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Animal Crossing New Horizons Tips & Tricks


All Beginner’s Tips & Tricks

For Beginners
Beginner's Guide to Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Which Hemisphere Should You Choose?
What Will You Name Your Island?
What Should You Choose to Bring to the Island?
Best Tent Location and How to Move
Unchangeable Features
Choosing the Best Island Layout
How to Change Your Face and Hair
How to Get Bedhead / Fix Bedhead
How to Use Storage and Decorating Mode
When Does a New Day Start?
How To Make A Passport | Passport Title List
What Happens When You Faint?
For Intermediate Players
New Horizons 100% Checklist
Island Upgrades Walkthrough
Things to Do Every Day
Time Traveling Guide
What Should You Spend Nook Miles on First?
How to Get Bells (Money) Fast
How to Get Nook Miles Fast
Nook Mileage Program Activities & Rewards List
Nook Miles+ Challenges and Rewards
How to Grow Money Trees from Glowing Spots
How to Get Bank Interest
How to Get Rid of a Bee Sting
How to Hit the Money Rock 8 Times
How to Cross the River
How to Climb Cliffs
How to Chop Wood and Pull Up Trees
How to Get More Villagers
How to Get Palm Trees on Your Island
How to Break Rocks
How to Increase Inventory Space
How to Store Furniture and Other Items
How to Get Presents from Balloons
What You Can Get on a Mystery Tour
How to Upgrade your Tent and House
How to Raise Your Island's Star Rating
How to Raise Your Happy Home Academy (HHA) Rank
How to Build a Bridge
How to Make Money Bags (Bell Bags)
Should You Use the Drop-Off Box?
Wish on a Shooting Star to Get Star Fragments
Infinite Tarantula Island - How to Get or Create It
How to Get Rid of Cockroaches | Catching Cockroaches
Lost Items | “What Was This Again?”
How to Customize Your Furniture, Phone, and Tools
Explanation of Modes
How to Play with Friends (Multiplayer)
Do You Have to Pay for Online? (How to Play Online)
When Does NookLink Come Out?
Nook Stop Explained
List of amiibos and Compatibility
How to Use Island Designer App
List of NookPhone Apps and How to Unlock Them
How to Use the Camera
How to Use and Erase Face Paint
How to Change the Island Tune
How to Add Best Friends
How to Use the Rescue Service
How to Unlock Reactions
System Info
System Requirements and Useful Peripherals
How to Delete Save Data and Transfer Your Island
How to Add or Delete Players
Update Information & How to Update
How to Pre-Load (Download before Release)
The Language Setting
Can You Transfer Data from Pocket Camp?

Animal Crossing New Horizons List of Bugs

List of Bugs Banner.png
Bug Encyclopedia

Bug Pages
How to Catch Bugs | List of Rare Bugs
Bug Prices List
Beetles.jpegBeetles Stags.jpegStags Butterflies.jpegButterflies
Dragonflies.jpegDragonflies Moths.jpegMoths Grasshoppers.jpegGrasshoppers
Crickets.jpegCrickets Mantises.jpegMantises Cicadas.jpegCicadas
Dangerous Bugs.jpegDangerous Bugs Others.jpegOthers -
Bugs by Month
January February March April
May June July August
September October November December

Animal Crossing New Horizons List of Fish

List of Fish Banner.png
Complete List of Fish

Types of Fish
How to Catch Fish Easily | Fishing Guide
Fish Prices List
Sea FishSea Fish River FishRiver Fish Pond FishPond Fish
Fish by Month
January February March April
May June July August
September October November December

Animal Crossing New Horizons List of Flowers

List of Flowers Banner.png
List of Flowers

Flower Related Links
Cross Pollination and How to Make Hybrid Flowers
WindflowerWindflowers RoseRoses HyacinthHyacinths
MumMums LiliesLilies Red TulipTulips
Pansy.pngPansies Cosmoses.pngCosmoses -

Animal Crossing New Horizons List of Tools

Tools Banner.png

List of Tools

All Tools
Axe.pngAxes Fishing Rods.pngFishing Rods net.pngNets
Shovels.pngShovels Slingshots.pngSlingshots Watering Cans.pngWatering Cans
Vaulting Pole.pngVaulting Pole Ladder.pngLadder Other.pngOther Items

Animal Crossing New Horizons List of Materials

DIY Materials 01.png
List of Materials

How to Get Materials
clay.pngClay Clump of Weed.pngClump of Weed Tree  Branch.pngTree Branch
Hardwood.pngHardwood Wood.pngWood Softwood.pngSoftwood
Stone.pngStone Iron Nugget.pngIron Nugget Gold Nugget.pngGold Nugget

Animal Crossing New Horizons List of Characters

Characters Partial.png

List of Characters

Character Lists

Bob Icon.pngList of Villagers Isabelle Icon.pngSpecial Characters
New Character Icon.pngNew Characters Ducks Icon.pngStarting Villagers

