Which Hemisphere Should You Choose? | ACNH - Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)

ACNH - Which Hemisphere Should You Choose?
This guide will cover the differences between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Nintendo Switch). This page will tell you which hemisphere you should choose to live in, what is different between hemispheres, and whether or not you can change your hemisphere.

Which Hemisphere Should You Choose?

Northern Hemisphere If You Live in America or Europe

ACNH - Selecting Hemisphere.png
If you are unsure of which hemisphere to live in within Animal Crossing, and you actually do live in the Northern Hemisphere, we recommend choosing this one.

By choosing the Northern Hemisphere, you'll enjoy the same seasonal changes that take place in the real world.

RoverRover's Advice Since I live in the States, I'm going with the Northern Hemispere! This means that all other users on the same Switch will be on the same hemisphere! If you're gonna play together with your family or partner on the same Switch, be sure and decide together!

Examples of countries in each hemisphere

Countries in the Northern Hemisphere
・The U.S.
Countries in the Southern Hemisphere
(Opposite of the U.S.)
・New Zealand

Alternatively: Select the Hemisphere with Events You Want to Enjoy Sooner!

ACNH - Summer Season.png

Cherry Blossom Festival
Summer Bug Off
Fall (Autumn) Mushrooming Season
Winter Snowboy-Building
Aurora Viewing

List of Events

If there is a seasonal event in Animal Crossing that you really want to check out right away, you could choose the hemisphere that would make you close to that season. On the game release, it will be Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall in the Southern Hemisphere.

You Could Different Hemispheres if Planning on Playing With a Friend

Multiplayer Bug-Off.jpg

If you're playing this game with a friend, why not decide together and select different hemisphere? That way, you can enjoy a different season and participate in different events each time you visit each other's islands!

Difference Betwen Northern and Southern Hemisphere

Seasons (Climate) are Reversed

Opposite Seasons
The Northern and Southern Hemispheres have opposite seasons. For example, if you are playing in July, it will be Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, but Winter in the Southern one.

In past titles, you could only play in the Northern Hemisphere, but with the release of New Horizons, you can now select the hemisphere that you actually live in for an even more personal experience.

List of Hemispheres and Seasons

Season Northern Hemisphere Southern Hemisphere
Spring February 25 to May 31 August 25 to November 30
Summer June 1 to August 31 December 1 to February 28
Fall September 1 to November 25 March 1 to May 25
Winter November 26 to February 24 May 26 to August 24

List of Seasons and Seasonal Materials

Bugs and Fish and Sea Creature Seasonality are Reversed


Orchid Mantis Seasonality in the Northen Hemisphere

Depending on your hemisphere, fish, bugs and sea creatures will appear on different months compared to the opposite hemisphere.

List of Bugs List of Fish
List of Sea Creatures

Which Hemisphere Will You Choose?

Let us know which Hemisphere you chose or are thinking of choosing with a vote!

Can You Change Hemispheres Later?

You Cannot Change Your Hemisphere After Starting

Nintendo Direct - Fall
Once selecting your hemisphere, you cannot change it once starting the game.

Before making hasty decisions, check out the list of unchangeable features in New Horizons while you are starting the game!

Unchangeable Features

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GO SOUTH!!! Almost no one in the animal crossing community is in the southern hemishpere. People will flock to your island whenever you open it up for people, and they are willing to pay to come.

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>>45 in the southern hemisphere the weather isn't the same, when it's not raining it rains in the game

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