How to Make the Campsite and How to Use an amiibo | ACNH - Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)

ACNH - How to Make the Campsite and How to Use an amiibo

This is a guide to unlocking and making the Campsite in the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch. Learn what you need to do to make the Campsite, what you can do at a Campsite and how to use an amiibo to bring a Villager to the Campsite.

How to Make the Campsite

Instructions for Making the Campsite

  1. Upgrade Resident Services
  2. Ask Tom Nook What should I do?
  3. Get the Campground Campsite Kit
  4. Choose the location for the Campsite
  5. Complete the Campsite and let one day pass

Prerequisite: Upgrade Resident Services


To make a Campsite, you'll need to have upgraded Resident Services first. Upgrading Resident Services will take some time, but be sure to complete this step first.
How to Upgrade Resident Services

Make a Campsite Construction Kit

Campsite kit

After upgrading Resident Services, talk to Tom Nook and ask What should I do?. He'll give you the DIY Recipe for a Campsite Construction Kit, so craft it right away.

Materials Needed for Campsite Construction Kit

Material # Required
Wood 15
Softwood 15
Hardwood 15
Iron Nuggets 15

If you're having trouble finding Iron Nuggets, try checking our guide below.
How to Get Iron Nuggets Fast

Choose Where to Put the Campsite

campsite location

Choose where to put your Campsite. After you've laid the plot, wait for one day to pass and your Campsite will be complete

How to Use an amiibo at the Campsite

Use an amiibo to Add New Villagers


By using an amiibo with the Nook Stop in Resident Services, you can call a Villager to come to the Campsite. Then, you'll be able to invite that Villager to come and live on your Island.
List of amiibos and Compatibility

What You Can Do at the Campsite

Get a Housing Kit from Tom Nook


If you invite a visitor at the Campsite to live on your Island and then talk to Tom Nook, he will give you a Housing Kit. You will need to pay 10,000 Bells to place this house somewhere on the Island. When the new Villager moves in, you will receive 1,000 Miles as a reward for finding a new Villager.

Invite new Villagers to your Island

Occasionally, visitors will come to stay at your campsite. If you have less than the maximum number of Villagers (8 total), you'll be able to invite these visitors to become Villagers on your Island. Be sure to add a Villager when you find someone who suits your island's style!

Tips and Tricks When Getting Villagers Using the Campsite

  • Villagers whose species are different than the ones on your island are more likely to visit.
  • There are no Campsite visitors during events.
  • Visitors can still come to the Campsite even if you have 10 villagers at max.
  • If you reach max number of villagers, and you invite a random visitor, your most recent villager will be swapped out.
  • If you reach max number of villagers, and you invite via amiibo, you can swap out a villager of your choice.

Villagers with Different Species are More Likely to Visit

ACNH - Raymond greets the resident in the campsite

If you want to get a specific villager, it is better to have villagers different than that species, or just use an amiibo instead.

There are No Campers During Events

ACNH - Isabelle announces the duration of the Fishing Tourney
Visitors will not come to the Campsite on the day of events such as Bunny Day, or Fishing Tourneys.

Campers Can Still Come Even if You Have 10 Villagers

ACNH - Isabelle announces that there
Even if you have the max number of villagers, visitors can come to the Campsite, although rarely, so you do not need to kick out villagers in advance.

Random Campers will be Swapped with Your Recent Villager

ACNH - Chrissy asks to talk to Diva
If you have 10 residents and invite a random Campsite visitor to live on your island, they will replace your most recent villager or the last villager who wanted to move out.

Campsite Visitors Invited via amiibo will be Swapped with Your Chosen Villager

Choose villager to swap with
If you have 10 residents and invite a Campsite visitor using an amiibo, you can choose the villager to be replaced by the new one.

How to Win the Camper's Card Game

ACNH - Lucky telling the resident they

The cards are always random

Campsite visitors will determine via a card game whether or not to move to your island. Don't worry if you lose! Just keep talking to the camper to try again and again!

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