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You can maximize your daily profit with Money Bags (Bell Bags) found in the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH).

Find out how you can make maximize Money Bags with glowing holes and other things you can do with your Money Bags!

How to Make Money Bags

Available Any Time from Your Pockets

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You can create Money Bags any time by moving the cursor to the Money Bag Icon on the Menu.

When you press A with your cursor on the icon, you can select an amount of Bells to change into a Money Bag.

Note: You can turn any unit of bells into an item in your inventory, though units less than 1000 Bells are turned into Coins instead.

ACNH - 100 Bells 100 Bells ACNH - 1000 Bells1000 Bells

The maximum number of Money Bags is 99, for a maximum of 99,000 Bells. After that, you can't make any more money bags.

What to Do with Money Bags

Plant a Money Tree

ACNH - Money Bags - Bell Tree

Every day, a Glowing Spot will appear somewhere on your island, which you can dig up to collect 1,000 Bells.

In addition, you can plant a Money Bag in the glowing hole to make a Money Tree, which will yield three Money Bags equivalent to the planted amount.

Although placing the 1,000 Bell bag found in the hole is fine, it's a lot more profitable to plant huge amounts of Bells to maximize profit from a single Money Tree.

How to Grow Money Trees

Send Them to other Villagers

ACNH - Bell Bags - Send in a Letter.png

If you're the generous type, you can send presents to the other island residents, including Money Bags.

When you meet them again later, they'll comment on your present, and might even give you a present in return!

How to Send Letters and Postcards

Give Them to Other Players

When you visit another player on their island, you can give them some Bells in a Money Bag.

This is highly convenient for Online trading, as it allows players to set Bells as a condition for a trade. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any way to trade Miles at this time.

Recipe and Fruit Trading Board

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