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Full Fury Team Clash is a brand-new event in Pokémon UNITE for the Nintendo Switch and Mobile! Learn the start and end dates of this event, the rewards, tips on how to complete this event, and more!

Full-Fury Team Clash Guides
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Full Fury Battle Mode Guide

Full-Fury Team Clash Duration and Availability

Full-Fury Team Clash is an event that will span three weekends. It will make use of the Full-Fury Battle format for maximum enjoyment!

Blue Team has won the Full-Fury Team Clash Event! All participants will get rewards, so make sure to claim them until February 6, 2023!

Claiming of Rewards
Jan. 31, 2023 - Feb. 6, 2023
Claiming of Rewards End in

Full Fury Team Clash Weekend Schedules

Past Waves

1st Wave Dec. 31, 2022 Jan. 3, 2023
2nd Wave Jan. 14, 2023 Jan. 17, 2023
3rd Wave Jan. 28, 2023 Jan. 31, 2023

Full-Fury Team Clash Mechanics

Pokemon UNITE - Full-Fury Team Clash Preview

Full-Fury Team Clash is a showdown between two teams! You may choose to join the red or blue team!

The red team will be lead by Buzzwole, while the blue team is lead by Cinderace! Both teams must compete via Full Fury Battles that will be active on several weekends of January 2023!

Make sure to participate in order to claim various rewards upon reaching several milestones!

Full Fury Battle Guide

Picking a Team

Pokemon UNITE - Full-Fury Team Clash Preview

When it comes to picking a team for this event, choosing either the Red or Blue team will not have an effect on the players. Just simply pick which side you would want to be in, and you'll be able to participate in the event!

Remember that you can't change teams once you have picked a side, so make sure that you're joining the team that you're rooting for to win!

Collecting Event Rewards

At the end of the event, the team with the most combined points will be the winner! Win or lose, both teams will still be able to receive rewards, and those rewards must be claimed within 7 days after the result was announced!

Full-Fury Team Clash Missions and Rewards

Pokemon UNITE - Blue Team Missions

These are missions that are displayed for each team! All rewards for both teams are exactly the same, so feel free to join whichever faction you desire!

Winning Team Rewards

These are additional rewards that players who are on the Winning Team will be able to claim once the showdown is over!

Mission Reward
Winning Team
Pokemon UNITE - Winning Team Frame Winning Team Frame x1
Winning Team
Pokemon UNITE - Winning Team Background Winning Team Background x1

Losing Team Rewards

While it may suck to lose epic fights, the players who are on the Losing Team will still be able to claim these rewards!

Mission Reward
Losing Team
Pokemon UNITE - Losing Team Frame Losing Team Frame x1
Losing Team
Pokemon UNITE - Losing Team Background Losing Team Background x1

Milestone Rewards

These are rewards that you will receive once you reached a certain milestone from participating in the event! Garner all 10,000 points in order to have a high chance of winning against the other team!

Note: It seems that the milestone reward carry over to future waves of Full Fury Team Clash! If you did not reach 10,000 points in the first week, you can continue in the second and third weekend!

Mission Reward
50 points
Pokemon UNITE - 3-Day Limited License Selection Box 3-Day Limited License Selection Box x1
100 points
150 points
Pokemon UNITE - 7-Day Limited License Selection Box 7-Day Limited License Selection Box x1
200 points
250 points
300 points
400 points
500 points
600 points
700 points
800 points
1,000 points
1,200 points
1,400 points
1,600 points
1,800 points
2,000 points
2,400 points
2,800 points
3,200 points
3,600 points
4,000 points
4,500 points
5,000 points
5,500 points
6,000 points
6,500 points
7,000 points
7,500 points
8,000 points
8,500 points
9,000 points
9,500 points
10,000 points

Limited License Choices (3-Day and 7-Day)

These are the Limited Licenses you choose from when you open either the 3-Day or 7-Day Limited License Box from this event.

Sylveon ImageSylveon Mamoswine ImageMamoswine Greedent ImageGreedent Wigglytuff ImageWigglytuff
Gardevoir ImageGardevoir Blastoise ImageBlastoise Gengar ImageGengar Crustle ImageCrustle
Mr. Mime ImageMr. Mime Cramorant ImageCramorant Blissey ImageBlissey Lucario ImageLucario
Machamp ImageMachamp Garchomp ImageGarchomp Absol ImageAbsol Decidueye ImageDecidueye
Tsareena ImageTsareena Dragonite ImageDragonite Zeraora ImageZeraora Trevenant ImageTrevenant
Aegislash ImageAegislash Hoopa ImageHoopa Duraludon ImageDuraludon Azumarill ImageAzumarill
Espeon ImageEspeon Delphox ImageDelphox Glaceon ImageGlaceon Buzzwole ImageBuzzwole
Tyranitar ImageTyranitar Mew ImageMew Dodrio ImageDodrio Scizor ImageScizor
Clefable ImageClefable Zoroark ImageZoroark Sableye ImageSableye

Tips for Clearing Full Fury Team Clash

Pokemon UNITE - Full-Fury Team Clash Preview

Participate in the upcoming Fury Battles that will be activated this on certain weekends in January 2023 in order to win various rewards and win the showdown!

Full Fury Battle Guide

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