png

Game8 chose Tsareena as Season 2's Best Newcomer. Tsareena lived up to players' expectations when it was announced and did not disappoint. In truth, Tsareena was deemed by many as being too OP (overpowered) and deserves a nerf quickly. It has even come to a point where Tsareena became the number 1 contender to replace Lucario as the best Pokemon in the game, although it was never truly discussed.

However, some argued otherwise, saying Tsareena is blanaced since it takes time before she reaches her full power spike. Whichever the case maybe, it's without a doubt that Tsareena deserves to take the title as Season 2's Best Newcomer.

Notable Meta Changes

All-Rounder Meta

Pokemon UNITE - All-Rounder Meta

With the addition of Dragonite and Tsareena to the roster, season 2 games shifted towards an All-Rounder meta. Both are incredibly versitile, taking jungler roles away from Pokemon like Greninja, who used to be the best jungler in the game, but have also strong lane presence. Once they reach their power spikes, they can easily take over games.

These two new Pokemon along with the ever powerful Lucario completely changed how games are played both casually and in tournaments.

All-Rounder Tier List: Best All-Rounders

Dragonite's Global Unite Move

Pokemon UNITE - Dragonite Defeating Zeraora Using Draco Impact

Dragonite's Unite Move, Draco Impact, is the first of its kind in the game, allowing players to quickly traverse long distances and join their team in fights. It can also be used in creative ways, such as a way to survive fights with Buddy Barrier equipped.

The global range coupled with its unique distance-based recharge mechanic made the Draco Impact such a powerful and effective tool. It definitely took over the meta, especially when Dragonite was released.

Dragonite Guide: Builds and Best Items

Tsareena Dethrones Lucario

Pokemon UNITE - Tsareena vs. Lucario

Lucario has long been the reigning Pokemon in the game, dominating games with its fast and hard-hitting combos. However, when Tsareena came into the game, its clear that she will eventually dethrone Lucario as the best Pokemon.

Tsareena shares most of Lucario's features, having shielding, healing, cooldown reductions/resets, and mobility. But Tsareena's advantage over Lucario is her straight-forward moves, making Tsareena easier to use compared to Lucario.

Tsareena Guide: Builds and Best Items

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