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Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) - How to Get the Able Sisters Tailor Shop

Learn how to get new the Able Sisters clothing shop in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! With this guide, you'll be ABLE to upgrade Mabel's pop-up shop and use the Custom Designs Portal, SISTER!

How to Get the Able Sisters

Buy Clothing from Mabel

ACNH - Mabel at the Plaza
Mabel will have a set of clothes for you to purchase on each visit. After you've bought a lot, Mabel will appear once again and tell you that she'd like to open up a shop on the island!

She'll then give you a Tailor Shop Kit and you'll be able to choose the location of the Able Sisters' Tailor Shop.

Why Isn't Mabel Showing Up?

Set Up the Tailors Kit for The Able Sisters

ACNH - Setting up the Tailors Kit
Go to the location of your choice and use the Tailors Kit to lay the foundation for the building. You'll be able to visualize what the building will look like before you place it.

After you've laid the plot, you'll have to wait two days for the construction to be completed.

When Do the Able Sisters Come?

ACNH - Mabel at Nook
Mabel, the younger Able sister, will make her first appearance after you build Nook's Cranny. You'll find Timmy and Tommy talking to Mabel once you visit their new store.

After that day, Mabel will start visiting in the Plaza on a random weekday.

What Can You Do at the Able Sisters?

Buy Clothing

ACNH - Buying Clothes at Able Sisters Tailor Shop
You can buy a variety of clothing at the Able Sisters' shop. The items in the shop change daily, so be sure to check back every day to see if any new clothes that suit your style are on sale.

Save and Share Custom Designs Online

ACNH - Custom Designs Portal
If you're using Nintendo Switch Online, you can connect to the Internet to post your custom designs online and download custom designs from other users to use in your own outfits!

Custom Designs Portal - How to Share Custom Designs Online

Use the Changing Room

ACNH - Changing Room
If a particular piece of clothing in the shop catches your eye, you can try it on in the Changing Room.

The Changing Room has a variety of clothing that's not shown in the shopfront, so it lets you arrange a style from a variety of choices and buy a fully-formed outfit in one go.

Get Customize Patterns

ACNH - Toys Patterns
If you talk to Sable every day for a long period of time, she'll eventually open op to you and start giving you Patterns. These Patterns can be used to customize items, just like Custom Designs.

There's a variety of Pattern packs, so make sure to talk to her every day to get them all!

Who Are the Able Sisters?

ACNH - Able Sisters Store Interior
The Able Sisters consist of the red-haired Sable and the blue-haired Mabel. They've ran the Tailor Shop throughout the Animal Crossing series, ever since the first game.

In New Horizons, their shop is back and features an Online functionality to post and search for others' custom designs.

They also have an older sister named Label, who pursued her dreams of being a fashion designer.

Label's Fashion Challenge Themes & Rewards

Best Location for Able Sisters

Next to Nook's Cranny

ACNH - Able Sisters Store
The Able Sisters appeared next to Nook's Cranny in previous games in the series. If you're used to that setup, there's no problem with placing the shop in the same pattern!

This also lets you complete all your shopping needs in one swoop, without having to walk far between shops.

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