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This is a list of shops and facilities found in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for the Nintendo Switch. Here you can find out what you can do at each building on in your island, as well as how to unlock them. Read on to learn more!

How to Unlock Shops and Facilities

Unlock Conditions

Facility Unlock Conditions
Resident Services Renovated.pngResident Services Unlocked from the beginning.
Upgraded Resident Services:
1. Harvey visits.
2. Make a Wooden Dresser.
3. Resident Services will be upgraded the next day.
Airport3.pngAirport Unlocked from the 2nd day.
Museum.jpgMuseum 1. Give Tom Nook 5 creatures.
2. Find a place to put Blather's tent.
3. Give Blather's 15 additional creatures.
4. After a day of contruction work, the museum will open.
Art Gallery Upgrade:

V1.2 update is required.

1. Talk to Blathers after donating at least 60 creatures to the Museum.
2. Isabelle will announce a suspiscious visitor the next day. 3. Look for Redd and buy an artwork. 4. Donate the work of art to the Museum. 5. The Museum will be renovated and re-open with the Art Gallery added 2 days later.
Upgraded NookNook's Cranny 1. After upgrading your tent to a house, head to Resident Services.
2. There will be an event with Timmy and Tommy.
3. Collect the needed materials.
4. Find a place to build the shop.
Second Upgrade:

Upgraded Resident Services required.

1. Spend 50,00 Bells and sell items worth 50,000 Bells at the shop.
2. The shop must be open for at least 30 days.
3. Loan payment is most likely a requirement.
Nintendo Direct - Able SistersAble Sisters

Nook's Cranny is required.

1. Talk to Mable at Nook's Cranny
2. Mable will start occassionally visiting your island.
3. Buy lots of clothing items from her
4. The next time she appears, she will give you a Tailor Shop Kit
5. After two days, the Able Sisters Tailor Shop will be open for business
Nintendo Direct - CampsiteCampsite Ask Tom Nook what to do after Resident Services has been updated.

Unlock conditions will be updated as more information is confirmed.

List of Shops and Facility Buildings

All Facility Buildings
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Resident Services

Resident Services Appearance
Resident Servies OutsideEnlarge Ouside Resident Servies InsideEnlarge Inside
Upgraded Resident Servies OutsideEnlarge Outside (Upgraded) Upgraded Resident Servies InsideEnlarge Inside (Upgraded)
What can you do there?
  • Craft items at the DIY workbench
  • Sell items
  • Purchase items from Nook Co.
  • Use the ATM
  • Pay your loans back

After upgrading:
  • Construction needs - Building briges and inclines, moving buildings
  • Evaluate the Island
  • Change Island Tune and Flag
  • Consult about island residents
  • Call an amiibo (via Nook Stop)

Resident Services is a facility that is unlocked from the very start, and will be very vital as you play. Here you can use the workbench to build various tools, sell items, and pay back your loan.

After upgrading, you will also be able to change the island tune and flag, as well as create construction projects such as bridges and inclines!

What You Can Do at Resident Services and How to Upgrade


Airport Appearance
Airport OusideOutside Airport InsideInside

Your airport color can be green, blue, orange, or yellow!

What can you do there?

The airport will be used when connecting with other players, as well as when you want to go on an island tour. In order to play with your friends via internet, you will need a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

You can also visit Harvey's Island and take fun photos using amiibos and Photopia!

How to Unlock the Airport


Museum Appearance
Starting Museum.pngEnlarge Ouside (Tent) Museum OutsideEnlarge Ouside (First Upgrade) ACNH - Museum Second upgrade.jpegEnlarge Ouside (Second Upgrade)
Museum Inside (Bugs)Enlarge Inside (Bugs) Museum Inside (Fish)Enlarge Inside (Fish)
Museum Inside (Fossils)Enlarge Inside (Fossils) art gallery.jpgEnlarge Inside (Art Gallery)
What can you do there?
  • Identify fossils
  • Donate bugs
  • Donate fish
  • Donate fossils
  • Donate works of art (V1.2 update required)

The Museum is a facility where you can become a patron by donating fish, bugs, and fossils.

Staring the V1.2 update, you can now start collecting works of art to donate to the Art Gallery section in the Museum.
How to Unlock and Upgrade the Museum

Nook's Cranny

Nook's Cranny Appearance
Nookling Store OutsideEnlarge Outside Nookling Store InsideEnlarge Inside
Upgraded NookEnlarge Outside (Upgraded) Turnip prices at Nooks Cranny.jpgEnlarge Inside (Upgraded)
What can you do there?
  • Buy items
  • Sell items
  • Ask turnip prices

After upgrading:

Nook's Cranny store is a place where you can both buy and sell various kinds of items such as furniture, tree saplings, and wallpapers and flooring. Each day there is a rotation of a selection of items. Once upgrading, more items will be displayed for you to buy.

How to Unlock Nook's Cranny and Upgrade It

Tailor (Able Sisters)

Able Sisters Appearance
Tailor Shop OutsideEnlarge Outside Tailor Shop InsideEnlarge Inside
What can you do there?
  • Purchase clothing and use the changing room
  • Collect patterns for item customization
  • Use the Custom Designs Portal to save and share designs online (Nintendo Switch Online membership required)

There are a lot of clothing variations you can buy at Able Sisters, and you can use the changing room to purchase multiple items at once! The Custom Designs Portal also allows you to share your work online!

Also, try to talk to Sable each day to get closer to her and you'll receive rewards from her in return!
How to Unlock the Able Sisters Tailor Shop


Campsite Appearance
Campsite OusideEnlarge Outside Campsite InsideEnlarge Inside
What can you do there?
  • Chat with various visitors
  • Invite a camper through amiibos
  • Persuade new villagers to move in

The campsite is a place where visitors can stay, and you can persuade them into moving into your island. If you have amiibos, this is the perfect time to use them!

How to Make the Campsite and How to Use an amiibo

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