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This is a guide to Flick's Bug-Off event (Bug Tourney) from Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for the Nintendo Switch. Learn when the Bug-Off is held, how the bug-off points work, as well as the prizes you can get from this event.

When Does Flick Appear

Flick Visits On Other Days As Well

Flick visit.jpg
Flick will sometimes randomly come to the island even on days other than the Bug-Off. You'll be able to sell him bugs for 1.5x more than the usual price.

Have a Bug Model Made

You can also have a bug model made by Flick, by giving him 3 bugs of the same type. The item will be sent to your mailbox the next day.

Note that you can only have 1 collectible made per visit! Some models can be sold at Nook's Cranny for a high price depending on the bug type.

Flick's Bug-Off Dates and Times

Flick's Bug-Off Schedule

Northern Hemisphere

Event Dates June 27, 2020 (4th Saturday)
July 25, 2020 (4th Saturday)
August 29, 2020 (4th Saturday)
September 26, 2020 (4th Saturday)
Event Hours 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Flick will also stay at the Plaza until 8:00 PM if you want to sell bugs.

Southern Hemisphere

Event Dates November 21, 2020 (3rd Saturday)
December 19, 2020 (3rd Saturday)
January 16, 2020
TBA (3rd Saturday)
Event Hours 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Flick will also stay at the Plaza until 8:00 PM if you want to sell bugs.

The Bug-Off is held during the season of Summer.

It will be held on the 4th Saturdays of July, August, and September for the Northern Hemisphere players. On the other hand, for Southern Hemisphere players, it will be held on the 3rd Saturdays of November, December, January, and February.

You Can Join the Bug-Off Even if You Time Travel

Unlike seasonal events such as Bunny Day where you have to match the real time to activate the event, you can participate in the Bug-Off in the past or future! If ever you miss the day of the event, you can always time travel!
Time Traveling Guide

What to Do if There is No Bug-Off Held on Your Island

Upgrade Resident Services

Even if you play on the day of the event, it will not be held if you have not yet upgraded Resident Services.

What You Can Do at Resident Services and How to Upgrade

Participate on a Friend's Island

If there is no time to upgrade Resident Services, you can also participate on a friend's island, where you can even get bonus points for playing together.

Bug-Off Rules

  • Flick will be in front of Resident Services on the day of the Bug-Off.
  • Catch as many bugs as youc can in 3 minutes.
  • You will receive points depending on the number of bugs you catch. Receive 2 bonus points for catching 3 or more bugs.
  • You can trade your points for exclusive bug merchandise. You can also receive bug trophies depedending on your accumulated points.
  • Participation is free the first time, but the next ones cost 500 Bells.
  • You can participate in a Bug-Off with friends. Playing in multiplayer gives you bonus points.
  • Flick will pay you 1.5x more than the normal selling price of fish.

Flick will be waiting in front of Resident Services

On the dates when the Bug-Off is hosted, Flick will be waiting in front of Resident Services. An announcement will begin as soon as you leave your house that a Bug-Off will be hosted that day. If you're planning to participate, head to Resident Services and talk to Flick.

The event ends at 6:00 PM, but Flick will stay until 8:00 in the Plaza, so you can sell him bugs until then.

Catch as Many Bugs as Possible in 3 Minutes

The only rule of Flick's Bug-Off is to catch as many bugs as you can in 3 minutes. All the bugs you catch will automatically be sent to Flick, so you don't have to worry about emptying your inventory. Go out and catch as many as you can!

Bug-Off Point System

Number of Bugs Caught Number of Points
(Bonus included)
1 1 Point
2 2 Points
3 or more Number of bugs caught + 2 Points

You will earn points equivalent to the number of bugs you catch. Also, when you catch at least 3 bugs, you'll get 2 bonus points along with your total, as shown above.

Get Bonus Points When Playing on Multiplayer

When you participate in the Bug-Off on multiplayer, you can earn bonus points. This will let you finish the event with more points even more easily, so if you are aiming for the Bug-Off prizes, this is one easy method of doing it.

Our Team's Multiplayer Results

Total Bugs Caught by All Players Additional Bonus Points
5 - 9 5
10 - 14 7
15 or more 10

Sell Bugs For 1.5x the Price

Flick can buy the bugs you have caught for 1.5x more than the normal price.

List of Bug-Off Prizes

Bug Trophies

Once you accumulate at least 100 Points, you will receive a bug trophy in your mail the next day.

Trophy Required Accumulated Points
Bronze Bug Trophy.pngBronze Bug Trophy 100 Points
Silver Bug Trophy.pngSilver Bug Trophy 200 Points
Gold Bug Trophy.pngGold Bug Trophy 300 Points

Exclusive Bug Merchandise

Bug-Off Prizes
Toy Cockroach.pngToy Cockroach Toy Centipede.pngToy Centipede Termite Mound.pngTermite Mound
Artisanal Bug Cage.pngArtisanal Bug Cage Spider Web.pngSpider Web -

Our team is currently looking into the prizes for this event.

How to Exchange Points for Bug Merchandise

Talk to Flick after the Bug-Off

Flick Bug-Off.jpg
After the Bug-Off ends, you can talk to Flick about other things, then select "Exchange my Points".

Exchange 10 Points for Items from the Bug Series

You can trade 10 Points to receive a random piece of bug furniture, so if you can't obtain enough points in one go, be sure to participate in the Bug-Off multiple times to get enough points to obtain these items.

The Reward You Receive is Random

The bug furniture you'll receive will be selected randomly. That means you'll need a lot of points to get all of the pieces, so keep on catching bugs to get those points!

Tips and Tricks to Catch the Most Bugs

Plant Lots of Flowers and Trees

It is crucial to have a lot of bugs appearing during the Bug-Off. Plant lots of flowers and trees for bugs to spawn into.

Do Not Stay in One Place

Bugs tend to spawn in places where no player is around. Keep roaming around the island to give the bugs a chance to appear.

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4th Saturday in August is the 22nd, not the 29th.

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June 27th for the northern hemisphere

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