What Happens When You Eat Fruit? | ACNH - Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)

Animal Crossing: New Horions (ACNH) - What Happens When You Eat Fruit?

Eating fruit will give you stamina in Animal Crossing: New Horions (ACNH), which will allow you to move trees and break rocks in-game. To learn how to enable the buff and how to remove it, make sure to read our guide!

What Does Eating Fruit Do?

Fills Up Your Stamina Gauge

ACNH - A villager replants an entire tree using stamina gained from eating fruit

You can eat fruits to get up to 10 points of stamina, as indicated by the stamina gauge at the top left of the screen, allowing you to do things you cannot normally do in the game.

Other items that can be eaten such as turnips and bamboo shoots also give the same effect.

Allows You to Move Trees

ACNH - A resident moves a tree using stamina
With the temporary boost of strength, you can dig up trees and replant them using a shovel. Pulling up a tree costs you 1 point of stamina.
How to Pull Up Trees

Allows You to Break Rocks

ACNH - A resident breaks a rock using stamina
Using a shovel on a rock will break it, so be careful when you're only trying to farm for ore and other materials.

When a rock is destroyed, it will spawn on a random spot the next day. Breaking a rock costs 1 point of stamina.

How to Break Rocks

How to Eat Fruit

Steps to Eat Fruit

ACNH - A resident picks up fruit

1 Pick up the fruit. You can stack up to 10 fruits of the same type.
2 Open up your pockets and select the fruit.
3 Choose to eat 1. You will now gain 1 point of stamina.

How to Eat 10 Pieces of Fruit at Once

ACNH - A villager thinks about eating ten turnips all at once.PNG

You can only eat 1 piece of fruit at a time

This goes for other foods as well, like bamboo shoots and mushrooms, except for turnips. You can eat 10 turnips at a time, but we recommend selling them instead!

Daisy Mae's Turnip Buying and Selling Guide

How to Remove the Fruit Buff

Sit on a Toilet

ACNH - A villager uses the toilet

To get rid of the fruits in your tummy, you can use a toilet to flush out your stamina points, if you get what we're saying.

Replant Trees in the Same Place

ACNH - A villager plants a tree after digging it up
If you don't have a toilet, you can opt for digging up trees and planting them in the same place, making you use up stamina points.

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