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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - How to Use the Rescue Service App

To use the Rescue Service app in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), open your NookPhone, pay up to 100 Nook Miles, and select a place to land in. To learn more about Rescue Service and when you might need it, be sure to read our guide!

What is the Rescue Service?

Transport to a Safe Place

ACNH - A player reaches the Rescue Service hotline
The Rescue Service is an app that connects you to an operator, and you can get teleported to a place of your choice in exchange for 100 Nook Miles.

Available from the Start of the Game

ACNH - Tom Nook gives the resident a NookPhone

Once you get your NookPhone, you will be able to gain access to the Rescue Service by selecting it from your NookPhone.

Available in All Game Modes

Whether you are playing solo, or have friends over on your island in Local or Online Play, the Rescue Service is always available to use, as long as you have the required Nook Miles.

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How to Use Rescue Service

1 Open your NookPhone and select Rescue Service.
2 Talk to the phone operator and pay up 100 Nook Miles.
3 Select a place to land in.
4 Get transported in front of the building.

1. Open Your NookPhone and Select Rescue Service

ACNH - A player opens up the NookPhone
Open your NookPhone by pressing ZL and selecting Rescue Service.

2. Call Rescue Service and Talk to the Operator

ACNH - The system asks confirmation regarding calling Rescue Service
You will need to confirm if you need to call Rescue Service, and the operator will explain how the feature works.

100 Nook Miles required

ACNH - The Operator informs the player that 100 Nook Miles is needed
To use Rescue Service, you need 100 Nook Miles. This will be subtracted from you before you continue.

3. Select a Place to Land In

ACNH - The Operator asks where to land the player after being rescued
Select a place to be transported in. You can choose between a selection of buildings.

Places to Transport To
Home (Your house)
The plaza (Resident Services)
The shop (Nook's Cranny)
The airport (Island Airport)

4. Get Transported in Front of the Building

ACNH - A player lands in front of Nook
The rangers will come to fetch you and you will be dropped in front of the building you selected.

When Do You Need the Rescue Service?

When You Get Lost

With an islands as big as these, it's pretty easy to get lost. Use Rescue Service to find your way back!

When You Get Stuck

Terraforming can get you in some sticky situations. Get out of tight areas with the Resuce Service!

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When You Want to Get Somewhere Quickly

If you have extra Nook Miles to spend, you can use the Rescue Service to get to one place instantly.

You can also consider using a Pipe to teleport from places!

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Who is Resetti?

ACNH - An amiibo card showing Resetti
Birthday April 6
Species Mole

Resetti managed the Reset Surveillance Center in New Leaf, but has been laid-off because of New Horizon's new Autosave function.

However, project leaders Aya Kyogoku teased that Resetti's found a new job in New Horizons!

Rescue Service Operator Might be Resetti

The theme song plays when accessing Rescue Service is similar to Resetti's theme from older games!

The operator also talks with shortened words like, "kid" or "pal," just like Resetti does.

Dialogue Hints

ACNH - The operator mentions the auto-saving feature
After using the Rescue Service more than five times, the operator will talk about not being able to reset your game anymore.

Who else would mention that other than Resetti?

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