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2022 World Championship Analysis

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Want to know a quick summary of the things that happened in the 2022 UNITE World Championships in London? Read on to see the most used Pokemon, the Pokemon with the best win rate, the most used battle and held items, lanes for each Pokemon, where to watch the stream, as well as highlights that defined this tournament!

Important Note:
The data here is only based on the livestreamed games during the 2022 World Championships.

2022 World Championships Summary

BLVKHVND is Your 2022 Pokemon UNITE World Champions!

Screengrab from the UNITE World Championship Livestream DAY 2.

After two days of intense Pokemon UNITE competition, BLVKHVND emerged victorious and is the 2022 Pokemon UNITE World Champions!

Did Not Lose Any Match

Throughout the competition, the tournament employed a win 2 games out of 3 format across all matches besides the Grand Finals, where it becomes win 3 games out of 5. BLVKHVND asserted their dominance and made sure that they do not drop any match.

They were also the fastest to reach the Grand Finals and held a twice-to-beat advantage against Nouns Esports from EU. They did not let Nouns Esports breathe, and took them out in three straight games.

BLVKHVND Members & Winning Picks

Pokemon UNITE - BLVKHVND Winning Build

Team Member Pokemon Lane
KYRIAOS Bottom Lane
SLASH Bottom Lane
ELO Bottom Lane

In the final game of the Grand Finals, BLVKHVND opted to not use the two most picked Pokemon throughout the tournament - Tsareena and Dragonite.

Instead, they opted for some powerful old school picks - with Junglebook employing Cinderace to dominate the Central Area and Overlord choosing the ever-flexible Aegislash!

BLVKHVND's Winning Builds

Pokemon UNITE - Members and Winning Picks

In the final game that cemented BLVKHVND's position in history as the very first Pokemon UNITE World Champions, they employed the services of these Pokemon:

Kyriaos' Trevenant

Kyriaos' Trevenant
Trevenant ImageTrevenant Player: Kyriaos
Lane: Bottom
Move Choice
Held Items
Battle Item

Slash's Blissey

Slash's Blissey
Blissey ImageBlissey Player: Slash
Lane: Bottom
Move Choice
Held Items
Battle Item

Junglebook's Cinderace

Junglebook's Cinderace
Cinderace ImageCinderace Player: Junglebook
Lane: Jungle (Central Area)
Move Choice
Held Items
Battle Item

Overlord's Aegislash

Overlord's Aegislash
Aegislash ImageAegislash Player: Overlord
Lane: Top
Move Choice
Held Items
Battle Item

Elo's Hoopa

Elo's Hoopa
Hoopa ImageHoopa Player: Elo
Lane: Bottom
Move Choice
Held Items
Battle Item

Meta Highlights

Hoopa-Blissey Duo

Pokemon UNITE - WCS - Hoopa and Blissey Duo

The Hoopa-Blissey duo pick remains to be the standard in the competitive scene. Hoopa's ability to bring its team across the map with its portals coupled with Blissey's support capabilities provides any team all the tools they need to win teamfights and take objectives.

Objectives Gameplay

Pokemon UNITE - WCS - Objectives Gameplay

The objective-focus gameplay that teams adopt explains why they prefer to pick Hoopa and Blissey.

Snorlax Tech

Pokemon UNITE - WCS - Snorlax Tech

Another Pokemon that teams love to pick is Snorlax due to its high durability and crowd control moves. It also seems to be the direct counter to Hoopa since the Pokemon can prevent enemies from teleporting through the Hyperspace Hole using Block and Heavy Slam.

Snorlax Guide: Builds and Best Items

All-Rounder Meta

Pokemon UNITE - WCS - All-Rounder Meta

All-Rounders have become the staple damage dealers for teams throughout the tournament due to their good mix of offense and defense.

List of All-Rounders: All All-Rounder Pokemon and Best Builds

Tsareena Meta

Pokemon UNITE - WCS - Tsareena Meta

Tsareena is the most picked All-Rounder in the tournament. It's mostly played at the top lane paried with a high-durability Pokemon like Snorlax.

