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This is a guide on how to unlock Jolly Redd, the art dealer, and where to find his ship in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Read on to learn about art forgery, and how you can spot when a painting or a statue is fake.

What to Do if Redd is Not Appearing on Your Island

Link Your Nintendo Account

"... To participate in this event, players will need to download the latest game update and have a Nintendo Account linked to their user profile."
Source: Animal Crossing Twitter

Similar to the Bunny Day event, you might need to link a Nintendo Account to your profile to trigger the event. Also, make sure that your game is up to date!

Match Your Switch System to Current Time

Switch Time and Date
You have to download the next update which contains the data for Art Gallery section for the Museum, and Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawler.

Talk to Blathers

If you already have the V1.2 update, you need to talk to Blathers to trigger the Art Gallery conversation. After doing so, follow the steps below.

How to Unlock Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawler

1 Talk to Blathers at the Museum.
2 Isabelle will announce a suspiscious visitor the next day.
3 Look for Redd and buy an artwork.
4 Donate the work of art at the Museum.
5 Talk to Redd on the day the Museum has upgraded.

V1.2 update is required to unlock this feature.

1. Talk to Blathers about Art

Adding works of art to the Museum.jpg
After making 60 donations to the Museum, of any combination of Fish, Bugs, and Fossils, Blathers will tell you that he'd like the Museum to be expanded to showcase works of art.

You might need to talk to him twice if you've met the requirements but Blathers doesn't mention art when you talk to him the first time. After he does, you'll be able to donate artworks to him.

2. Isabelle Mentions a Suspicious Visitor

In her daily broadcast, Isabelle will announce that a "suspicious character" is visiting the island.

If you see this announcement, Redd will be standing somewhere on your island. You won't be able to enter his boat, you need to find him and talk to him!

3. Look for Redd and Buy an Artwork

Redd sells a painting.jpg
Once you find and talk to Redd, he will offer to sell you a piece of art.

At first, he will sell it to you at a ridiculous price, but keep talking to him to get a Cousin's Discount, lowering the price to 4,980 Bells.

4. Donate the Work of Art at the Museum

Donate artwork.jpg
You can donate the bought artwork to Blathers at the Museum.

At this point, the Blathers will apply for an expansion of the Museum to have the Art Gallery added. The expansion will take 2 days.

5. Talk to Redd on the Day the Museum has Upgraded

Redd sets up the trawler.jpg
It will be announced that the Museum has expanded to have an Art Gallery. You will also be warned of fake artwork circulating.

Find Redd so he can invite you to his Treasure Trawler at the back of your island to finally fully gain access to the Art trade.

Where to Find Jolly Redd

Walking Around Your Island

Jolly Redd invitation.jpg
The first few times you meet Jolly Redd, he will be walking around your island. After donating an artwork to the Museum and talking to him again, he will tell you where he can be found, and you can now start visiting him in his Treasure Trawler.

Visits Once a Week on the Secret Beach

Redd's Treasure Trawler can be found at the Secret Beach in the back of your island, so make sure you've made it accessible with stairs or terraforming! He will visit once a week, so always check his wares when you have the chance!

How to Build Slopes, Stairs, and Inclines

List of All Works of Art and Forgeries

works of art header.png
See the list of all paintings and statues in New Horizons, and how to spot fake art.
Art Guide | Complete List of Artworks and Fakes

How to Spot Fake Art

Inspect Art Up Close Before Buying

fake painting.jpg
You can inspect the art pieces available up close at his Treasure Trawler before buying, so you'll need to train your eye to spot authentic art from forgeries! Art sold here are based on artworks from real life, so you can look up the original work of art before buying!

Lloid.jpgGame8 Strategy Team The artwork above is based on "Rooster and Hen with Hydrangeas" by Ito Jakuchu. It looks exactly like this except that the real painting has blue flowers instead of red, so this artwork is fake.

Compare the Authentic and Fake Art Differences

Mona Lisa.png

The fake painting has the eyebrows raised.

Not all pieces that Redd sells are authentic, so it is important to know if it matches the original work in real life.

Try to Donate or Sell the Work of Art

You will know when an artwork is fake when you try to donate it to Blathers at the Museum, or if you sell it at Nook's Cranny.

What Can You Do at Jolly Red's Treasure Trawler?

Buy Works of Art

Treasure Trawler 1 Art Per Day.jpg
A place managed by Redd, a sly fox making his return to New Horizons. He'll be selling Works of Art, and will, of course, have no qualms about selling fakes to his cousins, business as usual!

You can buy 1 piece of artwork per visit!

Choose which artwork to buy carefully, or if you have other players on the island, you can have them buy artworks on the day of the visit too.

Donate Works of Art to the Museum

Donate art to museum.jpg
You can donate authentic artworks to Blathers at the Museum to be displayed at the Art Gallery. There are paintings, statues, and sculptures to collect, so keep visiting Redd!

Buy Furniture

Furniture at Jolly Redd
Redd also sells furniture of rare colors that are not found at Nook's Cranny. It is also possible that exclusive furniture will be available here in the future.

There were exclusive items in the past games

In the past Animal Crossing games, there were items you could get only through purchasing it from Redd. We predict that there will be exclusive items in New Horizons as well.

When will Jolly Redd Be Available?

Available on the V1.2 Update

April Update and Events header.png
Jolly Redd will become available on the V1.2 update which includes the Nature Day event.
How to Update and Update Patch Notes

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4 Anonymousabout 1 month

The True Moody painting, based on "The Sower".

3 Anonymousabout 1 month

This is the Fake Famous painting (Based on Mona Lisa), with smug eyebrows.


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