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What exactly happens on your birthday in Animal Crossing: New Horizons(ACNH)? Read on to learn about piñatas and Birthday Cupcakes, exclusive birthday gifts, and everything else related on your special day!

Your Birthday Party

Get 2,000 Nook Miles on Your Birthday

ACNH - Player Birthday - Nook Miles Reward.png
On the day of your birthday, you automatically get 2,000 Nook Miles. Thank you, Tom Nook!

Nook Mileage Program Activities & Rewards List

Receive a Handmade Cake from Your Mom

ACNH - Player Birthday - Letter from Mom.png
Check your mailbox for a letter from your mom. Attached will be a handmade cake. There are several designs of this, so try to collect them all!

Examples of Mom's Handmake Cake Designs
MomEnlarge MomEnlarge MomEnlarge

Villagers Will Hold a Birthday Party For You

ACNH - Player Birthday - Surpirse Party from Villagers.png
Once you exit your house as you start the game, a villager will be waiting for you outside, and will be taking you to their house for a surprise birthday party! Three of your closest villager friends will be there!

Note that this birthday party cannot be repeated in the same year even if you time-travel. However, you can time-travel to a different year to celebrate again.

Receive a birthday gift

After making a wish and blowing your birthday candles, you will receive a special birthday gift from your neighbors. Don't forget to open it after the party!

Whack a piñata!

ACNH - Player Birthday - Whack Piñata.png
For the latter part of your birthday party, you get to whack a piñata hung on the ceiling. Talk to the villager to start the event, and repeatedly press the A button to keep hitting the piñata until you break it.

Upon breaking the piñata, you will see 10 Birthday Cupcakes inside. They will be automatically sent to your pocket.

Share Your Birthday Cupcakes

ACNH - Player Birthday - Give Cupcakes.png
After the birthday party, you will find 10 Birthday Cupcakes in your pocket. You can share these with the island residents to get birthday items and furniture. They cannot be sold or used to craft DIY items, so best to share it with your neighbors!

See the list of Birthday items and furniture in the next section.

Don't wrap the Birthday Cupcakes!

Be careful not to put the Birthday Cupcakes in wrappers! If you do so, the villagers will think it is a gift for them, and you will receive a normal item in return instead of a birthday item.

K.K. Slider Will Perform a Birthday Song

ACNH - Player Birthday - K.K. Slider.png
The party doesn't end here! Make sure to play at night for a special live birthday performance from K.K. Slider.

Regardless of the day, K.K. Slider will come to perform a special song on your birthday, so sit back and enjoy!
List of All K.K. Slider Songs

Read birthday messages during the performance

ACNH - Player Birthday - K.K. Birthday Messages.png
During the performance, birthday messages from characters, including Tom Nook, will also appear on the screen. Be sure not to miss it!

Check a Player's Birthday from Their Passport

Passport Parts.png

You can check a player's birthday by viewing their Passport. If you would like to know your friend's birthday to send them a gift, visit them and look at their Passport!

How To Make A Passport | Passport Title List

List of Birthday Items

These are the items that you can get on the day of your birthday, either by receiving them as a present from your birthday party, or exchanging them with Birthday Cupcakes.

They have different variations, so be sure to collect them all!

Birthday Furniture

Birthday Cake.png Birthday Cake Birthday Candles.png Birthday Candles Birthday Sign.png Birthday Sign Currently UnavailableBirthday Table

Birthday Wallpaper and Flooring

Party Wall.png Party Wall Party Flooring.png Party Flooring

Birthday Clothes

Birthday Hat.png Birthday Hat Birthday Shades.pngBirthday Shades

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>>9 Ouch, your villagers are cruel

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You get more cupcakes if you spam A faster during the pinata. Also, for those who don't want to time travel forward to get birthday items, you can time travel backwards (2019, 2018) on your birthday to have it celebrated. You cannot repeat birthdays (so no 2020 birthdays more than once). Somehow the game remembers and, for those who don't wanna ruin future birthdays, this is a good work around.

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