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ACNH - Redd
In Version 2.0 update, Redd's has set up shop on Harv's Plaza offering works of art and his raffle!

Read on to learn more about this sly fox and how to unlock his shop in Harv's Plaza with our guide below!

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How to Unlock Redd's Shop on Harv's Island

Steps Directions
1 Visit Harv's Island.
2 Construct the shop for the legitimate art dealer.
3 Talk to Harv the day after.

1. Visit Harv's Island

ACNH - Harv Dialogue 5
After receiving the letter from Harv, head to the airport and visit his island. Search for Harv in the new area with the wooden gate.

2. Construct the Shop

ACNH - Construct One Shop
After the cutscene, you can start donating Bells to the Gyroids to construct the shops. Look for the Gyroid that will construct the shop for the legitimate art dealer and donate 100,000 Bells.

3. Talk to Harv the day after

ACNH - Harv introducing Redd
Once the building is complete, head to the plaza to find Harv talking to Redd. Talk to them to open up Redd's Shop on Harv's Island.

Note that Redd will not show up on Harv's Island if he is currently on your island, so be sure to check the map to see if his Treasure Trawler is there!

List of Version 2.0 Redd Raffle Prizes and Reward Items

ACNH - Redd

Here's a list of all the prizes you can win at Redd's Raffle from the Version 2.0 Update!

#1 ACNH - ReddPeachy-Pink Folding Fan #2 ACNH - ReddSky-Blue Folding Fan
#3 ACNH - ReddSky-Blue Folding Fan #4 ACNH - ReddBitter-Orange Folding Fan
#5 ACNH - ReddVanilla Cone #6 ACNH - ReddChocolate Cone
#7 ACNH - ReddStrawberry Cone #8 ACNH - ReddRamune-Soda-Lemon Cone
#9 ACNH - ReddMelon-Cheesecake Cone #10 ACNH - ReddOrange-Mint Cone
#11 ACNH - ReddVanilla Soft Serve #12 ACNH - ReddChocolate Soft Serve
#13 ACNH - ReddMatcha-Vanilla Soft Serve #14 ACNH - ReddBerry-Vanilla Soft Serve
#15 ACNH - ReddRainbow Soft Serve #16 ACNH - ReddCanned Orange Juice
#17 ACNH - ReddCanned Grape Juice #18 ACNH - ReddCanned Apple Juice
#19 ACNH - ReddCanned Green Tea #20 ACNH - ReddCanned Tea
#21 ACNH - ReddCanned Coffee #22 ACNH - ReddCanned Sports Drink
#23 ACNH - ReddCanned Soda #24 ACNH - ReddChocolate Donut
#25 ACNH - ReddMatcha Donut #26 ACNH - ReddStrawberry Donut
#27 ACNH - ReddWhite-Chocolate Donut #28 ACNH - ReddPocketbook
#29 ACNH - ReddPocket Magazine #30 ACNH - ReddColorful Light Stick

Things to Do with Redd on Harv's Island

Things to Do with Tortimer

Buy Paintings and Sculptures

ACNH - Buy Paintings and Sculptures
Redd offers two works of art while he is on Harv's Island. Some of these may be fake, so be sure to check the artwork closely before making a purchase!

Note that the pieces of art will only change if you have purchased one artwork on the day before.

Redd's Art Guide to Fake Art vs Real Art

Play Redd's Raffle

ACNH - Play Redd
You can also play Redd's Raffle while he is in Harv's Island. Walk up to the red box next to Redd and press the A button to pay 500 Bells to start the raffle.

Redd's Raffle Item List

How to Find Redd's Shop

Redd's Schedule

ACNH - Redd on Harv

Date & Time 5:00AM—1:00AM
Location Harv's Island

Redd appears on Harv's Island every day! You can find him next to his red raffle box and the works of art for sale.

Who is Redd?

About Redd

JP: つねきち • FR: Rounard • SP: Ladino
ACNH - Redd amiibo card Type Special Character
Birthday October 18
First Appearance どうぶつの森
(Animal Forest)

Redd is a nine-tailed fox that deals suspicious works of art and furniture on your island!

The sneaky swindler was first introduced in the first game in the Animal Crossing series, “Dōbutsu no Mori,” or “Animal Forest” in English.

Did you know...

  • Redd was designed after a red fox, as the name suggests!
  • In Japan, Redd is modeled after a mythical creature called the kitsune, known to be trickster to humans!

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