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13 Christina from paradise24 daysReport

>>12 Has anyone asked you to play hide and seek b4 this happen to me n I had to take it back to the villager that had asked me to play let me know if this helps

12 Anonymous3 monthsReport

I dug up a treasure “wrapped present” and it tells me that it is someone else’s treasure and it would be rude to open it. I have went to all my villagers and it does not trigger anything. When I tap on it, it says open and then when I try it tells me all over again that this is someone else’s treasure and it would be rude to open. I have even tried to re bury it but it only says open when you tap. PLEASE help! Thank you

11 Anonymous5 monthsReport

There should be a way to get other fruits without having to visit other islands, in case of connection issues, lack of friends etc. - like rare Misteryfruit islands with different types of fruit, not only the sister one-

10 Bison5 monthsReport

Kelly dodo code is 86S8C. There are some diys behind the plaza and feel free to shop or look around. Safe travels.

9 Anonymous5 monthsReport

Dear Nintendo, Is it possible if you could make an action in Animal Crossing New Horizons to kick off players that have come to your island without your permission? This way there will be no problems online with other people who try to steal things and take things in your privacy. Thanks.

8 Funtopia 5 monthsReport

Come on over. Any suggestions? Would love to hear. Enjoy!

7 Funtopia 5 monthsReport

Come on over! Any suggestions? Would love to hear. Enjoy!

6 Ian6 monthsReport

Wife is deaf, she HATES fishing. The bugs that are found through sound are pretty much impossible. But she says diving makes up for a lot of the frustrations of fishing

5 Anonymous7 monthsReport

I think that it would be nice if the stuff we made or bought was a bit more interactive (i.e. the toy horse,popcorn machine,snack machine.soda machine,gumball machine,hot tubs etc etc). Also to make the animals a bit more productive in being able to catch their own fish and bugs. Thank you

4 Niah7 monthsReport

So excited they’re bringing back diving! Can’t wait to experience

3 Anonymous!8 monthsReport

Dear Nintendo, With regards to Animal Crossings "New Horizons". I think it would be very nice if the crafting feature had a selection for multiple crafting, (1, 5, 10, or all?) particularly with regards to smashing clams for fish bait. Even if this was something I had to purchase, (for nook miles maybe?) I would be very pleased to have it. I fear early failure of the A button from overuse when crafting loads of clams at one time.

2 Anonymous10 monthsReport

Mystery Island Tours are so expensive. Aside from the Nook Miles ticket, you have to pay to borrow tools unless you bring your own. In New Leaf, a Lloid would let you borrow tools for free :( There's also a box where you can put your stuff, and it had a LOT of space. Unless you upgrade your pockets, going on tours isn't worth it.

1 Anonymous10 monthsReport

lots of new stuff if that wasn't obvious, but did they really remove the lloids?

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