NookLink Features and Release Date | ACNH - Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)

ACNH - NookLink Features and Release Date
Learn about NookLink, the new smartphone app for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Learn how to import designs from previous Animal Crossing games, and how to chat with your friends!

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What is NookLink?

ACNH - NookLink
NookLink is the web service inside the Nintendo Switch Online app for use with Animal Crossing New Horizons.

It allows you to do several things, such as downloading designs from past Animal Crossing games, and chatting with your friends in the game!

NookLink Features

Scan Designs from Past Games

Supported Games
Animal Crossing New Leaf & Happy Home Designer
Animal Crossing New Leaf Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer

Scan QR Code

ACNH - NookLink Scanned Pro Design
Using the camera function of your smartphone, you can scan QR Code patterns of custom designs from the Animal Crossing games, New Leaf and Happy Home Designer.

You can then download the designs through NookLink.
How to Scan QR Codes

Use Your Smartphone for Chatting

Connect online and use your smartphone to chat with your friends in-game.

Nintendo Switch Online Chat.pngEnlarge Keyboard Function
Use your phone's keyboard to type in your message and send them to the game.
Nintendo Switch Online Voice Chat.pngEnlarge Voice Chat Function
For a hands-free experience, you can also use your phone's microphone to voice chat with your friends!

View Recent Dreams

ACNH - Recent Dreams

Starting in early October 2020, NookLink allows you to see a list of recent dreams you have visited. To view this feature, select Passport and tap Recent Dreams.

How to Visit Dream Islands (Dream Towns)

Use Reactions

ACNH - Halloween Update - Nook Link Update

From early October 2020, the NookLink App has been updated with a Reactions feature, allowing you to quickly send reactions to friends and people you are trading with online! With its ease of accessing Reactions, the NookLink app is perfect for all the ACNH streamers out there!

You can access it through Keyboards and pressing the pink flower icon.

NookLink Reaction PageEnlarge NookLink Reaction PageEnlarge

Full Reactions List

Use the Catalog

ACNH - NookLink CatalogEnlarge ACNH - NookLink Catalog CriteriaEnlarge

From late November 2020, the NookLink App has been updated with the Catalog feature. This allows you to browse and view the items that you have gotten so far. There is no way to look up items you're missing, unfortunately!

You can see the following info for the items you do have in your catalog:

ACNH Checkmark Color Variations
ACNH Checkmark Category
ACNH Checkmark Cost
ACNH Checkmark Value
ACNH Checkmark Customize

Search option available

ACNH - NookLink Catalog Search Options
Like the in-game catalog, you can also search through your items. You can search by Name, where you type out words or letters to help you find something quickly, but this requires that you know the name.

If you don't, you can search by Criteria instead. The available search criteria are Category, Color, Orderable via Catalog, Customize, Cost, and Size. For some reason, you can search for information that isn't listed on the catalog pages themselves, such as Color and Size.

Add Favorite Items

ACNH - NookLink Favorites Help ScreenEnlarge ACNH - NookLink Favorites ListEnlarge

The Favorites list lets you add up to 100 items that you have on the catalog.

On the Details screen, tap the star mark on the top right corner to add an item to the list.

View the 20 most Recent Items

ACNH - NookLink 20 Recent ItemsEnlarge ACNH - NookLink 20 Recent ItemsEnlarge

You can also view the last 20 items you received, so you can keep track of your purchases and event items.

Earn Nook Points

ACNH - Nook Points

Nook Points are a daily reward for using NookLink. Save up those points and exchange them for exclusive items that you can send over to your game!

NookLink Release Date

Available on March 21, 2020

ACNH - NookLink Release Date
NookLink is now available for download as of March 21, 2020.

Requires the Nintendo Switch Online App

ACNH - Nintendo Switch Online App
To use NookLink, you need to have the Nintendo Switch Online app installed on your smartphone. This requires a Nintendo Account, and a Nintendo Switch Online Membership.

How to Get NookLink

1 Install the Nintendo Switch Online app on your smartphone.
2 Log in your Nintendo Account.
3 Select Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the game-specific services.

Get the Nintendo Switch Online App for Your Smartphone

ACNH - Nintendo Switch Online App Cropped.png

To connect NookLink to your Animal Crossing game, you must have the Nintendo Switch Online app installed on your smartphone.

Apple users can get it on the App Store, and Android phone users can get it on Google Play.

Download Nintendo Switch Online
IOS App Store App Store Android Google Play Google Play

Log in Your Nintendo Account

ACNH - Nintendo Switch Online App Log-In
After the installation is complete, open the app and log in your Nintendo Account that is logged into your Nintendo Switch.

Select Animal Crossing: New Horizons

ACNH - Game Specific Services Screen

From Game-Specific Services, select Animal Crossing: New Horizons to use NookLink!

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