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This is a guide to farming Iron Nuggets, a DIY material in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Read on to learn how to get iron nuggets, where to farm iron nuggets, the fastest way to get iron nuggets, how they can be used, whether or not you should sell iron nuggets, and more!

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How to Get Iron Nuggets

The Best Source is Rocks on Mystery Tours

Tour Rocks
The best way to get Iron Nuggets is by hitting rocks on the islands you visit on Mystery Tours, the tours you can go on by using the Nook Miles tickets. Remember to bring axes or shovels to hit the rocks with.

Mystery Island Tours and Nook Miles Ticket Guide

Get Iron Nuggets from Rocks on Mystery Tours

You can only get Materials from the Rocks on your island once per day, but you always have a chance to find them on Mystery Tour Islands.

Mystery Tour islands will give you fresh rocks every time you go, so you can get as many materials as you want in a day.

Dig holes behind you to get all 8 materials

Dig Holes Behind You
If you dig two holes behind you when you gather the various materials from rocks, you can avoid being bounced back too far, allowing you to hit the rock 8 times repeatedly and get the maximum number of materials.

The Materials are Random

Rock Materials
Clay IconClay Stone IconStone Iron Nugget IconIron Nugget Gold Nugget IconGold Nugget

You can find a variety of materials from hitting rocks, such as Clay, Stone, and Iron Nuggets, but all of them have a random chance of dropping. Iron Nuggets are somewhat uncommon, but you should be able to get at least one or two from Rocks most of the time.

Don't hit a rock after eating Fruit

If you eat a Fruit, you will gain a point of Stamina, which will cause you to break a rock when you hit it with a Shovel. Stamina won't decrease until a day has passed, so try picking up a tree with the Shovel or sitting in a piece of furniture to decrease your Stamina.

Get Iron Nuggets from a Friend's Island

If your friend has untapped rocks, you may ask them if they can let you get resources from their island. You can also have them offer you Iron Nuggets as payment if you help around their island!

Get From Residents on Rare Occasions

Once in while, you can get Iron Nuggets by talking to a resident. The chance of receiving them is pretty low, so it's not recommended as an effective way to gather them.

You'll receive 5 Iron Nuggets from one of the other residents when you are working on making Nook's Cranny, to help you reach the needed 30 Iron Nuggets.

Get From Balloon Presents

Blue Balloon.jpg Blue Balloons have a higher chance of dropping crafting materials.

You can sometimes get Iron Nuggets from the Presents dropped by shooting down balloons. You need a Slingshot to shoot down the balloons, and they can be pretty rare, so shoot them down whenever you see or hear them!

What can you get from Balloons

Hit the Rocks Every Day

Iron Nuggets have a lower drop rate than normal stones, but you should still get one or two of them for each rock you hit with a shovel/axe. This means that if you want to get a lot of these, the only option is to do this daily.

Things to Do Every Day

What Iron Nuggets are Used For

Necessary to Unlock Nook's Cranny

Materials Needed Amount
Wood IconWood 30
Hardwood IconHardwood 30
Softwood IconSoftwood 30
Iron Nugget IconIron Nugget 30

Iron Nuggets are also necessary to open Nook's Cranny. You will need 30 pieces of all three kinds of wood and 30 pieces of Iron Nuggets in total.