Villagers by Species

Alligator Icon.png Alligators Anteaters Icon.png Anteaters Bears Icon.png Bears Birds Icon.png Birds
Bulls Icon.png Bulls Cats Icon.png Cats Chickens Icon.png Chickens Cows Icon.png Cows
Cubs Icon.png Cubs Deer Icon.png Deer Dogs Icon.png Dogs Ducks Icon.png Ducks
Eagles Icon.png Eagles Elephants Icon.png Elephants Frogs Icon.png Frogs Goats Icon.png Goats
Gorillas Icon.png Gorillas Hamsters Icon.png Hamsters Hippos Icon.png Hippos Horses Icon.png Horses
Kangaroos Icon.png Kangaroos Koalas Icon.png Koalas Lions Icon.png Lions Monkeys Icon.png Monkeys
Mice Icon.png Mice Octopuses Icon.png Octopuses Ostriches Icon.png Ostriches Penguins Icon.png Penguins
Pigs Icon.png Pigs Rabbits Icon.png Rabbits Rhinos Icon.png Rhinos Sheep Icon.png Sheep
Squirrels Icon.png Squirrels Tiger Icon.png Tiger Wolves Icon.png Wolves

Villagers by Initial Letter

S T U V W X Y Z -

Animal Crossing New Horizons List of Events

List of Events Banner 01.png
List of Events

Events by Month
March To-Do and Events BannerMarch To-Do List & Events April To-Do and Events BannerApril To-Do List & Events
Special Character Events
KK Slider and Song RequestsKK Slider and Song Requests Daisy MaeDaisy Mae's Turnip Guide
Helping Gulliver the SeagullHelping Gulliver
the Seagull
How to Find Wisp the GhostHow to Find Wisp the Ghost's Spirits
C.J.C.J.'s Fishing Tourney Dates and Prizes FlickFlick's Bug-Off Dates and Prizes Guide
SaharahSaharah's Rugs, Wallpaper and Flooring How to Find Celeste and All DIY RecipesHow to Find Celeste and All DIY Recipes
LabelLabel's Fashion Challenge Themes & Rewards How to Unlock Kicks StoreHow to Unlock Kicks Store
Where to Find Mabel.pngWhy Isn't Mabel Showing Up?
Time Limited Events
Bunny Day Event Info and Rewards.pngBunny Day Event Info and Rewards Nature Day Event InfoNature Day Event

Animal Crossing New Horizons Custom and Pro Designs

Custom Designs.png
How to Use the Custom Design Pro Editor

Hand Picked Custom Designs

List of Custom Designs
custom designs - clothes partial.pngClothes custom designs - ground partial.pngGround and Floor

Share Your Own Designs!

QR Code Sharing
Custom Design Share (86)

Custom Design Help

Other Custom Design Guides
How to Share Custom Designs Online

Animal Crossing New Horizons Database


Database Information
How to Get DIY Crafting Recipes | List of Recipes
List of Fossils
List of Furniture
Shops and Facilities

Animal Crossing New Horizons Message Boards

Message Boards.png

Message Boards

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Forum
List of Message Boards
Discussion Board (771) Friend Request Board (183)
Review Board (2) Custom Design Share (86)
Recipe & Fruit Trading (6527) House Design Share (18)
Memes Board (50) Island Tune Share (21)
Easter Egg and Bunny Day Recipe Trading (20) Turnip Price Trading Board (9)

Animal Crossing New Horizons News

Pre-Release Info
List of Pre-Order Bundles.pngPre-Order Bonuses Demo Version Information.pngDemo Information
System Requirements.pngSystem Requirements Switch GiveawayACNH Edition Switch Giveaways
Animal Crossing Direct Highlights.pngNintendo Direct List of New FeaturesNew Features

What Kind of Game is Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Product Information and Official Site

Animal Crossing Case
Release Date March 30, 2020
Price $59.99 + Tax
Developer Nintendo
Genre Simulation, Casual, Slice of Life
Supported Languages English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Russian, Dutch
Number of Players Online: 1 to 4 Players
Local Play: 1 to 8 Players
Online Play: 1 to 8 Players
Japanese Title あつまれ どうぶつの森 (Atsumare Doubutsu no Mori)
Official Site Animal Crossing Offical Site
Official Twitter Animal Crossing Offical Twitter

Enjoy life on a deserted island

Deserted Island.png

Unlike other games in the Animal Crossing series, this time your new living space will be set on a deserted island. Arrive through the skies and make dozens of new friends in this new distant home!

Build your own tools and furniture!

Part of moving to a deserted island includes making lots of DIY tools and furniture. For the first time ever, enjoy crafting your own household items and tools that will make your lifestyle much easier.

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