How and When to See Aurora Borealis | Aurora Borealis Time and Season | ACNH - Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - How and When to See Aurora Borealis | Aurora Borealis Time and Season

The Aurora Borealis is a rare weather phenomenon where wavy streaks of colored lights paint the sky. In Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH), you'll find the auroras during the Winter season when the sky is clear. Look to the sky from 6PM to 4AM to for auroras!

When to View Aurora Borealis

ACNH - Aurora Borealis
Weather • must be Bright & Clear
Dates & Times North Hemisphere: Dec 11–Feb 24
South Hemisphere: Jun 11–Aug 24
Time: 6:00 PM–4:00 AM

Auroras are Random

ACNH - Aurora Borealis Random
The Aurora Borealis is a rare weather pehnomenon. As such, they occur randomly in the game during the Winter Season.

You can only see the aurora during clear weather and appears on the night sky from 6 PM to 4 AM.

Villagers Will Tell You Auroras

ACNH - Aurora Villager Mention
Like other weather events, Tom Nook or Isablle will not give announcements on auroras.

Your villagers, however, might drop hints that today's weather is perfect for an aurora. This should tell you to check the night sky for the Northern Lights!

How to View Aurora Borealis

Tilt the Camera Up to See the Sky

ACNH - Wishing on a Star

Similar to viewing a meteor shower, by tilting the Right Control Stick upwards.

How to Get Shooting Stars | Meteor Shower Guide

Take Pictures of the Sky

ACNH - Aurora Borealis View
Keep memories of the special night with the Camera app on your NookPhone! Click the ZL Button and select the camera app.

Make sure to tilt the camera upwards get the full view of the Aurora!

How to Use the Camera

What to Do During Aurora Borealis

Join Villagers Outside

Villagers will gather around the plaza to view the spectaular lights in the sky. Talk to your villagers to hear what they have to say about the aurora!

Invite Friends Over

Auroras don't come everyday so invite your friends to make the night even more special! Just make sure they arrive before the lights appear.

Hold an Aurora Paty!

Why not host an pre-show party before viewing the light show?

Decorate your island and home with furniture, walls, and flooring that fit the celestial mood!

Purchase Aurora Wall

ACNH - Winter Solstice - Aurora Wall

For a limited time, you can purchase an Aurora Wall from the Nook Shopping app.

This is a seasonal item available only in December so grab one before they're gone!

Item Item Info
ACNH - Aurora Wall ImageAurora Wall Buy Price: 7000
Sell Price: 1750 Bells
(1400 Bells in Drop-Off Box)

Decorative Furniture Items

Set up your viewing area for the Aurora with furniture to match the vibe of your event!

Aluminum Briefcase ImageAluminum Briefcase Candle ImageCandle Claw-Foot Tub ImageClaw-Foot Tub Cushion ImageCushion
Floor Light ImageFloor Light Oil Lamp ImageOil Lamp Ring ImageRing Snow Globe ImageSnow Globe
Sparkling Cider ImageSparkling Cider Table Lamp ImageTable Lamp Telescope ImageTelescope

Decorative DIY Items

You can also craft items to add to the galactic flair of your island!

Aquarius Urn ImageAquarius Urn Aries Rocking Chair ImageAries Rocking Chair Bonfire ImageBonfire Campfire ImageCampfire
Cancer Table ImageCancer Table Capricorn Ornament ImageCapricorn Ornament Gemini Closet ImageGemini Closet Leo Sculpture ImageLeo Sculpture
Libra Scale ImageLibra Scale Moon ImageMoon Mush Lamp ImageMush Lamp Nova Light ImageNova Light
Pisces Lamp ImagePisces Lamp Sagittarius Arrow ImageSagittarius Arrow Scorpio Lamp ImageScorpio Lamp Shell Lamp ImageShell Lamp
Taurus Bathtub ImageTaurus Bathtub Ukulele ImageUkulele Virgo Harp ImageVirgo Harp

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