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Animal Crossing New Horizons - ACNH Pumpkin Guide | How to Farm Pumpkins

This is a guide on how to grow and get pumpkins in Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH).

You buy pumpkin starts from Nook's Cranny or Leif and will take 4 days to grow. Once pumpkins are harvested, you can use them in DIY, sell them for profit, use as decorations, or eat them!

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How to Farm Pumpkins

Steps Directions
1 Buy Pumpkin Starts.
2 Plant the starts on the ground
3 Water pumpkins every day
4 Harvest!

Buy the Pumpkin Starts

From Nook's Cranny

ACNH - Buy Pumpkin Starts from Nook

Starting October 2020, Pumpkin Starts will be available at Nook's Cranny for 280 Bells. Much like flower bags and tree saplings, you'll find these inside the cabinet.

How to Upgrade Nook's Cranny

From Leif

ACNH - Buy Pumpkin Starts from Leif
You can also buy Pumpkin Starts from Leif all year round for the same price (280 Bells)!

Though on October, he'll half his price down to 140 Bells. Definitely look the the koala the deals of the season!

How to Unlock Leif's Garden Shop

Plant the Pumpkins

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
ACNH - Pumpkin Growth Day 1 ACNH - Pumpkin Growth Day 2 ACNH - Pumpkin Growth Day 3 ACNH - Pumpkin Growth Day 4

To plant a pumpkin, select the starts from your pockets and click Plant 1.

You can use a shovel dig a hole on the ground and plant the start after; this allows you to plant the start in the exact position you want!

Water the Pumpkins Every Day

Watering Pumpkins Sparkles when Watered

Water your pumpkins every day before they're full grown and you can get upto 3 pumpkins in a single plant!

Just like flowers, you won't need to water them if it rains! You'll know if you pumpkins have been water if they start to sparkle.

Pumpkin Harvest
Day 2 1 Pumpkin
Day 3 2 Pumpkins
Day 4 3 Pumpkins
(Maximum Number)

How to Get the Watering Can


Harvest Cycle
ACNH - Pumpkin Growth Day 4 > ACNH - Pumpkin Growth Day 2 > ACNH - Pumpkin Growth Day 3 > ACNH - Pumpkin Growth Day 4

Harvesting your pumpkins resets them to the Day 2, so you'll only have to wait three days to harvest them again!

Pumpkins will always grow back with the same color. If you're looking for a specifc pumpkin color, you'll have to replant a new Pumpkin Start or plant a harvested pumpkin with the color you want.

Types of Pumpkins

Four Different Colors

ACNH - Orange Pumpkin ACNH - Yellow Pumpkin ACNH - White Pumpkin ACNH - Green Pumpkin

Pumpkins can come in four colors: orange, yellow, white, and green. You won't know what color a pumpkin will be until they've fully ripened.

Orange pumpkins are the most likely to grow, while green pumpkins are the least likely. Plant a lot or create your own pumpkin patch to get all the colors!

Pumpkin Patch Ideas

Pumpkin Patch Idea 1 Creator: Anjepuri
Pumpkin Patch Idea 2 Creator: Rin-chan
Pumpkin Patch Idea 3 Creator: minto
Pumpkin Patch Idea 4 Creator: Yuuchaman

Decorate your island even further by creating your very own pumpkin garden. The table above shows some cute examples of pumpkin patch layouts to get you started!

If you want to go all out for Halloween, make sure to check our top Halloween-themed custom designs too!

Top Halloween Custom Designs

What to Use Pumpkins For

Use for DIYs

Pumpkins are used as a DIY material to create the items from the Spooky Series.

You can also use Pumpkins customize items; just make sure to match the pumpkins you have to the color you want to customize your item to!

List of Halloween (Spooky) DIY Recipes

DIY Item Required Materials
Spooky Arch IconSpooky Arch
Hardwood IconHardwood (×10)
Clay IconClay (×3)
Orange Pumpkin IconOrange Pumpkin (×10)
Spooky Candy Set IconSpooky Candy Set
Candy IconCandy (×3)
Spooky Carriage IconSpooky Carriage
Wood IconWood (×20)
Softwood IconSoftwood (×20)
Hardwood IconHardwood (×20)
Iron Nugget IconIron Nugget (×10)
Orange Pumpkin IconOrange Pumpkin (×30)
Spooky Chair IconSpooky Chair
Softwood IconSoftwood (×3)
Spooky Fence IconSpooky Fence
Iron Nugget IconIron Nugget (×5)
Spooky Garland IconSpooky Garland
Iron Nugget IconIron Nugget (×1)
Clay IconClay (×1)
Spooky Lantern IconSpooky Lantern
Spooky Lantern Set IconSpooky Lantern Set
Spooky Scarecrow IconSpooky Scarecrow
Wood IconWood (×4)
Spooky Standing Lamp IconSpooky Standing Lamp
Hardwood IconHardwood (×5)
Clay IconClay (×1)
Spooky Table IconSpooky Table
Softwood IconSoftwood (×10)
Orange Pumpkin IconOrange Pumpkin (×14)
Spooky Table Setting IconSpooky Table Setting
Iron Nugget IconIron Nugget (×1)
Clay IconClay (×1)
Spooky Tower IconSpooky Tower
Spooky Treats Basket IconSpooky Treats Basket
Candy IconCandy (×)
Spooky Tree IconSpooky Tree
Hardwood IconHardwood (×10)
Spooky Trick Lamp IconSpooky Trick Lamp
Iron Nugget IconIron Nugget (×4)
Spooky Wand IconSpooky Wand
Star Fragment IconStar Fragment (×3)

Sell at Nook's Cranny

ACNH - Player selling pumpkins at at Nook

Pumpkins actually sell for more than their starts cost at 350 Bells a piece. Check how much you can earn from harvesting Pumpkins with our porift calculation below!

Pumpkin Harvest Profit Calculations

# of Starts Cost of Starts Harvesed, Watered Once Harvested, Watered Twice Harvested, Watered Thrice
1 280
350 700 1,050
5 1,400
1,750 3,500 5,250
10 2,800
3,500 7,000 10,500
20 5,600
7,000 14,000 21,000

The initial cost in parentheses is if you buy starts from Leif in October.

Use as Decorations

ACNH - Place Pumpkins as Decorations

You can place Pumpkins to decorate on your island! However, leaving too many of the on the ground could lower your island rating.

You can place them on top of furniture, such as tables and shelves to avoid this!

How to Raise Your Island Star Rating

Eat for Stamina Points

ACNH - Stamina Gauge

Eating pumpkins, much like you can with fruits, turnips, mushrooms, and bamboo shoots, can get you up to 10 points of stamina that allows you to things you cannot normally do in the game.

What Happens When You Eat Fruit?


Do Pumpkins Only Grow in October?

Pumpkins Grow All Year Round

ACNH - Player watering a pumpkin patch

Pumpkins can be grown and harvested all year round, so make sure you have your watering can and shovel ready for some pumpkin farming!

Can I Buy Pumpkins?

ACNH - Halloween Update
Unfortunately, you cannot buy Pumpkins. However on October 31st, Jack or any villager will give you 10 Pumpkins in exchange for some candy!
Halloween Event Guide

Will There Be More Crops?

ACNH - Halloween Update - Next Update Late November

We think it's highly likely that we might be able to grow more crops down the road, so we have our fingers crossed for the next update!

Fall and Halloween Update

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ACNH - Pumpkin Guide | How to Farm PumpkinsPumpkin Guide | How to Grow Pumpkins -

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