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This is a list of all DIY and purchasable items that can be customized with Custom Designs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Take customization to the next level with your own designs!

How to Customize Items with Custom Designs

Not All Items Have the Custom Design Option

Unlike the usual customization, not all items have the Custom Design option. If you would like to learn more about customization, check out our guide!
How to Customize Your Furniture, Phone, and Tools

Steps to Customize Items with Custom Designs

1 Use a workbench and select Customize something.
2 Choose the Custom Design option and select your design.
3 The item will update its appearance if you change the custom design.

1. Use a Workbench and "Select Customize Something"

Customize something using the workbench.jpg
With customization kits and the item at hand, choose to "Customize something" at the workbench. Select the item to customize.

2. Choose the Custom Design Option and Select from Your Designs

Customize item with custom design.jpg
Select the Custom Design option and choose from your designs.

3. The Item's Appearance will Update if You Change the Custom Design

Custom-designed item placed on ground.jpg
If you change the custom design, it will be reflected in the items that have that design.

The Leaf Color Changes to Yellow Green

Custom-designed item changes to yellow green.jpg
When an item has a custom design, the item icon, which is a leaf, turns to yellow-green! It's one way to distinguish regular items from custom-designed items.

You Cannot Drop Items with Custom Design

Custom-designed items cannot be dropped.jpg
Items with custom designs can only be placed down, or put in storage. You cannot drop them on the ground like you could with regular items.

List of Items Customizable with Custom Design

List of DIY Items Customizable with Custom Design

This list is still under construction. Check back soon for updates!

DIY Items Customizable with Custom Design
Log Garden Lounge ImageLog Garden Lounge Log Dining Table ImageLog Dining Table Wooden Simple Bed ImageWooden Simple Bed Wooden Mini Table ImageWooden Mini Table
Clothesline ImageClothesline Stall ImageStall Plain Wooden Shop Sign ImagePlain Wooden Shop Sign -

List of Shop Furniture Customizable with Custom Design

This list is still under construction. Check back soon for updates!

Shop Furniture Customizable with Custom Design
DJDJ's Turntable Outdoor bench.jpgOutdoor Bench Currently UnavailableOutdoor Table Currently Unavailable Hammock
Paper lantern.jpgPaper Lantern Kimono stand.jpgKimono Stand Currently Unavailable Ironing Set Wheelchair.jpgWheelchair
Simple panel.jpgSimple Panel Cushion.jpgCushion Futon.jpgFuton Loft bed with desk.jpgLoft Bed with Desk
Mug.jpgMug Clothesline pole.jpgClothesline Pole Retro gas pump.jpgRetro Gas Pump Baby bear.jpgBaby Bear
Currently Unavailable Mama Bear Currently Unavailable Papa Bear Rock Guitar.pngRock Guitar Currently UnavailableBaby Chair
Drum Set.pngDrum Set Currently UnavailableUpright Locker Currently UnavailableDirector's Chair -

Furniture under investigation

Currently Unavailable Beach Towel Currently Unavailable Poolside Bed Currently Unavailable Kotatsu -

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List of Items Customizable with Custom Designs
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