How to Catch a Wasp (Bee) Easily | ACNH - Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)

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This guide will show you where wasps (bees) appear, as well as the best methods for catching them in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to catch wasps and avoid getting stung!

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Where Do Wasps Appear?

Appears Year Round

Northern Hemisphere

January February March April
Any time Any time Any time Any time
May June July August
Any time Any time Any time Any time
September October November December
Any time Any time Any time Any time

Southern Hemisphere

January February March April
Any time Any time Any time Any time
May June July August
Any time Any time Any time Any time
September October November December
Any time Any time Any time Any time

When you shake trees, a wasp nest might fall!

ACNH - Wasp Nest Falls

Items can fall from shaking trees, and one of them is a wasp nest. Once a wasp nest falls to the ground, a swarm of wasps will spawn and it will chase you until you get stung, or you catch them.

In addition to shaking manually, sometimes wasp nests will fall from trees after you strike the tree with an axe, so always never let your guard down!

What Happens When Wasps Sting You?

Your face swells when stung

ACNH - Stung by Wasps

If you do not get away fast, the wasps will reach you and sting you, giving you a swollen eye.

You can fix this by purchasing Medicine available in the Resident Services.

How to Get Rid of a Bee Sting

You will faint if you get stung twice!

If you haven't fixed yourself up with Medicine, and get stung by wasps for the second time, your character will faint and you will respawn by the doorstep of your house.

Get Nook Miles

Getting stung twice and fainting will unlock the Taking the Sting Out Nook Mileage activity.

Taking the Sting Out
Activity Summary Miles Titles
Get stung by wasps twice and faint. 300 Teary-Eyed/Crybaby

How to Catch a Wasp

Have a Net ready!

ACNH - Catching a Wasp

Hold a net before shaking a tree. When the nest falls, your character will turn to face the wasps automatically. You will already be ready to make the catch, so all you need to do to catch it with your net is press the A button.

You could easily get stung if you do this incorrectly, so be careful.

What if you are caught off guard?

Sometimes you will encounter a wasp unintentionally, such as when shaking a tree or when hitting it with an axe. When this happens, simply run to a safe distance, then open your inventory, equip the net, turn around, and swing it with A. For help with this method, see the video section below.

Catching a Wasp (Video Walkthrough)

Check out the following video if you are still having trouble catching a wasp.

How to Escape Wasps

Escape Inside

Although wasps move faster than you, you can escape wasps by running to a nearby building. If you enter successfully, they will stop chasing you and disappear.

What Should You Do With the Wasp?

  • Donate to Blathers at the Museum
  • Sell for 2500 Bells
  • Use for Display

Donate to Blathers at the Museum

Nintendo Direct - Museum Bugs

We recommend donating bugs you catch for the first time to the Museum. It will be worth it in the long run, as this is one of the harder bugs to obtain and you will be able to get one step closer to completing your bug collection.

Sell for 2500 Bells

ACNH - Selling Wasp

You can sell a wasp for 2500 Bells at Nook's Cranny. If you are short on Bells, this is one way to earn fast.
How to Get Bells (Money) Fast

Keep it as a pet

You can also take out the wasp as a decoration. It will be in a glass cage for you to see. You can place it inside your house, or even outside! It is up to you to decorate.

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