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Learn how to effectively fill your pockets with tarantulas by getting or creating the Infinite Tarantula Island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Read on to learn strategies, as well as tips and tricks on catching tarantulas.

When Does the Tarantula Show Up?

Northern Hemisphere

January February March April
7 PM to 4 AM 7 PM to 4 AM 7 PM to 4 AM 7 PM to 4 AM
May June July August
None None None None
September October November December
None None 7 PM to 4 AM 7 PM to 4 AM

Southern Hemisphere

January February March April
None None None None
May June July August
7 PM to 4 AM 7 PM to 4 AM 7 PM to 4 AM 7 PM to 4 AM
September October November December
7 PM to 4 AM 7 PM to 4 AM None None

Appears Only at Night

Tarantulas only appear late at night. If you want to catch this critter, you'll either need to wait until it gets pretty late, or set your clock forward a few hours.
Time Traveling Guide

Why Do You Need to Go to Tarantula Island?

Get Instant Bells

Tarantula Price.jpg

Tarantulas are one of the highest-selling bugs

If you need that instant cash to pay your house loan, getting to Tarantula Island is the fastest way to go to get those Bells. With a selling price of 8,000 Bells at Nook's Cranny, catching tarantulas is a high-risk, high-reward activity.

Sell Them to Flick

Flick buys bugs for a higher price, and buys Tarantulas for 16,000 Bells each. If he ever visits, consider selling bugs to him instead.

How to Find Flick

How to Get to Infinite Tarantula Island - Mystery Island Tours

Fly to a Tarantula Island

There is a variety of island types you can land on in a Mystery Island Tour, and one of them spawns infinite tarantulas.

To learn more about other types of islands, check out our Mystery Island Tours guide.
Mystery Island Tours and Nook Miles Ticket Guide

Nook Miles Ticket is Required

Nook Miles Ticket.png

Before getting to fly to an island, you need to redeem 2,000 Nook Miles for a Nook Miles Ticket.
How to Get Nook Miles Fast

Create Your Own Tarantula Island

Create your own tarantula island.jpg

If you still have no luck getting to the Infinite Tarantula Island, you can create your own. Read the next section to learn how.

How to Create Your Own Infinite Tarantula Island

Things to Note

  • Make sure that tarantulas are in season. Check our chart above to learn more.
  • Check the time—tarantulas only appear at night.
  • Prepare your tools, even extras. This is going to be a lot of chopping and digging.
Game8's Own Infinite Tarantula Island Test Conditions
Hemisphere Southern
Month May
Time 9 PM
Weather Rainy
Island Tour Type Normal Island

Rain Might Be a Big Factor


Our successful creation of a tarantula island happened when it was raining; all other tests did not have rain and proceeded to spawn other bugs other than tarantulas.

Rain keeps most bugs away such as beetles and butterflies, which led us to believe that rain may be a big factor for the island to only spawn tarantulas.

Clear Out the Land

Clear out the land.jpg
This means chopping down all the trees and digging out their stumps, destroying all the rocks, and plucking out all the weeds and flowers. You will need a clear area of land. This will prevent the chances of any other bug spawning.

Get Rid of All Other Bugs

Wharf Roaches.jpg

Wharf roaches always spawn on rocks on the shore!

To get tarantulas to spawn, you need to get rid of all the other bugs on the island. After clearing the land, this should be a lot easier because they do not have any other place to spawn.

If it is raining, there is no possibility of flying bugs to spawn.

Scare Wharf Roaches Off the Shore

The only bug that will spawn at this time is wharf roaches. You can scare them away by running to them.

Wait as Tarantulas Spawn on Your Island

Tarantulas spawn.jpg
Run around the island to give them time and space to spawn. Also, keep checking the rocks on the shore for wharf roaches so you can scare them away.

Infinite Tarantula Island Tips and Tricks

Maximize Pocket Space

Pocket Organizer.jpg

After upgrading your pocket space, you should be able to carry 40 items. Upgrade your pocket space first before you go tarantula-hunting!
How to Increase Inventory Space

Sell the Tarantulas to Flick

If you're planning to sell the tarantulas, it is better to sell them to Flick than at Nook's Cranny, because it is confirmed that Flick buys bugs for a higher price.

Nook's Cranny 8,000 Bells
Flick 16,000 Bells

How to Find Flick

Don't Worry About Getting Bitten

Waking up after fainting.jpg

You will respawn back to the island port

After getting bitten by a tarantula, you will faint and the screen blacks out. However, you will wake up at the island port, and you can continue your bug catching.

Strategies for Catching Tarantulas

Dig Holes Around You For Safety

Dig holes around you.jpg

You can jump over holes

You can dig a perimeter of holes that you can jump into for safety. Tarantulas also cannot jump over holes.

You can catch a tarantula across a hole

While in your safe space, you can catch a tarantula chasing you by using your net to catch the critter across the hole.

Clear Out the Land

Clear out land 2.jpg

Get rid of all the weeds, flowers, and rocks for better visibility

To avoid surprise attacks, you can clear out the land so you can see the tarantulas better.

To learn more about tarantulas, see our page dedicated to them.
How to Catch a Tarantula Easily

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