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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - How to Design Vacation Homes in Happy Home Paradise

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC lets us assist the Resort Developer, Paradise Planning to help clients bring their dreams to reality in the form of a vacation home.

Get creative with the amount of customizable features you can play with and design the dream lifestyles for the different clients you'll meet with our guide below!

How to Design Vacation Homes

ACNH - Designing Cole
Tons of characters with countless dreams come from all over the globe to visit the Paradise Planning Office since the Paradise Planning vision is all about helping clients get their dream vacation homes!

Steps Directions
1 Talk to the Client.
2 Select an Island
3 Design the Vacation Home
4 Client Satisfaction!

1. Talk to the Client

ACNH -  A client talks about their dream home of a bountiful bear bungalow

Talk to the client you want to help build a vacation home for! Find out the type of furniture they want or what kind of vibe they want to go for in their personalized dream house.

Two Villagers can Share a Dream Home

ACNH -  Two Villagers about to share a dream vacation home

With your advice, 2 clients can share a vacation home with each other. Let's hope they enjoy sharing paradise with one another!

How to Make Villagers Share Rooms

2. Select an Island

ACNH - Selecting an island for a client

After finding out the necessary details from your client about their dream house and how they envision it, it's time to select an island that fits the description!

3. Start Designing the Vacation Home

ACNH - Decorating the interior of a vacation home

Once you select the island fitting for the client's innermost desires, head on over to the island and take a tour of the vacation home.

You can decorate the interior and exterior of each vacation home, so let your imagination run wild! Don't forget to place the requested furniture of the client!

4. Client Satisfaction!

ACNH - A client is satisfied with Vacation Home

After designing your client's vacation home, let them tell you how much they love what you've done to bring their dreams to reality!

Obtain a present from the client

If you have spent 20 minutes or more decorating a client's vacation home, they will comment on how you spent "quite some time" doing so. Talking to them immediately after completing their house lets you obtain the flooring that you used as a reward.

New Decoration Features

ACNH - Vacation Home with new decoration features

The more you design dream vacation homes for your clients, the more you'll acquire various design techniques to mess around and play with.

List of New Design Skills

Design Skills
ACNH Check Mark Room Resizing
ACNH Check Mark Partition Walls
ACNH Check Mark Counters
ACNH Check Mark Pillars
ACNH Check Mark Lighting
ACNH Check Mark Soundscapes
ACNH Check Mark Polishing

We've listed down all the currently known design techniques you can acquire from the HHP DLC, so check out how to unlock and use all of them!
List of Design Skills

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