Use as DIY Material

Simple DIY Workbench ImageSimple DIY Workbench Frying Pan ImageFrying Pan Axe ImageAxe
Shovel ImageShovel Fishing Rod ImageFishing Rod Net ImageNet
Watering Can ImageWatering Can Wooden-Block Stereo ImageWooden-Block Stereo Wooden Toolbox ImageWooden Toolbox
Wooden Full-Lenth Mirror ImageWooden Full-Lenth Mirror Wooden Bucket ImageWooden Bucket Robot Hero ImageRobot Hero
Plain Sink ImagePlain Sink Natural Garden Table ImageNatural Garden Table Natural Garden Chair ImageNatural Garden Chair
Mini DIY Workbench ImageMini DIY Workbench Ironwood Kitchenette ImageIronwood Kitchenette Iron Wall Lamp ImageIron Wall Lamp
Hearth ImageHearth Fountain ImageFountain Drinking Fountain ImageDrinking Fountain
Crest Doorplate ImageCrest Doorplate Brick Oven ImageBrick Oven Barrel ImageBarrel
Windflower Fan ImageWindflower Fan Water Pump ImageWater Pump Terrarium ImageTerrarium
Manhole Cover ImageManhole Cover Juicy-Apple TV ImageJuicy-Apple TV Ironwood Dresser ImageIronwood Dresser
Barbed-Wire Fence ImageBarbed-Wire Fence Iron Garden Table ImageIron Garden Table Iron Garden Chair ImageIron Garden Chair
Wooden Table Mirror ImageWooden Table Mirror Astronaut Suit ImageAstronaut Suit Satellite ImageSatellite
Crewed Spaceship ImageCrewed Spaceship Flying Saucer ImageFlying Saucer Star Clock ImageStar Clock
Lunar Lander ImageLunar Lander Lunar Rover ImageLunar Rover Rocket ImageRocket
Iron Wand ImageIron Wand Space Shuttle ImageSpace Shuttle Standard Umbrella Stand ImageStandard Umbrella Stand
Shell Speaker ImageShell Speaker Ironwood Cart ImageIronwood Cart Iron Closet ImageIron Closet
Cutting Board ImageCutting Board Cosmos Shower ImageCosmos Shower Cherry-Blossom Clock ImageCherry-Blossom Clock
KnightKnight's Helmet Butter Churn ImageButter Churn DIY Workbench ImageDIY Workbench
Garden Bench ImageGarden Bench Garden Wagon ImageGarden Wagon Gong ImageGong
Iron Doorplate ImageIron Doorplate Iron Frame ImageIron Frame Iron Garden Bench ImageIron Garden Bench
Ironwood Chair ImageIronwood Chair Ironwood Clock ImageIronwood Clock Ironwood DIY Workbench ImageIronwood DIY Workbench
Kettlebell ImageKettlebell Kettle Bathtub ImageKettle Bathtub Log Wall-Mounted Clock ImageLog Wall-Mounted Clock
Zen Fence ImageZen Fence Wooden-Block Wall Clock ImageWooden-Block Wall Clock Trophy Case ImageTrophy Case
Steel-Frame Wall ImageSteel-Frame Wall Steel Flooring ImageSteel Flooring Silo ImageSilo
Sauna Heater ImageSauna Heater Rope Fence ImageRope Fence Recycled-Can Thumb Piano ImageRecycled-Can Thumb Piano
Natural Square Table ImageNatural Square Table Lily Record Player ImageLily Record Player Key Holder ImageKey Holder
Jail Bars ImageJail Bars Iron Worktable ImageIron Worktable Ironwood Table ImageIronwood Table
Ironwood Low Table ImageIronwood Low Table Ironwood Cupboard ImageIronwood Cupboard Ironwood Bed ImageIronwood Bed
Iron-and-Stone Fence ImageIron-and-Stone Fence Iron Wall Rack ImageIron Wall Rack Iron Shelf ImageIron Shelf
Iron Hanger Stand ImageIron Hanger Stand Iron Fence ImageIron Fence Iron Armor ImageIron Armor
Illuminated Tree ImageIlluminated Tree Illuminated Snowflakes ImageIlluminated Snowflakes Illuminated Reindeer ImageIlluminated Reindeer
Illuminated Present ImageIlluminated Present Turkey Day Table Setting ImageTurkey Day Table Setting Hanging Terrarium ImageHanging Terrarium
Golden Gears ImageGolden Gears Cherry Speakers ImageCherry Speakers Barbell ImageBarbell
Bamboo Speaker ImageBamboo Speaker Armor Shoes ImageArmor Shoes Acoustic Guitar ImageAcoustic Guitar
Wedding Fence ImageWedding Fence Mermaid Vanity ImageMermaid Vanity Mermaid Wall Clock ImageMermaid Wall Clock
Mermaid Lamp ImageMermaid Lamp Spooky Fence ImageSpooky Fence Spooky Carriage ImageSpooky Carriage
Spooky Garland ImageSpooky Garland Spooky Table Setting ImageSpooky Table Setting Turkey Day Casserole ImageTurkey Day Casserole

You can make the Items above with Iron Nuggets.

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