How to Use the Mario Warp Pipe | Teleport Guide | Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)

ACNH - How to Use the Mario Warp Pipe

To use the Mario Warp Pipe in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), head on over to Nook Shopping to buy the Pipe. Learn creative ways to use Pipes to teleport around and how you can match them to your island by reading this guide!

What Are Warp Pipes?

Pipe ImagePipe

The Pipe is a new item introduced in the February 25 Update , which adds a selection of Super Mario Furniture to the game.

Fans will recognize these pipes as the main way of travelling between worlds and stages in the Super Mario games.

List of Nintendo Collaboration Furniture and Clothes | Super Mario Items

Where to Get Warp Pipes

ACNH - Super Mario Furniture Warp Pipe in Nook Shopping
Purchase the Warp Pipe from Nook Shopping under the Promotion Tab in the Special Goods section starting March 1.

Update the Game to Version 1.8.0 a

To get the Super Mario Items to appear on the Promotion Tab of Nook Shopping, the game must be updated to Version 1.8.0 a.

The game will automatically update to this version on March 1 when you start the game while online.

How to Teleport Using Warp Pipes

ACNH - A resident reacts thoughtfully to a placed pipe on the island
Warp Pipes allow you to quickly teleport around your island, depending on where they are placed. Placing a warp pipe on opposite sides of the island, for example, allow you to quickly teleport between the two locations!

Teleporting Requires Two Pipes

ACNH - A resident goes into a pipe on the Beach and pops out of a pipe in front of Nook
For the Warp Pipes to work, there must be at least 2 Pipes on your island.

Additionally, a Warp Pipe needs space where your character will land after traveling through the pipes.

Three or more Pipes will Teleport you randomly

Placing three or more Warp Pipes around your island causes you to teleport randomly between locations!

This is a fun way to shake things up and maybe trick your visitors. If you want specific locations to connect, however, you need to stick to two Pipes.

Where to Use Warp Pipes

Place Pipes in Your House

ACNH - A resident uses the warp pipe on the sandy beach to teleport into the house
Place a Warp Pipe in your house that connects to another pipe outside on your island to allow for quick travel between the two locations.

This is useful if you're decorating and reshaping a far-off section of the island. This allows easy access to your house's storage just by using the warp pipe.

You could also place the other one by your stores for easy shopping!

Use Pipes Instead of Staircases

ACNH - A resident uses a warp pipe to go into an elevated area
Since there can only be a maximum of 8 inclines on your island, use the Warp Pipe in place of a ramp to access elevated areas in your island without having to use a ladder!

Warp Pipes Lets You Trade Safely

ACNH - A resident uses a warp pipe to teleport to an enclosed area
Many players worry about visitors to their islands accidentally running over flowers or picking up dropped items. As a result, many resort to fencing off major parts of their island and rendering them inaccessible.

With the Warp Pipes, you can now give villagers access to a specific part of the island even if the safe location is very far from the entrance!

How to Hide Warp Pipes

ACNH - A resident poses in front of a warp pipe hidden by the leaves of the palm tree
Although Warp Pipes are very useful, they tend to stand out from the rest of the items you can place on your island - especially if you're going for a certain look.

You can't change how Warp Pipes look with customization kits, but there are several creative ways you can hide them in the background of your island!

Bury the Pipe in the Ground

ACNH - A resident uses a warp pipe surrounded on all sides by cliffs which gives the appearance of the pipe being hidden
You can "bury" warp pipes in the ground to hide it by surrounding it with cliffs using the Island Designer App.

It's up to you how you decorate the space surrounding the "buried" warp pipe; just make sure there's space for you to land after warping out!

Hide it Behind Trees

ACNH - A resident uses a pipe camouflaged by the green leaves of the palm tree
Another great place to hide Warp Pipes is behind trees. The leaves of Palm Trees, in particular, are great at hiding the Warp Pipes due to their similar color.

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