Tsareena Guide: Builds and Best Items

Dragonite Meta

Pokemon UNITE - WCS - Dragonite Meta

The second most picked All-Rounder is Dragonite. It's always played as a jungler since it needs to reach level 8 as fast as possible. One of its main job is to quickly secure objectives like Drednaw and Zapdos using Hyper Beam.

Dragonite Guide: Builds and Best Items

Aegislash Meta

Pokemon UNITE - WCS - Aegislash Meta

Another All-Rounder that teams love to pick is Aegislash due to its late game damage potential and sustain. Its Coup De Grace is also one of the best secures in the game.

Aegislash Guide: Builds and Best Items

2-1-2 Laning

Pokemon UNITE - WCS - 2-1-2 Laning Meta

Although there were games that teams went for the tri-lane laning format, most games has teams revert to the standard 2-1-2 laning format. This is to make sure that no lanes will be at a disadvantage.

Top 10 Most Picked and Win Rates

Pokemon Most Picked % Win Rate %
75% 72%
72% 68%
65% 56%
62% 68%
37% 44%
32% 34%
20% 16%
15% 18%
15% 16%
15% 14%
Pokemon UNITE Game8 TwitterGame8 Notes Tsareena shone brightly in this tournament, getting a whopping 75% pick rate across all livestreamed games. In addition, it also boasts the best win rate making this tournament essentially a battle of Tsareenas!
Blissey, Dragonite, Hoopa and Aegislash finished 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th respectively - essentially rounding up the most used team composition in the tournament.

Most Picked Battle Item

Battle Item Most Picked %
Pokemon UNITE Game8 TwitterGame8 Notes X Speed received the highest pick rate among all battle items - which means players opted for a short burst of movement speed than a sudden blink using Eject Button. X Speed also has a shorter cooldown so it can be used more frequently.
Full Heal came in second, basically complementing Tsareena by providing it with an option whenever it's being locked down by crowd control.

Battle Items not shown here were not picked in the 2022 World Championships.

Most Picked Held Item

Held Item Most Picked %
Pokemon UNITE Game8 TwitterGame8 Notes Focus Band being the top picked held item proves that players prefer the more reliable and sudden health booth this item provides.
Muscle Band ranked at far second, showing that the meta preferred Attack Pokemon than Sp. Attack ones.

Held Items not shown here were not used in the 2022 World Championships.

Pokemon Lane Picks

The percentage in bold is the most picked lane for that specific Pokemon.
Pokemon Top % Jungle % Bot %
-- 100% --
13.5% -- 86.5%
-- -- 100%
100% -- --
33.3% -- 66.7%
19.4% -- 80.6%
100% -- --
-- 100% --
20.0% 26.7% 53.3%
-- 100% --
-- 100% --
4.6% 92.3% 3.1%
-- -- 100%
-- -- 100%
-- 100% --
-- -- 100%
27.3% 9.1% 63.6%
-- 100% --
37.1% -- 62.9%
65.0% -- 35.0%
40.0% 6.7% 53.3%
-- -- 100%
-- -- 100%
70.0% -- 30.0%
81.3% -- 18.8%
-- 83.3% 16.7%
-- 100% --
73.3% 6.7% 20.0%
62.7% 16.0% 21.3%
-- -- 100%
16.7% -- 83.3%

Pokemon not shown here were not picked in the 2022 World Championships.

Where to Watch the 2022 World Championships

The full livestream for the 2022 World Championships is available on the official YouTube channel of Pokemon UNITE. The winner of this tournament was crowned the 2022 Pokemon UNITE World Champions!

For the full schedule of the 2022 Championship Series, check out this article:

UNITE World Championship Series 2022 Schedule

2022 World Championships Day 1

2022 World Championships Day 2

Regional Livestreams

UNITE also livestreamed the 2022 World Championships in different languages to cater viewers from different regions. Here are the livestream links:

Region Livestream Links
Japanese Day 1
Day 2
Spanish Day 1
Day 2
Portuguese Day 1
Day 2
Hindi Day 1
Day 2

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