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Learn how to store furniture and other items in your house in the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for the Nintendo Switch.

Max Storage Limit Increased

Storage Upgrade Added in Ver 1.6

ACNH - Expanded Home Storage Max
The Winter Update lets you increase the maximum storage capacity of your home from 1,600 to 2,400.

Note that the Expanded Home Storage is only available once you have expanded your house to its maximum size and paid all outstanding loans.

How to Increase Maximum Storage Capacity

Step 1: Go to Resident Services

ACNH - Expanded Home Storage Dialogue
After updating your game to Version 1.6, go to Resident Services. If you already upgraded your house to its maximum size and paid off all your loans, Tom Nook will tell you that he's now offering an Expanded Home Storage upgrade.

Step 2: Select "About My Home"

ACNH - Expand My Storage
Talk to Tom Nook and select "About My Home". A new option called "Expand my storage" will be available to discuss.

Step 3: Pay 500,000 Bells

ACNH - Expanded Home Storage Price
Pay 500,000 Bells to expand the storage.

Unlike other home upgrades, Tom Nook can't offer a loan for the expansion. You need to pay for the storage upgrade upfront!

Step 4: Storage Capacity Will Increase the Next Day!

ACNH - Expanded Home Storage Tomorrow
As with all house upgrades, Tom Nook requires the whole day to work on the expansion. The next day, your house's maximum storage capacity will increase to 2,400!

How to Unlock Storage

Upgrade Your Tent to a House

ACNH - Upgrading Tent
The only requirement to use the Storage feature is to upgrade your tent to a house. You'll need to pay the initial loan of 5,000 Miles to upgrade to a House, so be sure to get started on paying off your loan right away.
How to Get Nook Miles Fast

How to Use the Storage

Select the Item Inside Your Home and Choose to “Put in Storage”

ACNH - Put in Storage.png

Select an item from your pockets and choose Put in Storage.

You can put almost any item in storage, excluding whole trees and flower plants.

Open the Storage by Pressing the Right Arrow Button

ACNH - Decorate House - Storage - Housewares.png

Press the Right Arrow button on the D-Pad to open up the storage. The items are sorted by categories which you can cycle through using the L and R buttons.

Selecting the item allows you to put it back in your pockets, or placing the item inside your home when using Decorating Mode.

You can also view the number of items you have, and the max storage size on the lower left part of the strorage screen.

You Cannot Store Items Outside

ACNH - Place Furniture Outside.png

You cannot store items or access your storage from outside your home. Chests and drawers cannot be used to store items, so you can't use it outside your home.

Although, it is possible to drop items on the ground, but we do not recommend that as it decreases your island rating.

How to Increase Storage Limit

Upgrade Your House to Increase Max Storage Amount

ACNH - House Exterior.png

Not only does upgrading your house increases the size and number of rooms, it also increases your storage space. Upgrading your house is a pain in the pockets, but it is definitely worth the Bells!

Tips to Paying Off Your Loan

House Upgrades and Storage Amount

Upgrade No. Storage Amount
0 (Tent) 0
1 80
2 120
3 240
4 320
5 400
6 800
7 1600

Create a Second Character

ACNH - Party Play
By creating a second character, you can use their house as secondary storage. In addition, using Party Play will allow the leader to access that house storage for an easier way to deliver items!

Party Play - How to Play Local Multiplayer on One Switch

Free Up Space Quickly by Using Trash Cans

ACNH - Toss Items in Trash Can.png
If there are items that you cannot put in your storage like trees and recipes, you can use trash cans to throw out items. You cannot get Bells in exchange, but it allows you to quickly open up your pocket space so you can pick up more items.List of Trash Cans and Waste Bins

Items that Cannot be Put in Storage

ACNH - Harwood Tree (Pockets).png

Several items cannot be put in storage, and you will need to do other ways to get them out of your pockets like dropping them on the ground, or throwing them out in a trash can.

Items that Cannot be Stored
  • Trees (Can only be planted)
  • Flower Plants (You can store flower petals)
  • DIY Recipes (Can only be learned or dropped on the ground)
  • Equipped Tools (Put them away first)

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