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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - How to Find Pascal

Dive into the ocean with Pascal! The philos-otter's here to trade Mermaid items and recipes and Pearls for Scallops. Learn everything you need to know about Pascal with our guide!

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How to Find Pascal

ACNH - Pascal delivers some words of wisdom

1  Dive into the ocean.
2  Catch a scallop.
3  Pascal appears!

1. Dive into the Ocean

ACNH - A player jumps from the pier into the ocean by pressing A

Equip your wet suit and dive into the ocean by pressing the A button.

Swimming and Diving - How to Swim and Dive

2. Catch a Scallop

ACNH - A resident saying I got a scallop! with Pascal in background

While diving into the ocean, there's a chance for you to catch a Scallop. Pascal won't appear otherwise!

3. Pascal Appears!

ACNH - A resident comes across Pascal while swimming

After catching a scallop, Pascal will appear and ask to trade with you for the scallop!

Pascal's Visit Schedule

ACNH - Pascal Wise Sayings and Quotes

Date & Time Anytime
Location In the ocean

Pascal is a special character who shows up the first time you catch scallops for the day.

Reminder that Pascal only shows up once per day per player character, so if you have another character on the island, you can use them to get more DIY recipes or pearls!

Why Isn't Pascal Showing Up? (Troubleshooting)

ACNH - Summer Update #1

Pascal is tied to the Summer Update Wave 1. Make sure that your game is updated to that version or later!

While he generally appears when you catch your first scallop of the day, he won't show up if your pockets are full and have to swap out your catch!

What You Can Get From Pascal

After appearing, Pascal will ask you for the Scallop you found. If you agree to trade, Pascal will give you items!

Mermaid DIY Recipes

ACNH - Pascal giving Mermaid DIY Recipes

Trade with Pascal every chance you get to complete your Mermaid Series Furniture collection!

Mermaid Set Items & Recipes


ACNH - Pascal trades Pearls for Scallops

Pearls are required to craft Mermaid items. They can be found on the ocean floor by diving, though they're very rare. Pascal also offers to give you Pearls in exchange for Scallops.

How to Get Pearls Fast

Nuggets of Wisdom

ACNH - Pascal Quotes

Pascal will often leave you a nugget of wisdom to think and ponder about after interacting with him leaving you more baffled than you were before you met the enlightened otter.

Who is Pascal?

About Pascal

JP: ラコスケ  • FR: Pascal • SP: Pascal
Type Special Character
Birthday July 19
First Appearance Animal Crossing: Wild World

Pascal is a red otter who was first introduced in Animal Crossing: Wild World. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, he shows up every time you catch a scallop to trade Mermaid items and pearls with you!

Did You Know

  • If you follow Pascal after giving him your Scallop, you can see him try to crack it with his shell necklace.
  • Pascal can be very wise. Often, he'll give you some lines of truth after trading with him.
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