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With permission from these creative designers, we bring you our top collection of Signs and Decorations Custom Designs for you to decorate your flags, stalls, and signages with, in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Save and share designs using Design & Creator IDs, and feel free to share your work with us, too!

List of Custom Designs
ACNH - Clothes icon Clothes and Accesories ACNH - Face Paint icon Face Paint
ACNH - Paths icon Paths and Floors ACNH - Sign icon Signs and Decorations
ACNH - Halloween icon Halloween Custom Designs ACNH - Toy Day icon Christmas Custom Designs
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These custom design creations are listed in the order of approval. We will update this page with more content from time to time!

List of Custom Designs for Signs and Decorations

Signs and Decorations

Botanical Flowers

Flower Prints.jpg
Check out these beautiful flower designs by Twitter user seagutless. You can place them on signs to put in your flower gardens, or you can mount them on the walls of your home! Whatever you do, make sure you get all the designs!

She also has designs for Fruits, Turnips, and more, so make sure to check them out by searching her Creator ID.

Creator: seagutless (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-5150-0242-8566
Windflower.png Windflower
Design ID: MO-GFW7-52BM-S726
Cosmos.png Cosmos
Design ID: MO-QPXG-92FJ-7VVS
Pansy.png Pansy
Hyacinth.png Hyacinth
Mum.png Mum
Design ID: MO-62H4-MXM6-MR56
Lily.png Lily
Design ID: MO-CNS4-0YLF-X7DG
Tulip.png Tulip
Design ID: MO-75XV-P3G4-DLS2
Rose.png Rose
Design ID: MO-HK9G-08JR-L3RP
Lily of the Valley.png Lily of the Valley
Design ID: MO-2WF5-Q25X-PW5B

Pizza and Dessert Menus

Food Menu.jpg
Set up food stalls on your island with a stall and finish it up by customizing a simple panel. Who knew simple items could look so good? Check out more of spicysiopao's work on their Twitter page!

Creator: spicysiopao (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-5391-7740-8545
Pizza menu.png Pizza
Design ID: MO-5CF4-TPKV-C6CM
Drinks and dessert menu.png Drinks and Dessert
Design ID: MO-HYV6-LNYR-8PH2

Lace Food Stall

Lace food stall.jpg
Create cute stalls for your coffee shops with this lace design by Twitter user marimo_angela. You search using her Creator ID to see more of her works!

Creator: marimo_angela (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-0885-0938-8047
Lace.jpgLace Food Stall
Design ID: MO-3GM6-19FG-8KWJ

Museum Signs

Museum signs.jpg
You can set these up these lovely Museum signs created by Twitter user chiipls. Place them outside your Museum entrances or next to your fossil displays!

Creator: chiipls (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-8214-5251-0252
Museum 1.pngMuseum 1
Design ID: MO-6NHX-GKSW-112Q
Museum 2.pngMuseum 2
Design ID: MO-X26L-3DFQ-KRK7

Greenhouse Windows

Simple Panel Windows.jpg
This simple window designed can be put on panels to immediately beautify any recreational areas on your island. Twitter user LOONBIT easily does this with a little greenhouse area.

Creator: LOONBIT (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-6430-8168-5395
Greenhouse Screen Black.png Black
Design ID: MO-14GD-4TSH-VL18
Greenhouse Screen Brown.png Brown
Design ID: MO-JDT8-B3PQ-8SH3
Greenhouse Screen Light Brown.png Light Brown
Greenhouse Screen Silver.png Silver
Greenhouse Screen White.png White
Design ID: MO-6F1M-BHJS-2KRH

Wisteria Stalls

Pink Wisteria Stall.png
These lovely designs can be used on a stall, and it will look like there is wisteria hanging over it. You can choose from pink and purple designs!

You can also check out KaranaNoMori's Instagram to see more Animal Crossing content!

Creator: KaranaNoMori (Instagram)
Creator ID: MA-1670-7120-5026
Pink.png Pink
Design ID: MO-2G4V-K7M2-J4JB
Purple.png Purple
Design ID: MO-41CG-S5R3-0FQQ

Cafe Menus

Cafe Stall.png
Add these cute foods and drinks menus designed by Twitter user beepboop_plays to your cafes stalls! You can check out her Twitter page for more Animal Crossing content!

Creator: beepboop_plays (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-4487-4488-3942
Cafe drinks.png Drinks Menu
Design ID: MO-BDC3-VHK5-72GW
Cafe juice.jpg Juice Menu
Design ID: MO-M9GP-WJL6-D4SP
Cafe dessert.png Dessert Menu
Design ID: MO-WFV3-N8Q5-LB80

List of Custom Designs for Flags

Flag Designs

Tom Nook Flag

Shared with us by the official Animal Crossing Twitter page, nothing screams Island Getaway other than the face of Tom Nook!

Creator: Ninten (Twitter)
Creator ID: MA-0690-3887-0655
Tom Nook flag.jpg Tom Nook Flag
Design ID: MO-2QMX-TY9K-DM08

Custom Design Creations Credits

These beautifully-made custom designs for signs and decorations were contributed by the following users. If you want to see more of their work, you can check their pages!

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