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This page displays all Dog Villagers confirmed to appear in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch). For a full list of all Dog residents who can live on your island, please read on!

Who is Your Favorite Dog Villager?

List of Dog Villagers

Villager Name Birthday / Personality / Favorite Color
Bea IconBea Birthday: October 15
Personality: Normal
Favorite Color: Green
Benjamin IconBenjamin Birthday: August 3
Personality: Lazy
Favorite Color: Beige
Biskit IconBiskit Birthday: May 13
Personality: Lazy
Favorite Color: Orange
Bones IconBones Birthday: August 4
Personality: Lazy
Favorite Color: Aqua
Butch IconButch Birthday: November 1
Personality: Cranky
Favorite Color: Black
Cherry IconCherry Birthday: May 11
Personality: Uchi
Favorite Color: Purple
Cookie IconCookie Birthday: June 18
Personality: Peppy
Favorite Color: Green
Daisy IconDaisy Birthday: November 16
Personality: Normal
Favorite Color: Brown
Goldie IconGoldie Birthday: December 27
Personality: Normal
Favorite Color: White
Lucky IconLucky Birthday: November 4
Personality: Lazy
Favorite Color: Purple
Mac IconMac Birthday: November 11
Personality: Jock
Favorite Color: Red
Maddie IconMaddie Birthday: January 11
Personality: Peppy
Favorite Color: Pink
Marcel IconMarcel Birthday: December 31
Personality: Lazy
Favorite Color: Green
Portia IconPortia Birthday: October 25
Personality: Snooty
Favorite Color: White
Shep IconShep Birthday: November 24
Personality: Smug
Favorite Color: Beige
Walker IconWalker Birthday: June 10
Personality: Lazy
Favorite Color: Red

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Villagers by Personality

Cranky Jock Lazy Normal
Peppy Smug Snooty Uchi

Villagers by Species

Alligator Icon.png Alligators Anteaters Icon.png Anteaters Bears Icon.png Bears Birds Icon.png Birds
Bulls Icon.png Bulls Cats Icon.png Cats Chickens Icon.png Chickens Cows Icon.png Cows
Cubs Icon.png Cubs Deer Icon.png Deer Dogs Icon.png Dogs Ducks Icon.png Ducks
Eagles Icon.png Eagles Elephants Icon.png Elephants Frogs Icon.png Frogs Goats Icon.png Goats
Gorillas Icon.png Gorillas Hamsters Icon.png Hamsters Hippos Icon.png Hippos Horses Icon.png Horses
Kangaroos Icon.png Kangaroos Koalas Icon.png Koalas Lions Icon.png Lions Monkeys Icon.png Monkeys
Mice Icon.png Mice Octopuses Icon.png Octopuses Ostriches Icon.png Ostriches Penguins Icon.png Penguins
Pigs Icon.png Pigs Rabbits Icon.png Rabbits Rhinos Icon.png Rhinos Sheep Icon.png Sheep
Squirrels Icon.png Squirrels Tiger Icon.png Tigers Wolves Icon.png Wolves

Villagers by Initial Letter

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